1. codeman1234

    What is the correct way to do Linkwheel and not be penalized?

    Hey guys, I been doing some research about linkwheel and there some sites like this website that they are doing link wheel technique all with sites all around the world using the same domain name just changing the country and there is also this website that is doing the same but using different...
  2. H

    Can linkbuilding really so cheap?

    Sometimes I buy articles on iwriter and after I approved a article I have the possibility to submit that article to a linknetwork. On there blog they are saying that it is about the SEO Nitro network. This network is normally charging $497/month for access there network. But by iwriter you can...
  3. A

    Hand-Made Powerful Web 2.0 on High PR (Unique Articles, Images, Login Info & Wikis)

    Contact Info: Skype: Aneekalam Email: [email protected] PayPal: [email protected]
  4. K

    Linkwheel help

    Im looking into starting a manually done linkwheel. I understand how to link and use unique content. My question is when making the accounts for web2.0 etc. Do you need to use all different emails and proxys to cover tracks. I was going to different users for each account and have hosted email...
  5. DarkDemon


    Thread closed until the seller updates it "BHW no longer recognises PageRank as an effective metric - read more about why we're removing it from our sales thread here"
  6. S

    Animal Link Pyramid - Withstand The Google Animal Attack - Linkwheel + Social Signals

    After ordered, kindly send an email to seonumber9 [at] gmail [dot] com with the following form. Paypal Email: Where to send your report to: 1st URL & KW (please put primary & secondary KW at the front, up to 5 KW) 2rd URL & KW (please put primary & secondary KW at the front, up to 5 KW) Any...
  7. M

    software linkwheel

    linkwheel there any software for free?? please help:D
  8. ron.ray

    Guest Blogging Empire 100+ Niches Unique NICHE TARGETED Energized Guest Posts

    Get the niche targeted promotion you need for the best prices online! Use the power of our 1,000+ websites covering 100+ niches... 1-star package 3-stars package 5-stars package 10-stars package 15-stars package 20-stars package Number of unique 350+...
  9. ihsan2all

    GIGANTIC BACKLINK Ultimate Power of HPR Web 2.0-Wiki-Edu-Bookmark-AD-Forum Profile

    Status Order : Open FAQ Q : Do you provide review copy? A : Yes, See post number #8 :-) Go Grab Them. Q : How long will the work take to be completed? A : 7 to 15 Days. Q : Why should I buy from you? A : Because we serve you better, :-) We are professional SEO team. Before...
  10. LinkOil

    Blog SEO - Perfect for Small Business Owners!

    Hi, You probably have seen our earlier thread announcing the launch of Blog SEO packages on ( After the new packages went live, we did a lot of behind-the-scenes work to check their efficiency. Since we have rank tracking as a standard feature for...
  11. LinkOil Predicts the Next Panda

    Hi! At, we pride ourselves on being able to predict Search Engine trends, and this mail is another of these predictions. I?m sure you?ll find this very interesting! All our old customers will remember that I predicted that Google would put a ban on sites using Spun and low...
  12. seo jack

    ***ATLANTIS PACKAGE***All in One High PR Link Building Package!

    Beat that Panda with this Diverse Link Building Package All links are done manually. Not just 1 but 2 unique highly spun articles. Custom made videos just for your site. PRESENTING?.. ATLANTIS PACKAGE Why settle for thousands of crap links if you can get fewer...
  13. B

    Overnight Affiliate Millionaire - Guide

    Overnight Affiliate Millionaire A step-by-step internet marketing concept for distribution of affiliate CPA ad's Before you begin to read this, please be aware that this e-book is not for the lazy internet marketer. There is no ?get rich plan? - or - ?I made $100k in my sleep and you...
  14. B

    Another Link Wheel Question. H E L P & ADVICE would be loved.

    A couple of linkwheel questions. #1. Is it more affective if you post from different IP addresses? Or do you think it makes no difference? #2. Is web 2.0 variety better? What I mean by this is it better to have 10 web 2.0 articles links to my money site from a variety of different web 2.0's...
  15. B

    Link push idea help

    Thanks for stopping in.... In hopes of getting some information, maybe ill shed some light on peoples questions.. I'm new to the link push idea, and have spent quite some time in my efforts , but it seems as if my brains on loop. I narrowed down my thoughts , and came up with 2...
  16. A

    How to go with SEO on microniche site?

    Hi there, im pretty new in the microniche site scene, and i wanted to know if my SEO plan would work? also if anyone got some tips for me :D okay, so i was thinking doing backlinks with scrapebox and maybe pay someone to do some link wheels? what more could i do? Also, this is not an...
  17. A

    Cheap seo services ? xrumer_seo

    Hello guys, I have a question do you know fiverr ? As I love it. Yesterday I searched for some seo gigs and found this seller : xrumer_seo . I wanted to ask whether you had experience with him as I ordered some gigs from him. Especially the 8k blast with the 20k autp approved comment backlinks...
  18. LinkOil

    Help Is On The Way

    Help is on the way... At, we are passionate about simple things. We firmly believe that making a living online should not be very difficult. Before I begin please Make sure you get our Free Google Panda Update report at All our services align...
  19. T

    Mininet 1 kw or 5? Please help. Thanks!

    I'm working on my first major mini-net. My tools: AMR + Scrapebox. This is for my day job - marketing for an insurance agency(only $10/hour BUT get paid to learn more about SEO and they pay for my software!). We are marketing to recruit new agents. We are already getting about 2-3 leads per...
  20. A

    Do It Yourself Link Wheels

    What Web 2.0 properties do you use when building link wheels? Right now I am using Squidoo, but was looking for some other sources. I am VERY new to this, so any help/advice would be appreciated.
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