Mininet 1 kw or 5? Please help. Thanks!

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    I'm working on my first major mini-net. My tools: AMR + Scrapebox.

    This is for my day job - marketing for an insurance agency(only $10/hour BUT get paid to learn more about SEO and they pay for my software!). We are marketing to recruit new agents. We are already getting about 2-3 leads per day, and are ranked pretty high for some popular keywords using broad match.

    I found a couple different 'diagrams' of linkwheels/mininets and the like..

    My plan is to lay it out like so:

    Stage 1: Main site at center.
    Stage 2: 5 web2.0 sites pointing at site
    Stage 3: 25 web 2.0 sites pointing at the Stage 2 Sites.
    Stage 4: AMR Blast randomly pointing at 25 web 2.0 sites pointing at the Stage 2 sites.
    Stage 5: Scrapebox blasting pointing at AMR posts.

    I will also ping/social bookmark all sites from amr/scrapebox that contain a link back to one of my properties.
    Now my main question is this..

    Should this all be centered around ONE keyword... All Stage 2 Sites pointing at a page onsite optimized for 1 keyword.

    Or should I take my top 5 keywords, and have each stage 2 site point at one of the keywords.

    Also have another thought.. say I have competition that I can't outrank... What happens if I Scrapebox the wazu out of their site using the main keyword? Would that sandbox them? Just curious..

    Any other tips/advice for getting the most bang for my buck w/ scrapebox would be much appreciated.

    Also, I'm wondering if I did 10-20 manual comments a day pointing at my main site from the PR 4-6 pages would that get me panda raped?
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