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[METHODS] The Blackhat Guide to Social Network Botting - Re-Released Extended Cut + [PDF]

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by zenoGlitch, Apr 2, 2013.

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    I've added quite a bit to this since it's original release, and decided to compile it into a PDF for quick referencing along with some infographics to visual explain certain concepts. If you prefer a BHW reading experience content of the PDF is posted below as well.


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    Blackhat Marketing Mindset

    I get quite a few PM?s, skypes, and emails every week from people that seem to ask the same questions and make the same mistakes again and again when it comes to using social networking bots. Once the principles are learned it is easier to seamlessly transition from one network to the other. This PDF is intended as a quick start beginner to intermediate guide to using just about any social networking bot you can find on black hat world and beyond. The following info will focus on ?strategy? rather than ?step by step? spoon fed guide on particular bots.

    The MOST common misconception when using a bot is that ?I need to do everything as fast as possible, as soon as possible, as much as possible?. This leads to people complaining about rate limits, banned accounts, banned proxies, and ultimately no conversions. If you only read one more line of this entire write up read the next one in red.

    When botting, rather than dozens of accounts attempting thousands of actions each, have thousands of accounts completing dozens of actions each.

    Think of it this way ... every action you take on a social network no matter if you are botting, using an api, or manually completing actions via your browser, every action is stored in a common database. One of the most primitive protections any social network puts into play is simple filters to detect activity outside of normal user behavior. Normal user behavior is determined from a range of average actions of millions of users. If you?re account travels ?x? distance outside of these ?normal usage? statistics, a simple filter can be put in-place to either A. Send your account to a manual review, or B. Automatic ghosting, or account banning.

    Take advantage of your bots delay and scheduling features if they are available. By placing a delay in between actions you decrease your odds of being flagged outside of ?unnatural usage?. This may seem like common sense to many but so many do not get it so I have to say this.

    Operate your bots as if you were operating your personal social media account.

    Natural use and rate limiting of your actions is the key to success, for not only keep your accounts alive but also to retain your audience. A good rule of thumb is 80% value, 20% pitch.

    Posting constant offers, exceedingly too fast will not work for several reasons. Here is why. Many networks have popular pages, timelines, news feeds, etc that work off of complex algorithms, some more complex than others. These algorithms use a series of variables that can involve one or more of the following. Time, weight, affinity, and decay. We?ll use the diagram below to illustrate how common interest can connect friends of friends on facebook via edge rank. Emulating these kinds of natural connections between users, and objects instead of doing the same task over and over can create some killer authority social accounts.


    For example, let?s say you share an image to your friends on facebook. Your friends friend happens to see it because he is online the same time you post it (time), plus it got a lot of likes and comments (weight), and you have a lot of friends and interest in common (affinity), your post made it outside your immediate net. A simpler example could be illustrated using instagram. Instagram takes into consideration ?likes performed?, ?comments made?, and the amount of time the actions happen in in order to determine which images make it to the popular page.

    Protect Your Digital Ass-ets

    Never load your ?official? account into a bot.

    Some of the questions I get are from musicians, artist, small business owners, and service providers. They are looking for a way to increase their followers, likes, klout, kudos, or popularity in one way or another so the first thing they do is hop on the ?money account? and start mass following, and unfollowing. This is the wrong way to go about it. Let?s use a hip hop artist for example. Everyone has had that hip hop artist that has followed them right? Most of you will carry on, not knowing you scooped up another follower, some of you will automatically follow back with no intention of ever engaging with this person, others will just ignore, and a very small percentage of you will actually go check this artist page out to see if it?s someone you are interested in following.

    Upon arriving at his page what do you see? You may say to yourself ?He?s been following a ton of people lately! Matter of fact, his number increased 15 followings just during the time I?ve been on the page? He must be REALLY desperate for fans?. That hip hop artist just lost any chance of being an authority. The goal is not to follow people as a ?virtual beg? to get them to follow you back using ONE account to follow and unfollow. The goal is to be an authority, so instead of using your money account for mass action, use your throw away accounts to do the following and un-following that ultimately promote your main account with post, mentions, and links back to it.

    Now let?s talk a little bit about anonymity

    YES you need proxies. If you ever ask a bot maker ?do I need proxies? and they reply ?no? do not buy that bot (warrior forum is notorious for this). It will ultimately be useless as it can only manage a handful of accounts. You ALWAYS need proxies when botting, so stop asking the question. Proxies are the quarters you put into the arcade machine to play. Without proxies you might as well leave the arcade.

    The second most common proxy question I get is ?How many proxies do I need per account?? The answer to this varies drastically from network to network but before you ask this question here is what you do ... Find a proxy provider, there are several here on the forums. Ask them for a demo as any good provider will let you test before you buy. Take ONE ip from the demo and attempt an action on 5 accounts using that ONE ip. Work your way up as high as 20 accounts per proxy till you determine the proper ratio before consequence.

    The third most common proxy question/complaint I get is ?Do I have to pay for proxies? The answer to this is YES, you do have to pay for proxies, comparing private proxies to public proxies is like comparing a fiat to a ferrari. If you want to use public proxies for account creation, mundane task. FINE. But I highly recommend investing into private proxies especially once you?re accounts start seeing some nice activity. The last thing you want is to have a popular account banned because you were too cheap to buy a $2 proxy.

    Why You Don't Convert

    I hear this quite a bit ... ?Man! You won?t believe it ... I sent 5,000 visitors and made a whopping $0.00!? Well unfortunately 95% of the time this is user error. Driving the traffic is really only 33% of the game. Funneling the traffic and converting it is the remainder, and the BEST way to do this is to PICK THE RIGHT NICHE for the RIGHT NETWORK. Find out what are other similar sites to the network ... you can do this by researching the network with quantcast. I.E. http://quantcast.com/tumblr.com will have an area ?audience also likes?.

    GEO target your traffic.

    Most CPA advertisers want their traffic segmented BEFORE it hits their offers landing page, and this is where GEO targetting comes into play. Basically you will send your leads through a script on your server that will decipher the visitors location using a script combined with a geo database of sorts and then fwd that traffic to the defined offer for that particular location. Since most social networks have traffic from all over the world, GEO targetting can sometimes earn you up to 5x more than if you were to just send all your leads to a USA based offer. There are a few scripts right here on BHW that will do this for you free, just type in ?GEO Target script? in the search bar.

    Funnel your traffic

    The best way to use social networks for driving traffic to ecommerce sites are through sales funnels. Taking someone from socializing to buying takes quite a bit of ?mind framing?. You can start by sending your visitors to an informative article with a catchy headline, reading that article in your niche will begin to frame their mind and prepare them for your offer. At the end of the article have a short call to action to your squeeze page. Video squeeze pages work the best, I tend to use a slightly modified version of ?David Freys 12 step Sales letter? for my video scripts modified to collect opt-ins rather than go directly to the sale. Once you have the opt-ins, you can begin a 7 week follow-up email series to convert the sale.

    Additional Tips

    If you still fail to convert think about adding another layer to your funnel such as an email opt-in form or trying 100% targetted niches like ?buy more followers, follow trains, api driven sites etc? Collecting emails in internet marketing 101 and any imer knows that the best place to reach leads is in there inbox. Collecting emails allows you to market to the same lead multiple times.


    Staying organized is really important when you are talking about managing hundreds or thousands of accounts. I have a fairly good system that I will share with you. Most of the bots I use can run multiple instances simultaneously and have a datastore folder that keeps up with common things like, people i?ve followed, post i?ve liked, images i?ve scraped, profile photos, keywords, etc.

    With that being said, I do not want to get my niches mixed in with each other so I create a seperate folder on my desktop for each niche that I plan on marketing to. Inside that folder I place my keywords.txt, accounts.txt, proxies.txt, comments.txt, and links.txt inside each folder for each niche. This keeps everythng in an easy to locate place and saves a lot of time and confusion when working with multiple niches. Now if your bot stores it?s data in a datastore folder each niche will also have it?s own datastore created by the .exe that keeps up with accounts followed, images scraped, account cookies, themes, sessions, already followed, already liked, etc etc.

    Formatting Account Data

    One of the most frustrating things for a lot of people when botting is working with the account data. Most bots will import and export account data in a format that may look like this... Username:password:proxyIP:proxyPort:proxyUser:proxyPassword:extrafields
    The first thing to know is that any fields that are not required such as proxy username, and proxy password for public proxies, can be replaced with a ?0?. The second thing to know is that you CAN mass edit this data very easily ... here is how.

    1. Export your accounts from your software platform.
    2. ?FIND and REPLACE? the ? : ? with ? , ?
    3. Save the file as a .CSV
    4. Open the new file with Excell OR Google Drive Spreadsheet
    you will now be able to change columns, and shift your account data as needed .
    Where can I find good cheap proxies?
    If you see good and cheap in the same sentence run for the hills. There is no such thing as good and cheap. Choose one of the two. Here are some sources, when buying proxies ALWAYS ask for a test BEFORE you purchase to make sure they work on the network you will be using them on. Any reputable supplier will give you a free test.
    If you see errors in your bots log such as ?503, 404, 500? etc then use http://www.checkupdown.com/status/E500.html to determine what your error means exactly. Just replace E500.html with E(yourerrornumber).htm

    Monetization - Mindset

    How much money are you making a day?
    This is probably one of the most notorious noob question in the whole industry. This question essentially means ?I havn?t taken any action, because I am waiting to feed off of someone elses success, hold my hand as we gallop through daisy fields and tell me exactly how to do it? So don?t ask that question! Real earners rarely give you there figures and it?s even rarer to get an offer or an exact method out of them. You must be RESOURCEFUL and CREATIVE and SPLIT TEST till you find something that works for you. The REAL answer to this question literally ranges form $0.00 to thousands a day. The ones that are doing thousands are the ones that have kept there mouth shut and perfected a method all on there own. Keep this in mind ... just because you have an automated toolset does not mean that all the work is done for you. Botting is hard work but it can very well put you into the$250,000 and above income bracket if executed properly.

    Monetization Medium - CPA

    CPA = Cost per action, there are a million ebooks on what CPA is, so i?m not going into the details here, if you are not sure what a CPA network is you have probably found this guide too early. Research and return.

    What is the best CPA network?
    Personally I like a less mainstream network that is able to assign me an account manager that is either part owner, or has a high stake into the company so that when I start sending good ammounts of traffic, I am able to immediately negotiate my rate per lead. If you think you are getting jipped by your network always keep in check with http://offervault.com/ to see what everyone else is paying for the same offer. Below are some of my favorite small to mid-size networks.

    How should I set up a CPA campaign?

    When setting up a CPA campaign you need more attention to detail since in most cases you will be operating incognito from both adnetworks and the social networks you will be gaming. Here are is a basic CPA campaign setups illustrated below. Notice there is no trace of your traffic from source to offer.


    Monetization Medium - Adsense

    Adsense and other ppc based adnetworks are a bit safer route to go when it comes to monetizing bot traffic when compared to more short term CPA campaigns. Social network trust and safety teams often get into a ?Seek and Destroy? mode when they notice CPA offers going rampant on there network. It?s much easier to fly under there radars by sending clickthroughs to very legitimate looking niche blogs sites that are simply montetized with adsense. This is also a more sustainable and long term approach to botting a network.
    You can use sites like http://www.gaaks.com/ to find anything from recipe sites to 9gag clones. It?s fine to try before you buy in my book but make sure you purchase anything you ?try? from gaaks if you decide to go with it.

    Monetization Medium - Opt-ins

    If you really want to want to make something long term for yourself then you are going to want to start collecting your own leads, getting them in generalized buckets, and drip feed them auto-responder series full of advice and info that gradually warms them up to a sale or conversion. Rince and repeat for multiple niches. I could literally write an entire book on opt-in email list building but there is already quite a bit of great info on opt-in emailing and list building on blackhatworld.com and emailexpert.org.

    Monetization Medium - Partnerships

    Botting can be very time consuming, it?s not unusual for the average botter to work 7 days a week @ 14 hours a day. When you are making money you learn fast to maximize the earnings while the earnings are good. The faster you learn to leverage others expertise and talents, the faster you will be able to exponentially grow your marketing efforts. Focus on what you are good at and bring on partners with revenue share for the rest. If you are good at sending traffic but suck at converting it, then you should team up with someone who can convert!

    Monetization Medium - Brick and Mortar

    Some of the most successful customers that buy our bots are brick and morter businesses that promote anything from iphone cases to eCigarrettes to jewelry on Etsy to street wear straight from brooklyn. Having your own legitimate storefront or landing contracts with brick and morter businesses is some of the most lucrative botting that can be done.u aren?t immediately banned your accounts will likely be filtered and either put in a queue for manual review.

    Methods to the Madness

    It doesn?t matter which network you are botting on, the methods you use will generally be the same. All methods can be put in one of 3 buckets. Bucket 1 ... you post something directly and receive a click through to your link. Bucket 2 ... you perform an action such as following or liking that sparks some sort of curiousity in your target and gets them to review your social profile which may lead to a click through on one of your shares or profile links. Bucket 3 ... you manipulate the popular feeds / streams / tags / pages on the target network by using the power of your networks of social accounts. We will now go into more detail about specific methods in each of these buckets.

    Method - Following

    Following, friending, etc falls into the spark curiousity bucket. On most networks you can expect about a 5-10% follow back ratio. If you are targetting your follows and have built a legitimite looking niche account then you may see as high as 15% but not likely. On several networks when you follow someone not only does it show up in that persons followers list but in many cases it sends that user either an in network notification blip and or an email letting that person know they have a new follower. Most people that are active on a network WILL check the profile page of a new follower and potentailly follow that account back. So here is a basic model of what your following strategy should look like.


    It?s really easy to get excited when you first get a bot and go on a follow frenzy but refrain as even if you aren?t immediately banned your accounts will likely be filtered and either put in a queue for manual review or automatically deleted. It?s really easy for social networks to detect if an acount is acting outside of human like ability and enforce. Knowing this, it?s best to use bots on a dedicated windows server on auto scheduled task, out of site, out of mind. Below is an example of xTumble with modest recommended settings for following
    on tumblr. Settings vary from network to network.

    Method - Liking

    Liking falls into the same bucket as following but tends to be a little more liberal when it comes to how many actions you can do a day. It really varies from network to network but a good rule of thumb is you can like 10x or more post than the max number of follows you can perform per day per account. But again I do want to stress the fact that you could be drawing un-wanted attention to your accounts by breaking the human limits so keep that in mind when liking.

    Method - Uploading

    Uploading falls into the first bucket. When you upload something to a network it is directly displayed in your feed, and other potential tag, keyword, or popular based feeds on the network you are botting. Uploading to tags, keywords or feeds on networks like pinterest, tumblr, and twitter that have public search and popular feeds are a great way to get direct click through traffic to your landing pages. Most networks have limitations on how many tags you can include in a post, for example anything past 5 tags on tumblr is not shown in that particular tags search feed.

    Uploading images, media, audio, or text limitations varies from network to network but is generally regulated closer than following. If you keep your uploads to 5-10 uploads per day you are definitely within human like ranges and will not stick out. If you have 5-10 uploads across 1,000 accounts daily that?s 5,000 to 10,000 images you are uploading total without calling unessesary attention to a single account. This kind of leveraging can get serious traffic. One unique twist on uploading is some networks have ?top tags, top keywords, popular feeds etc? so if you have enough accounts sometimes on smaller networks you can actually upload enough images to 1 tag to get a trending tag, or have it listed on the popular pages ;).

    Method - Reblogging / Repinning / Sharing / etc

    For simplicities sake we are just going to use the tumblr reblogging feature for this section rather than refering to repinning, sharing, syndicating, and 100 other names various networks call the similar actions. Reblogging is a fast and easy way for users to get instant gratification and content published quickly on there personal feeds and is probably one of the biggest factors for a successful social network and it can be extremely advantages to botters.

    A few advantages to reblogging vs uploading are 1. the low bandwidth use required for your bot (as the images are coming from the network already) 2. xTumble (and many other bots) allow you to change the source URL for the reblogs, so that the click throughs go to your landing pages and 3. Users are notified of reblogs / repins / shares / retweets etc on most networks via in network notification blips and email in some cases. So in summary of reblogs you can potentially get click throughs, get noticed by the original poster of the content, and serve your current followers quick and easy keyword based content with your clickthrough URL?s attached to the images.

    Below is an example of the recommended settings for reblog like actions using xTumble bot as the demo platform (SCREENSHOT IN PDF ONLY). One point I would like to bring up although it is just specific to tumblr is that if you choose update queue beside post type rather than post instantly you can log into your accounts a lot less by adjusting your queue settings (with profile updater) to operate all week rather than having to manage your accounts on a daily basis. This will open up looser proxy to account ratios and ultimately allow you to run more accounts with less resources.

    Method - Commenting

    Of all the methods you can use to send traffic from social networks the most difficult to master is commenting. Commenting is the most heavily moderated action on most social networks and to be successful at it requires in depth knowledge that comes only from split testing day to day on what works and what doesn?t work. There are 3 types of filtering networks have at there disposal. 1. Keyword filtering. 2. User based filtering (report spam buttons). 3. IP based filtering and browser filtering techniques.

    Keyword filtering is one of the more basic types of filtering and will more than likely be the first or second type of filtering that is integrated. Think of it as the front lines of comment quality control. Depending on the network keywords such as ?Giftcard, iphone, free, sexy? etc may be filtered. Alongside of keyword detections there will be string analyzers that search for duplicate match strings over ?x? volume. So if exact match string exceed acceptable duplicatent comment rate in ?y? ammount of time then flag/ban/delete/ send this account to a queue for manual review.

    Now one of the toughest types of filtering you will see on a network is user based filtering. This comes in form of report post buttons. When networks leverage the power of there user base to fight unwanted messaging on there networks then you have to respond by getting a little more creative with your messaging and pay more attention to social engineering your comments to get the result you want without blatent spamming of comments.

    Finally the most common type of comment filtering is by IP address. Obviously if you have 1 IP address managing dozens of accounts, performing pretty much the same actions, you are going to set off some red flags.

    The most valuable tool for successfully commenting is an investment of your time. Split testing on small groups of accounts before starting your scaled campaign is going to save you a lot of splitting headahces and wasted accounts.

    Additionally most bots do accept spintax format. Common spintax format works as follows ... the ?{orange|green|blue|grey} cat {jumped|hopped|bounced} over the fence? an example spintax result would be ?The orange cat jumped over the fence?.

    Why Are My Comments Ghosted, Deleted, And Accounts Banned?
    This is a real life example of what someone sent me before (you know who you are...
    {I?m|i am|Me} {so|too|A} {Special|Hot|Cool|Kewl|Spicy} {Girl|Gal|Teen}! {Check|Come to|Visit my|Click my} Profile for a Surprise Gift ;-)

    This guy was trying to send tons of comments that all said essentially the same thing. Compounded on top of all that it is blatant spam and will easilly be spotted as spam. He couldn?t figure out why he would post a comment succesfully using a bot only for it to disappear after a few seconds.

    When it comes to commenting you want to scrape massive numbers of comments from twitter, or any other comment source you can get your hands on. My personal favorite source is http://www.textsfromlastnight.com/ ... I have scraped their entire database for thousands of original comments that are HILARIOUS! ... I can simply append my call to action to the end of these and instantly have a comment that is going to convert 100x better than your traditional spam comment. Other sources are old chat logs, irc, etc. The goal is to scrape comments that are short . There are several tools for web scraping at http://blackhatworld.com.

    At some point you will also find that certain links (or any links at all) will get your comments ghosted, deleted, or not even posted in the first place. If this is the case most networks allow for @tag or similar mentioning of other accounts. This is a whole method in itself for getting traffic but one of the main things you can use this for is driving traffic to ?Money? or ?Landing? Accounts that have there profile descriptions set to link to your URL?s as well as their uploaded content. This way you can totally fly under the radar and still drive traffic form comments without even having to link your URL in the actual comment itself. This method can also be used for getting the attention of a large group of people with 1 comment. IE @user1 @user2 @user3 @user4 @user5 follow me, I follow back.

    Method - Popular Feeds

    Popular feeds have the potential to be the most rewarding out of all the traffic sources combined. Getting featured on a popular feed on any social network can lead to some pretty massive traffic gains. There are a few ways to get to the popular feeds, most of them require good content to start. The blackhat way to get on top of popular feeds is to figure out the algorithm behind the popular feed, and replicate it with your network of accounts. This is easier on some networks than on others. Most of our tools come with what is called a ?Mass Promoter? (see screenshot) the purpose of the mass promoter (depending on the network) is to either A. Mass follow 1 or more accounts from all your accounts. B. Mass comment from all of your accounts to a 1 or more accounts. C. Mass reblog, share, or like from all your accounts to 1 or more accounts. Essentially, if you can figure out what ammount of actions to perform in what ammount of time you can game the popular feeds of many popular social networking sites.

    It?s not always as simple as just figuring out the what and the when. Sometimes gaming the popular feeds have more complex algorithms that take into consideration the ?trust score? of the account, the relevent content on the account, the keywords used, and even manual reviews for popular content in rare cases. I can?t give you an exact formula for any network as it can literally change from day to day, but the best blackhat botters will split test till there eyes hurt, and make it happen. Expect no less from yourself.

    Method - Cross Promotion

    Cross promotion involves using one or more bots to drive traffic to a single source. I.E. You could use a reddit bot to get upvotes for your tumblr blog link on reddit, or a twitter bot to drive followers to your instagram profile, and vice versa. Cross promoting is a great way to build social signals, and emulate the natural flow of referal traffic from one source to another networks expect to see on naturally viral accounts.

    Cross promoting also allows you to leverage your resources to the max. For example if you have just 10 private proxies you are fairly limited to the number of accounts you can use on 1 network but if you use 10 proxies on 10 different networks to cross promote to 1 or more sources then you are effectively leveraging your resources and getting the most out of them.

    There are dozens of cross promotion tactics here on the forum you can research, but use your imagination, creativity will take you a long ways in finding new lucrative cross promotion techniques.

    Method - Unique Trending Tags

    This method only tends to work on smaller or new social networks that dont really have a lot of engagement yet. The method is simple. Simply upload enough images to one tag form enough accounts to effectively create your own trending hash tag. This method has been used in the past to effectively get unique tags on instagram, pheed, and a handful of other networks in there early stages. You would be suprised how much a unique tag can influence the conversation of an entire network, so choose the right tag and you may find yourself raking it in hand over fist before you know it.

    What to Look for in A Good Bot

    1. Frequent updates, social networks change fast, bot owners need to be on top of it.
    2. Multi-threaded, multi-account support. It?s hard to start an empire managing just a handful of accounts.
    3. Stability. You should be able to run your bot at reasonable levels 24/7 on a windows server with zero memory leaks. (ubots are terrible for this btw)
    4. Task scheduling. Find a method, set it and forget it like Ron Popeil.
    5. Safeguards to protect you from yourself. No logging in on the same ip with multiple accounts at the same time. Cookie usage. proxy support. Etc.
    6. Full Process and error logging. If something doesn?t work you need to know why so you can adjust your strategy or report a bug.
    7. Ability to perform all or atleast most of the actions a regular user can.
    8. Priced to avoid saturation OR limited private release.


    I?ve had to hold myself back quite a bit lately as I wade through a new group of botters using our toolsets. I am very appreciative for the customers but at the same time I find myself raging when I get the same newbie questions over and over. I realize it?s not the individuals fault, it?s just a lack of proper education in one place. So this PDF was put together not only as a tool for my exisitng customers but a tool for all blackhatworld.com members to elevate our community and spark more intelligent conversations beyond the same noob post over and over again. It is my hope that this document gets you asking bigger questions, and masterminding not only larger operations, but smarter operations. Just because you have a bot at your disposal doesn?t mean you have to spam. Create something long term for yourself and get focused.

    By now if you have thoroughly read through all of the information in this guide no matter your experience level, you are officially ready to open a bot and begin your journey. Know that botting is hard work, it does attract quite a bit of lazy people because lazy people mistake botting for a point and click solution to make them money with no work. This is not the case. If you don?t want to work hard, then GTFO.

    Get BUSY, stay FOCUSED and WIN
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    "Most obstacles melt away when we make up our mind
    "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is
    I skimmed through it, very well put together.

    Now I see why you made it to Exec Vip.

    Good job buddy.
  18. Smileyヅ

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    Oct 16, 2012
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    OP you are just awesome. I am learning so much from BHW
  19. xashishx

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    Jan 30, 2011
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    Internet Marketer
    Took me a while to read, but worth it :) A must read for everyone looking to do cpa and stuff related to social networks.

    Wanted to add rep, but it says "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to zenoGlitch again." :p
  20. hann1bal

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    Oct 10, 2008
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    Everything there is to know to be successful with bots is right here. Good job on writing this