1. asfrankito

    ❤️ WP Brutal AI - Content AI Most Powerful & Simple Wordpress Plugin for AI automated niches ❤️

    Refund Policy: If an user has purchased the plugin and has not been satisfied within 7 days of payment and access to the product, a fact that the user must reliably prove, they may claim a refund of the payment. BrutalPlugins also reserves the right of admission in any case, being able to decide...
  2. I Am Batman

    Need plugin auto internal links

    Hi, can you suggest to me some good plugins or tools that can pick anchor texts related and make internal links? I need it for my AI blogs. I don't have time to add internal links to every post. I have used Inline Related Posts, but it's not what I want. Thank you.
  3. dilaw

    Got AI? 3 Tools That’ll Blow Your Marketing Game Wide Open

    Hello everyone, I hope this post finds you well. We all know how marketing is transforming, right? And Artificial Intelligence (AI) is right at the heart of it. If you aren’t leveraging AI tools yet, you're seriously missing out. Today, I'd love to share a few insights that have been...
  4. S

    Share YouTube Links or Website Posts to Social Networks with GPT Plugin/Javascript/Software

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a way to automate sharing of YouTube links or website posts to multiple social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. I am hoping to achieve this using a GPT Plugin, Javascript or Software. I have tried various tools and plugins, but I am yet to...
  5. L

    I need some help in wordpress

    Hello Wordpress Experts do you know how to solve this problem please any suggestions guidance will be helpful
  6. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Elementor Pro WordPress plugin Vulnerability - Hacker Exploit

    Hackers exploit WordPress plugin flaw that gives full control of millions of sites Elementor Pro fixed the vulnerability, but not everyone has installed the patch...
  7. Cyw1z

    Unlimited WordPress sites for just $3 per month

    Hello... This thread is for all kinds of Wordpress sites, If you're looking to start a wordpress site. Then you're in the right place to push your business forward and keep it growing in the perfect way. We're in wordpress business and our main purpose is to help each and every one who is...
  8. L

    Elementor Gallery

    Hello i need elementor gallery plugins from which i can do just image gallery that displays over 100+ images i like famous gallery plugin because it doesn't show all the images full until, you hover over it so is there any other plugin Thank You
  9. tregoal

    Wordpress plugin to import feed, and get images!

    I'm looking for a wordpress plugin to import the rss feed from different source, and then import the images even if they do not show on the feed? Any one think can be done? PM
  10. L

    wordpress plugin help

    IS there any wordpress plugin which can clear cache after every few minutes automatically my websites breake after every few minutes by itself
  11. L

    wordpress website cache problem

    Hello experts my website breaks after every 3 hours then i go to cloudways and purge all cache then its fixed i tried litespeed cache wprocket but it did not work after every 3 hours its breaks How to fix this please
  12. therp

    Booster for Woocommerce - How is it?

    Hello everyone, Did anyone tried , Booster for woocommerce (Free or Paid version)? How good/bad it is? It has so many modules, does it slows down your website speed?
  13. Iamdrseo

    Need Help! How can I secure my commercial Wp Plugin.

    Hello, I made a wp plugin. The problem we are having currently is we can't encrypt and sell, Wordpress doesn't allow encryption, I am wondering how elementor and other players in the field is making thier way arround? Please suggest some ways. We have tried everything we could but there is...
  14. MadsDK

    Check Plugin for Malware?

    Hi. Today I bought a WordPress plugin from someone, and in fear of installing it and getting my site infected by malware, I'm currently looking for something that can check the file for malware. Does it exist? The only thing I can find are solutions that can check a website for malware, but not...
  15. I Am Batman

    Need tools that show queries users type into search engines to find my website

    I don't add my site to GSC and google analytics. Can you suggest some tools or plugins that show queries users type into search engines to find my website. Thank you so much.
  16. tazarbm

    is it possible to get hover effects on mobile devices?

    Hey guys! I have a (seemingly retarded) question, but I choose to be considered retarded in this regard but find out a definitive answer to this question than not asking it but continuously regretting it moving forward, so please answer this if you know the answer... Can I make it possible...
  17. tazarbm

    which WP plugin for making tables?

    Hey, fellas! May I get your opinion on which Wordpress plugin is best for creating tables? When I say "best" I mean 3 things: high customizability (less important), responsiveness (very important), and bloatness (extremely important) What says you? :)
  18. L

    How to make this domain Clean please check the screen shot and give me some suggestions how to make this domain clean Thank You
  19. Cedis

    Plugin + Google + Blogging

    Is there a plugin or code that will interact with my Google search console to enable search engine not only to crawl but easily trust my posts and ranks them higher?
  20. Cedis

    Plugins that rotates old blog posts to make them fresh

    In a discussion with a person who was supposedly a blogger, he stated that he has a plugin used to rotate evergreen posts to become fresh. That this will make me not spend any more money on new articles again as the plugin will rotate all posts daily for me. So I am asking if any plugins do...