drop shipping

  1. Deadlight

    ✅ Super easy TikTok + Affiliate/Dropshipping method [Low Investment] ✅

    Will only need a website for this method low investment Have been seeing tons of these "men's essentials" accounts pop up all over TikTok And they get millions of views and engagement The videos are literally just slideshows of niche products with popular music laid over it In the bio...
  2. PandaDaddy

    [Journey] Get Rich or Die Trying! My LONG Journey from $0 to $10,000,000/yr on Ebay

    Hey What's Up! About Me: I come from a very poor background, from a young age, I just want to get rich, period. I started doing ebay from 2007 to 2009, selling authentic sneakers on ebay, then slowly included nikeskateboarding and solecollector. The business was profitable, but was very effort...

    ECommerce Sites, Wholesaling & Drop Shipping

    Hey everyone, first post here. I am new to the E-commerce scene and have some questions about a specific type of business model for drop shipping. I am planning on selling mid to high-ticket products for already existing brands. My plan is to create an incredible-looking website for whichever...
  4. Bigcookies

    Can someone answer my question please?

    I posted a thread a few hours ago asking if there's a way to bulk import products from CJ Dropshipping to Woocommerce I've tried looking at youtube videos but their aren't any that give clear answers or they use a different platform and I tried searching it but I cant find anything I know that...
  5. treelancer

    Looking to J-V for Droshipping store

    Hi Guys, I have no experience in Drop Shipping. I am looking for the partner who run successful drop shipping stores in past. He knows how to find the winner product and is willing to handle shipping, packaging etc. I will be bringing liquid funds to the table. I have initial investment of...
  6. mmoguru

    Old business Paypal for cooperation

    I have an old business Paypal which is 8 years old. I do drop shipping business before. But I am busy now. I want a partner. I am in charge of the payment. I also can give you some advice on drop shipping business. The fees for Paypal is 1% of the sales. Only for legit business. Thanks.
  7. sparkh

    Dropshipping - General site VS Niche site

    Hi guys, i wanted to ask what are you experiences with a general site instead of a niche site. I'm using niche sites like beauty, smartwatch, glasses etc Do you think a big store with all kind of products and categories can work ? Did you ever try it ?
  8. xcodes

    Professional DropShipping Stores | Custom Niches | Noob Friendly | - Ready To Start Own Business ?

  9. PoisonedYeti


    Okay boys and girls, I'm back. With a new idea and a thirst to try things out while I wait for my hooligan media payouts. The Idea: So recently jack jacker was given away in the member downloads section and I managed to get myself a copy. The intent is to use this plugin to jack news articles...
  10. R

    Looking expert in e-commerce to conduct a course? Pay the expert

    Looking expert in e-commerce to conduct a course? Pay the expert
  11. J

    Expired Content and Domain Expert Needed

    Hello BHW, We are looking for talented and content marketing savvy individuals to help us with a couple of our blogs. Its been a challenge to say the least to find people that are able do this but we are hoping to find someone on here can help us. :) We operate a couple adult oriented drop ship...
  12. chillerfx

    Dropshippers- quality multi-layered masks?

    I got the supplies at wholesale price in various qualities, please dm me if interested. I'll send you the details and will discuss further. Cheers!
  13. addictedtolearning

    [METHOD] Make Money With Drop Shipping Or Print On Demand By Utilizing Popular Shows And Movies

    Not sure if this has been shared before, but you can use fan loyalty to sell products via drop shipping or print on demand. No matter which method you choose, MAKE SURE YOU AREN'T SELLING DESIGNS PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT. So, the play is simple: take a very popular show or movie and make a...
  14. DunderMannen

    [METHOD] How to Realistically Make 3000$/mo on Instagram

    To begin this thread, I didn't invent this method, nor do I think I'm the first one to share it on here. However, I have done it myself, and below is a case study I did over a short period of time. Onto the guide :D Chapter One - Finding Your Niche Step one doesn’t actually include what you...
  15. johnny79

    Looking to Move Into Affiliate Marketing Happy to Be Here

    Hi guys new guy here, just saying hello, hope to meet some good internet marketers. Sick of the Facebook groups probably not the only one. So thought see if I can come here and make some contacts etc, share knowledge. I have been doing local SEO 100% of the time but looking to learn and move...
  16. CrimeDog

    U.S. vs. China Drop Shipping Supplier

    I just bought a guide to walk me through the process of drop shipping. It suggests that i start out using Aliexpress (China) as my supplier, but im concerned that the 10-30 day shipping time will deter potential buyers, more than the 3-5 day shipping time if i was to use walmart as my supplier...
  17. CrimeDog

    New Member

    I'm a 23 year old recovering drug addict with 17 months sober and very little tolerance left for this paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. I stumbled upon this website by accident, and it was like an answer from god. A lot of the stuff I've looked at so far has been stuff I've been interested in...
  18. Masum492

    Journey To Turn $0 Into $10,000 Within 60 Days!

    Hey fam! I am masum492. I am 28 years old from a southeast Asian country and a long time lurker here. I have learned so many cool things from BHW. I have seen so many successful journeys here. I have seen people making loads of money from nothing just by using their computer and internet and a...
  19. Ankith K Shetty

    No payment gateway is accepting my business, Help!

    Hi there, I have started a adult product drop shipping website to sell adult products but none of the payment providers are accepting my application. PayPal, stripe, Authorize, CCbill are among the solutions that told me they don’t accept adult products anymore. Any suggestions guys? Help out...
  20. rocknrollchef

    Crapola Products On Drop Shipping Sites

    Hello: I was exploring signing up with some drop shipping sites recently; is it just me, or did anyone find the quality of the products "less than stellar?" Nothing wrong with buying off-brand products here & there I suppose, but c'mon - I really didn't see much of anything our target...
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