Sport niche = Replace the $500/month I get from Adsense if I give you half the profit?

Gary Carlyle

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Aug 27, 2010
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I get around $500 a month from Adsense.

If you can help me get more than that with my sports site than the $500 I am making a month with Adsense and I will give you half of what I make over $500.

The $500 covers my hosting and other associated costs such as email responder.

The site gets get several thousands unique visits a month.

I need help with CPA or other ideas welcome.

Also I have just about all UK TV content if it helps you at all.

Plua I am especially skilled with Wordpress and PHP.

Looking forward to hearing from you. =)
I posted it here because I am not looking for an exchange of skills per se. As what is required for a JV. Even though it is a JV. There is just more to it than that. I didnt want to break the rules of the JV forum.
Look for for a partner Gary i'm sure there is someone out there willing to help ya, good luck
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