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    Overnight Affiliate Millionaire

    A step-by-step internet marketing concept for
    distribution of affiliate CPA ad's

    Before you begin to read this, please be aware that this e-book is not for the lazy internet marketer. There is no ?get rich plan? - or - ?I made $100k in my sleep and you can too!?. I am so tired of reading that junk, because in reality there is no ?get rich plan?....of course unless you want to rob a bank.

    With that said, there will be work involved. However, with work will come your reward. This method is not intended to be an automated process. So don't try to make a tool or script to do it for you. I have tried and the results always turn out better when you do everything by hand.

    By now you are probably wondering what this is all about huh?
    Simply put, this is what we will be going over and how you can use it to grab massive amounts of traffic:

    Social Media Sites
    • Social Media sites already has a large search engine presents. It amazes me how so many people want to go and buy a domain, buy a server, and then try to market. When at the same time you have so many options with these social media sites that already get traffic and requires much less marketing.
    • We will be discussing the best sites to build your link network and pickup the most traffic from.

    • I can't even begin to tell you how important keywords are. This is the life-blood of any search engine marketing campaign. If you want to grab traffic, you keywords that you choose will be the determining factor of whether you succeed or not.

    Link Network
    • The term ?link wheel? is so clich these days...so I just decided the coin a new term of Link Network. While many believe that the ?Link Wheel? days are over, in fact it just really depends on how it is executed. If executed correctly, your competition won't have a chance.

    • Never just place links in your social media profiles. The search engine spiders need to be able to crawl something, and if you just place some random link on the page, the spiders are just going to choose to pass over it and never give your page much weight.
    • Very much like the keyword, your content (especially with Panda on the loom) can be a deciding choose of whether your Link Network is successful.

    The Secret Ingredient
    • This little trick has been used for a while now. But due to the fact that the majority of internet marketers are very narrow minded and prefer to be spoon-fed rather than create their own ideas...it has never really been implemented...at least not on a large scale as we will be talking about.


    Choosing a Niche & Keyword

    Pick a niche that is directed around your affiliate ad. So if your affiliate ad is promoting Airline Tickets, you may want to create a keyword and content around the theme of ?Free Airline Tickets.?
    Your niche should stay continuous throughout your entire campaign.

    Now, it's time to choose your keyword. Choose a keyword that has less then 300k competition and has a low competition rate/high traffic rate.
    First, you will want to go to: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

    Once you have found a keyword that has ?low competition? and a ?higher? traffic rate, you can then type that keyword into Google search to check to make sure that is has less than 300k in competition with other websites ranking for that keyword.

    Sometime, it can be virtually impossible to find a low-competition/high-traffic keyword. In this case, try to do the best you can. You will want a search volume around 12k-15k with less then 300k in competition.

    Your keyword is your life-blood. It's always best to spend time to research the best keywords to use for every marketing campaign.


    Choosing Social Sites

    Choosing the right social sites will be key in this process. The majority of social sites only allow basic html. However, we are going to need a little more functionality than that in order to be successful. We are going to need to find social sites that not only will bring in traffic but also allow us to insert a form of javascript.

    1. Blogger (PR8)
    2. Livejournal (PR8)
    3. Weebly (PR8)
    4. Wetpaint (PR6)
    5. Typepad (PR8)
    6. Tumblr (PR8)

    So, as you can see...not only are these high PR sites, but all of them will allow you to add your javascript or ?secret sauce? to the mix.

    Now, it's time for account creation. I have just given you 6 sites. In order to successfully execute this distribution plan, you will need to create 9 accounts for each on of these sites. I know that this may seem like a lot of accounts (54 in total), but it will be worth it and you will see why shortly.


    Link Network

    Here is a little overview of the link network that you will be creating. It may look a little complex, but I will explain it.


    As you can see, this is very much live a ?link wheel? but a little more complex.

    Your 1,2,3,4,5,6 sites will be your social networks that I have listed above. You will then input your content and a link to the main ?head? social site and a link to the ?Secondary? social site.
    For example: In #1, you will insert your content and then place a link to ?Blogger? (the Head Site) and then place a link to #3; #2 will link to the ?Head? and #4, #3 will link to ?head? and #5, #4 will link to ?Head? and #6, #5 will link to ?Head? and link to #1, and #6 will link to ?Head? and link to #2.

    The ?Head? social site will then link to your Main Site or ?Money Site.?

    Have I lost you yet? If not...awesome! If I have, then just re-read until you get it ;)

    But wait...Squidoo wasn't one of the initial Social Sites!

    This is because these will be known as your ?safe? sites and will not include any additional javascript. However, you can place links and advertisements on the Squidoo lens for your Affiliate Ad.

    However...Your ?Safe? site will need to continue the round-table to complete the link network. So as shown, it is used as a gateway between the micro-networks to complete the entire Link Network.


    The Secret Sauce

    While your individual social blogs/profiles will bring in affiliate traffic, we are going to want to capture as much traffic as we can without hurting the ability for the search engine bots to crawl and index our sites.

    With that, a javascript file has been included with this e-book.
    What does this script do?

    • Creates a Content Blocker that shows up for every 20 people
    • Add's a Pop-Under to the page, so that any time someone clicks, a pop-under will appear behind the browser.
    • A redirection will occur for 10% of the traffic received.

    Simply insert the following code into each one of your social sites when you create a post, and the script will run everytime someone enters the page.

    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://YOURWEBSITE.COM/script.js"></script>
    Or, if you don't want to self host your own script, you can host it externally through a free service:



    Once you have set everything up, simply go to http://pingler.com and ping your #1 sites.

    As of right now you should have done the following in this order:

    1. Chosen a Niche
    2. Chosen a Keyword
    3. Created Social Site Accounts
    4. Used Unique or Spun content with 30% uniqueness
    5. Built your Link Network
    6. Inserted your Javascript and JS hosting is setup
    7. Pinged your #1 Sites

    So what exactly happens now?
    Well, once completed and executed correctly; within 24 hours ? multiple social sites be within the first 2-4 pages on Google search under your keyword and your money site will be first page of your keyword that you have chosen.

    By now, you should be receiving roughly 80-100 visitors per day going to your Affiliate Ad with growing traffic. All coming from organic clicks, the content blocker, auto-redirect, or the pop-under.

    ***** DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE *****
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    where is javascript file?
    there is no javascript file included along with this ebook.
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    Thanks for letting me know.

    Here is the javascript file for the clickjack popunder and percentage redirect:

    I am recoding the content locker and will post that up when it's ready.

    Here is an image of the content locker:

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    That's a real nice looking content locker. Subscribed!
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    Whats the eta on the content locker and what is left to be done on it?
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    DOWNLOAD like dead. anyone reupload it ?? thanks
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    Great Guide