1. T

    Mininet 1 kw or 5? Please help. Thanks!

    I'm working on my first major mini-net. My tools: AMR + Scrapebox. This is for my day job - marketing for an insurance agency(only $10/hour BUT get paid to learn more about SEO and they pay for my software!). We are marketing to recruit new agents. We are already getting about 2-3 leads per...
  2. ramtripper

    Looking For Someone Who Can Build A Mammoth Mininet Just Like These Guys! Those guys died off, but I'm still looking for the exact same service. Can anyone replicate it?
  3. ┼blackrat┼

    BHW EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT >> Blackrat´s RadioActive Mininets - AND MUCH MORE!

  4. goodseoman

    For those who love linkwheel, link pyramid, link push, link bomb, link tyre, mininet or ..

    I have been using and researching for this kind of IM bot for long time and just finished beta test for my auto mininet maker. It is mixed of white hat seo and black hat seo. IMO, it has some advanced features to make enough randomness and naturalness to prevent being caught: - Auto...
  5. luca6899

    Linkwheel / Mini-net Buildling... QUESTIONS

    I have read on another website about buildling a mini-net. Now the difference here is that the guy on the other website wants you to buy .com/.net/.org/etc... domain names (Keyword optimized) instead of What would the big difference be? I mean: The...
  6. J

    Attn: Mini-net builders

    I am looking for someone to build me a mini-net. I'm actually looking for a specific individual but their posting is too old, I forgot their name, or I'm just plain stupid. (actually, I updated my browser and lost the bookmark). Builders, send me your offers or services URLs. I will...
  7. rocket

    linkwheel vs. mininet vs. link pyramid

    Just wanted to start a thread since I haven't really seen one discussing all three in detail. Which one have you had the most luck with? LINK WHEEL, MINI NET, OR LINK PYRAMID? Thanks
  8. guaranteedseo


    We all know that to Google, Yahoo, and Bing, Content Is King. Well, that's exactly what we are offering! Get a major content package - over 155+ unique articles with over 450+ Backlinks! Your own Content Mininet! Here's what you get with our package: 1. One Unique article, Spun...
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