1. Supriyo Chowdhury

    Which WordPress plugin is best for free image optimization?

    Which plugin is best for Image Optimization on Wordpress? looking for Free, Please help me
  2. Loklush

    Wht's your favorite plugin for placing multiple ads

    Am curious to know whats your favorite plugin to place multiple ads for different formats of ads. Also, anyone using any short fast load ads plugin for showing ads quickly
  3. treyfas

    wordpress plugin medicine scraper

    Hi! I need some medicine plugin. Someone tells me what plugin to make a medicine page, to find the medicines, I'll search like this
  4. hideath

    [Guide] Speed up your Wordpress website with Redis + Free Nulled Plugin

    There are a ton of guides shared here in BHW covering everything you need to do to speed up your wordpress website, I won't be creating another duplicate thread with the same information, With this guide, you'll learn how to use Redis in your WP website to get even faster loading speed & cache...
  5. V

    How do I create a list-type layout in WordPress?(Example photo attached)

    Thank you for reading this article. I would appreciate it if you could introduce a plugin that can create a list like this! I thought it was basically a page builder plugin, but it's hard to find :( Please introduce a similar plugin :)
  6. L

    Difference between wordpress and shopify in the UX/UI

    which one is better in UX/UI can some one please give me little list please
  7. warcraft14115

    Sharing any items on

    Hi, I will get items for you, just need paste your link here, I will give back to you a Google drive link
  8. L

    Create Template is now showing on my shopify website

    How to fix this please can some one guide me thank you
  9. hideath

    Looking for someone who can make a simple Wordpress Plugin

    The Developer i usually deal with is taking a couple of days off, I would pay for someone with the same pricing for the code, You can make most of the plugin code using AI, Can't get it to work for some reason, need some editing This shouldn't take even 15-30 mins of work if you know what...
  10. seojen

    Free Way of Locking Content to Gain Subscribers?

    Title says it all, can someone recommend a free wordpress plugin that I can use to lock part of my blog posts and ask people to subscribe before they can see the rest of the article?
  11. ALMAESTRO010

    What is the best plugin for content generation (ai chatpgt 4)?

    Hi What is the best plugin for content generation (ai chatpgt 4)? I tried some plugins, but they give me short articles (my site is in French), even though I adjust the settings and the number of tokens
  12. The Undefined

    ⭐ Smash High Prices! Exclusive WP Themes & Plugins @ $5/Month on Vaultly! ✅ Grab Your Deal! ⭐

  13. L

    Woocommerce experts need help

    Is there any free plugin from which that will add TNT (FedEx) Express shipping? I ships products & the supplier uses TNT to ship. I don’t want to manually add every single location & post code.
  14. Oshan776

    Cheap Themes and Plugins

    It is safe to buy themes and plugins from sites like this: |
  15. L

    Website developer please check this Please check i made this website if some experts tell me some improvements on home page design so it will look more professional please look it in laptop i did not mobile optimise it yet Thank You
  16. BradyX

    Any recommendations for Woocommerce reviews plugin with profile images?

    Hello I'm working for a client who needs to add bulk reviews from the back end.. But those reviews should also come with a valid user image. I have tried some plugins, but profile photo option is not available there. Can anyone please recommend a plugin using which I can upload reviews with the...
  17. asfrankito

    ❤️ WP Brutal AI - Content AI Most Powerful & Simple Wordpress Plugin for AI automated niches ❤️

    Refund Policy: If an user has purchased the plugin and has not been satisfied within 7 days of payment and access to the product, a fact that the user must reliably prove, they may claim a refund of the payment. BrutalPlugins also reserves the right of admission in any case, being able to decide...
  18. I Am Batman

    Need plugin auto internal links

    Hi, can you suggest to me some good plugins or tools that can pick anchor texts related and make internal links? I need it for my AI blogs. I don't have time to add internal links to every post. I have used Inline Related Posts, but it's not what I want. Thank you.
  19. dilaw

    Got AI? 3 Tools That’ll Blow Your Marketing Game Wide Open

    Hello everyone, I hope this post finds you well. We all know how marketing is transforming, right? And Artificial Intelligence (AI) is right at the heart of it. If you aren’t leveraging AI tools yet, you're seriously missing out. Today, I'd love to share a few insights that have been...
  20. S

    Share YouTube Links or Website Posts to Social Networks with GPT Plugin/Javascript/Software

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a way to automate sharing of YouTube links or website posts to multiple social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. I am hoping to achieve this using a GPT Plugin, Javascript or Software. I have tried various tools and plugins, but I am yet to...
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