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    Mar 19, 2018
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    Hi Community,

    I am doing some search arbitrage from various sources to Yahoo search pages, and could use some help/ideas. We've had success mostly with Facebook as a traffic source. I've tested taboola and adwords (search and display) but haven't had much success. The costs (CPC) on those networks outweigh the RPC (revenue per click) so it hasn't worked for me so far. Some verticals I've launched include automotive, tourism, healthcare, and others. I'm wondering what ideas (different traffic sources, verticals, keywords, etc.) you may have, as well tips on how to get as much organic traffic to these pages as possible.

    Also, when it comes to Facebook, we typically leave audience targeting wide open and let FB bring in as many clicks at the lowest CPA possible. Is that the best strategy, or would a targeted approach yield a lower CPA?

    I greatly appreciate any and all insight!

    Thank you.