My AliExpress Dropshipping Journey

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Jan 26, 2012
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After several months of hard work, I have finally launched my first AliExpress dropshipping store -

The site was developed from scratch (including the theme and special ecommerce plugin that allows searching and importing products directly from AliExpress through your WP admin panel automatically).

Based on experience of other successful dropshipping projetcs I decided:
- take a narrow niche;
- select only most popular products in this niche;
- import products with wholesale price not more than $20;
- increase prices at about twice the standard cost;
- sell products with free worldwide shipping option only;

Another feature of this site is that the plugin imports only products that participate in AliExpress affiliate program. So, if I get any order I will be able to purchase necessary item on AliExpress using my affiliate link to get additional 5%-50% commission.

The site still needs some improvements but I am going to start marketing it very soon and I will be glad to share my experience with you here.

It would be great if you could review my site, give some recommendations, ideas, share your experience or just wish me Good luck!:)
Good luck with your journey Yaros.

Do you order the items to have them in stock, or you get them only when someone orders from your site?
If it's the second, aliexpress products take time to ship. Do you chose express shipping and then calculate and include the shipping fee in the product price on your website?
Good Luck OP. How do you take care of fraud transaction because i had very bad experience with chargebacks on one of my drop shipping journeys, most of the cards being used were fraudulent
First of all good luck! The site looks good, I can suggest you to remove the ribbon on the top (Home/Products/About us/ etc.) since you got the same info in the footer it will give more clean look.

I want to ask you, how do you intend to drive traffic?
Let me get this straight, so all you did is like "cloning AliExpress " & double the FOB price & make a " free worldwide shopping " for that specific AliExpress product? Is that it ?

Is that working for you till now mate ?

This seems great idea infact, the shipping cost i guess will always be lower than the double of the pproduct price which is something smart.

PS: i can't find electronics in your website though :D
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good luck!! have you bought one of each item personally to test for quality/reliability before listing them on your site?
I've considered doing something similar but went ahead and made around 30 test purchases on aliexpress. around 3 items were in "processing" for over 3 weeks :-/
I think it's a great idea - there aren't any other similar sites it seems, only the official harry potter merchandise sites which are more expensive.
There are a few typos though on the "about" page. For example it says "payments methods" include instead of "payment methods" - I think it would be worth fixing these as it makes the site more trustworthy.

n00b question: i notice nobody shares their sites or projects here for "safety" reasons. what's the risk?
Nice! if OP have time to document here his experience on this thread,
that would be great. I will follow this thread and hope to learn from this.
Good luck with your journey Yaros. Is it easy to change the product prices and payment gateway to our own in AliPlugin based sites?
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