1. naz10101

    [Journey] Watch me go from $3.50 to $1K per month | Dropshipping and Ecommerce

    A pretty ambitious and silly goal, but f**k it - I am going to go for it. I am going to see if I can build a consistent dropshipping store that brings me $1K per month in profit. I have tried dropshipping before with various levels of success and failure. The difference this time? No...
  2. Carlods99

    [JV] Your Amazon US Buyer Account (bulk) + My dropshipping sales

    Hello everyone, Need a partner who can supply me with working US Amazon buyer account to do dropshipping in bulk quantity (2-3 per day). We can dedice the split toghter, I can supply with all the other things required, you just need to bring me accounts that don't get on hold. If we can...
  3. A

    Top methodes Of making money online ?

    hello everyone. so lately ive been researching about ways of making money online, specially passive income, such as dropshipping , E-commerce ,etc.. but all these methodes + AI taking over any industry makes me quite confused. i think having a good attention source like an instagram page or...
  4. ThunderGun9001

    Dropshipping following TRW courses [Site] [Shopify] [TLD] [LLC]

    I read the rules to this subforum and I should be good. Let me know if I need to change anything and I'll verify it with the mods. I started TRW about a month ago, I'm halfway through the ecommerce section, I've start the content creation + AI section, and I've built a store using Shopify. I...
  5. cninterpreter

    I am in China. I want to become a sourcing agent, How can I find customers?

    Greetings from China. I just left my full time job and think to become a sourcing agent as there are millions of factories in China with tons of products. It is easy for me to find products here and visit the factories in person. Key advantages for me to source products, including: Local...
  6. K

    Newbie on dropshipping

    Hello! I don't really know where I should post this question. I'm a broke student that want to make some money, I chose dropshipping and all my friends says that it's dead 2023 and was very hyped 2018. I'm in need of tips on how I can improve and get my first sale, I just signed up to shopify...
  7. G

    Changed to a US Sim card and got shadowbanned, how long will this last?

    i'm a newbie asian dropshipper trying to target US audience in tiktok. I've tried using VPN only and although my videos get into the US audience, my views are only at 200+ views, it's like tiktok knows I'm using a VPN and is punishing me for it. I changed to a US sim card but when I downloaded...
  8. gg11

    Dropshipping on TikTok Shop?

    Hello, everyone! I'm sharing this to connect with fellow individuals in a similar situation. As you're aware, TikTok Shop has strict requirements, with a three-day window to provide a tracking number for customer orders. It's evident that some are dropshipping from China, but the question is...
  9. Carlods99

    [JV] My Selling Skills + Your USA Facebook Marketplace Shop Account

    Hello everyone, I am searching for unused Facebbok Account(s) verified never restricted to make togheter profits. What do I need? :) Account at least 5 months old, never restricted, can have 0 feedback. Real and fresh payment method attached (never used on other accounts). USA Account Only...
  10. ErealBoss

    [ESTY]: ASK ME Anything Q&A ($$ Methods, Tricks $$$, etc)

    Hi everyone, I've been selling on Etsy for about 7 year...and I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm happy to help, I'll try to answer as many questions as I can. But first, here's a little summary, ...let's cover the basic to get everyone on the same page: ETSY The Good: Unique...
  11. King Star

    A few tips for newbies to make the campaign better.

    To have a high-converting campaign you need: - Need to make your title lively, Promotions must be unique to attract and bring value to readers. - Most of us should advertise on the new feed and story of Facebook because these are the 2 display places that help reach the most customers. - Based...
  12. L

    Amazon has suspended my selling privileges and is holding my funds

    Hello everyone! I am a new Amazon seller and I engage in dropshipping, sourcing products from another e-commerce platform to list them for sale on Amazon. Recently, it seems that Amazon has suspended my selling privileges and is holding my funds in the account due to some suspicions. I am...
  13. Z

    Fake Trademark Claim No Response From Shopify Even With Lawyer Contact

    Hello so almost a month ago there was a fake trademark claim on my 7 figure business which has shut it down I have contacted shopify legal and shopify support so many times and nothing, what would be my next steps to get a response as I already had a lawyer reach out with a letter but no reply...
  14. Luca Jones

    ⏩ My ETSY $40K~ Passive Income 2023 + HOT Products (Earning Proof) ⏪ Make Money | No Marketing | Easy $40K~ Guide | FOR NOOBS ✅

    ☑️ Hello BHW - Are you looking for a METHOD to make bank or side income? Start your journey right now, right here and see how I made over $40K~ with ETSY ☑️ Copy and Paste the method I used that earned me an extra $40K~ as a side income with no marketing needed and with HOT products, all ready...
  15. Br Stoner

    My Comeback Journey

    Hello guys, I'm a completly stoner and a lot of people lost the faith on me cause I'm always procastinating, but LETS TALK ABOUT THE PRESENT, not the past and maybe is it a future. I'm with a couple of twisted ideas on what I already make money off, so FOR NOW Im just gonna start studying and...
  16. B

    Is there a way to make TikTok ads think ripped content is original?

    Hi, hope you're doing great. So my question is: Is there a way to make TikTok ads think ripped content is original? I am asking because one of the things a lot of people say and I also noticed is that original content performs way better on TikTok ads. When I am scaling I can get a content...
  17. yugi_master

    new dropshopping beginner here

    hello i'am an new dropshoping beginner here . i want to ask about your experiences guys and like especially free traffic (seo/ ....) and if anyone tried "GOAFFPRO" and "UPpromote" to deal with affliaters and influencers to make them drive sales to his store . i hope we all share what we are...
  18. bhanonymous

    [JOURNEY] My Journey from Scratch to Profitable Drop Shipping Store

    Day 1: After several months of not progressing with my business journey, I felt a spark today to really get serious and start making effort again. Part of me taking this seriously will be using BHW to document my journey and objectively track the real progress that im making, as well as the...
  19. TooCorny

    ✅ - My List of the Best Woocommerce Themes for Wordpress

    Have been designing websites for clients and for myself for over 7 years now. I would like to give back to this forum with what I know, so here it goes. What I take into account when making this list: Visual Appeal of the Theme (I know CSS can always do the trick, but still) Functionality...
  20. Jessica Lee 12


    The policies of Facebook and Tiktok are changing a lot, making it difficult for businesses TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF MATERIALS WHILE MAKING ADVERTISING, WE SPECIALIZED IN SUPPLYING FACEBOOK AND TIKTOK AGENCY AD ACCOUNTS WITH UNLIMITED SPENDING Our Support team has many years of advertising...
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