[METHOD] How I Made $4,293.49 Selling MAGA Hats on Facebook With ClickFunnels (And Free Traffic)


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Jan 17, 2014
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First off let’s get this out of the way right now...

I don’t give a damn what your political opinions are and they have no place in this thread regardless of how politically charged the niche may be. I’m sure this method works just as well with left-leaning politicians. I chose Trump related products for two reasons. A: His supporters are VERY passionate and love showing their pride/support and B: The Trump Facebook groups are some of if not the most active and engaged I’ve ever seen.

Now let me explain step-by-step exactly what I did…

I built what’s referred to as a single product funnel offering Trump related products, promoted it via Facebook groups and did some aggressive regretting with email. This resulted in just over $4,293 in sales which ended up being $3,434 in profit with refunds, fees, and all that other crap. (See screenshot below)


In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how I built my funnel, set up my email and Facebook Messenger campaigns and the methods I used to get free traffic from Facebook and then how to automate the whole process.

The Funnel


The first offer is a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” hat (or MAGA hat for short). These can be purchased for cheap either on AliExpress if you choose to go the standard dropshipping route or use print on demand services like Printful or Spreadshirt to make your own and cut down the shipping times. Your margins might be a bit lower but keep in mind, so will your refund/chargeback rate.

It’s a simple two-step order form page with some emotionally charged headlines and a clear image of the product. you should always reduce the actions a potential customer can take to purchasing your product and nothing else. The only links on your opt-in or sales page should be to buy the item or enter their information.


The next step in the funnel is a one time offer (OTO) to buy a second MAGA hat for a friend or family member at half the price. If you’re new to this it may sound crazy, but there is no warmer lead than someone who literally just bought the item you’re trying to sell. Not to mention it’s 50% off.

One of the many benefits of using ClickFunnels for these type of offers is having them as one-click up-sells. This means once your customer enters their payment information once on the first page, a single click will purchase the other times in your funnel. This is why using funnels can triple your average cart value compared to just sending visitors to a generic Shopify storefront or product page. I see so many newbies trying to get into eCommerce making this mistake and banging their heads against the wall.


The next OTO is an up-sell for a "collectors edition" gold Trump coin. This is the ultimate impulse buy for someone who already purchased a MAGA hat (or maybe two) from you just moments ago. I was shocked at just how many leads wound up purchasing this up-sell. Always feel free to add more products after this step as well if you feel like experimenting. It can’t hurt.

Once they're in your funnel and made one purchase you can't lose them. The initial purchase is already made and now you're simply maximizing your order value with other items. I've seen people have massive success with what seem like absurdly long funnels.


Also on the first page of the funnel, I added an exit-intent popup offering a free pack of Trump wallpapers to get leads onto my email list to re-market to in the future. This popup converted slightly better than I first expected just being a shot in the dark. Nothing spectacular, but it’s something and we all know the money is in the list.

I also recommend experimenting with Facebook Messenger marketing which I’m currently adding to all of these funnels. One-click opt-ins if a user if logged into Facebook and the open rates are like email marketing back in the 90s / early 2000s. If your target market are big Facebook users like the ones I’m targeting here, it’s defiantly something to experiment with. You can use ManyChat to do this for free.


My Email Marketing Campaigns

I tried to keep these all very simple while following the basic formula you’ve heard a million times.

Value > Pitch > Value > Pitch > Value > Pitch and so on…

I separated the leads into two different lists of cold leads and buyers to send them both slightly different messages.

Regardless of making a purchase, every new lead is first sent the email with my Trump wallpaper pack to download which starts to equate opening my emails with something valuable. After that, I programmed an email sharing a pro-Trump article with 200-300 words describing it and a PS at the bottom reminding them to get their own MAGA hat while supplies last.

The next email is a straight-up pitch. If they haven’t bought a hat yet I’ll send them back to the beginning of the funnel and if they have purchased the hat(s) I’ll up-sell them some other collector item like those coins or something else.

Then I just repeated this pattern waiting two days in-between each email until I had about 15. After that, the list is going to be pretty burned out, but I still send random blasts with different products here and there.

Not rocket science. Just sit down, write and get it done.

Driving Traffic

Now we’re getting into the fun part.

My main source of traffic to this funnel was leveraging Facebook groups. Either direct posting a link to my offer, posting lead magnets (like the wallpaper pack) or directly contacting group members via Messenger. That along with the rare instances of some group admins making an announcement post with my link. It doesn't hurt to ask.

First things first… Get yourself some high-quality Facebook accounts (unless you really want to use your own). There are hundreds of sellers right here on the forum. Just make sure you’re buying accounts that are phone verified, US-based and have everything you need to look “real” when posting. And please remember to check reviews before buying.

Once you have your accounts set up and customized the way you want with US locations, jobs, education, maybe a couple of photos and more, you’re ready to start joining groups.

Important: This audience, in particular, was ultra-hyper-super-paranoid about who joins these groups. You’re going to go through some CIA level interrogations when joining so make sure you have some time to answer the questions correctly.

Tip: Use ThisPersonDoesnotExist.com to generate a 100% original profile photo in case someone decides to reverse image search it on Google. This is good practice for creating dummy accounts in general. One of the many wonders of using AI in your marketing.

Repeat this on all of the accounts you’ll be using and give the group admins 24-48 hours to accept all of your requests. While you wait, this is a good time to work on writing your email campaigns or even adding more products to the funnel.

Once you’re inside the groups and ready to start posting your link, hold up and make sure you read the rules of each group first so you don’t get banned right of the bat. Some groups have strict rules about self-promotion, but I’ll show you how to get around this later ;). It’s also a good idea to post some type of introduction and engage a bit with the group before you do anything. In the long run, all this upfront work is more than worth it.

Below I’ll post an example of a typical post I would make direct linking to my offer. This one, in particular, gained traction fast in a couple of groups and I admittedly got pretty lucky. But before you use that as an excuse and start telling me that’s the only reason I had success with this, you need to remember that this is a numbers game. The more you post and the longer you keep at it the more chances you have of a post blowing up.

Just don’t give up.


Now… What about those pesky groups that don’t allow self-promotion?

It’s easier than you may think.

Instead of direct linking to my funnel and offer pages inside of the group I used a tool called InterOptin which allows you to create email popups or custom redirects on any website, page or article you wish to share pro-Trump articles and build my list. With this particular audience, it’s like stealing candy from a baby. I was shocked at just how many of these posts wound up getting hundreds of likes and comments. More importantly hundreds of leads and sales through my funnel…

You can even use a custom title and thumbnail for the Facebook preview. Talk about fake news, am I right?

Here are my stats from InterOptin and the main popup I used. 300+ email leads from sharing Breitbart articles in Facebook groups isn't too shabby...



Another simple way to covertly promote your offer is building your own simple lead magnet pages. This is a bit riskier than linking to an authority site like a news publication or blog, but it works pretty well never the less.

My third method of driving traffic to the funnel was essentially direct selling my messaging group members personally and asking if they would like to “support the movement” and check out the offer. Sure it’s time-consuming, but it works. Just be careful as some of these psychotic people will “report” you to the group admin for spamming and wind up getting you kicked. So no copy and pasting here. Write real custom messages to each person and if you’re feeling up for it, start a conversation.


This is probably my favorite part.

So much of this whole process can be automated from start to finish. Just remember to always automate within reason. Don't let this whole method fall apart because you're lazy.

- Your Email Marketing

First of all, it's important to make sure one of the most crucial parts of the whole machine is up and running and that is your email marketing. Sending emails can be time-consuming so take advantage of all the automation features your autoresponder has at your disposal.

All email marketing tools will let you set up basic email sequences which is fine, but some give you more advanced tools like if this than that logic. For example, if a contact purchases one item, send them this email. If they click this link in this campaign, add them to this list and etc.

Also, remember to always test your campaigns before you start driving traffic and collecting leads. Nothing is worse than putting in all this work just to find out that your email automations are broken and your leads aren't getting your messages. Learned this the hard way far too many times...

- Your Facebook Posts

Yes, once you find the groups that are the most welcoming to your posts whether those are direct promotions or InterOptin links, add them to a list and you can use bots to automatically make these posts for you.

There are a ton of these tools and they all basically do the same thing, but I use one called Pilot Poster. I chose this one because it lets you write your posts in spintax language so each post is slightly different while conveying the same message. This helps your posts seem more natural and avoid any spam blocking algorithms from Facebook.

Just like I mentioned about your email marketing, write, test and repeat. If something goes wrong with this step of your automation it can get you banned from your most profitable groups or even worse, get your Facebook account locked.

- Your Order Fulfilment

This is the trickiest part to automate, but doable and certainly worth it if you find success with this and want to scale up with multiple funnels in different niches.

The easiest and best way to automate your order fulfillment A to Z is obviously hiring a virtual assistant (VA) to manually order and ship your items. But if you're just starting out this can be a bit pricey and overkill for a single funnel.

So what else can you do?

Well, you can add all of the products from your funnel to a Shopify store, integrate it with ClickFunnels and semi-automate the fulfillment process using apps like Oberlo that autofill customer data while you're placing orders on AliEpress. This still requires some work, but it saves a lot of time in the long run.

Another option is custom printing your items with a print on demand service like Printful which will let you automate fulfillment 100%. The downsides being you still need to first set up a Shopify website, pay a bit more for the products and this strictly works for clothing and other print on demand items.


I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and can start building your first product funnel and getting sales. This is a great method for both beginners and advanced marketers to jump on.

As usual, I'll be checking back to answer any questions you guys may have in the replies down below. If there's something you think I skipped over or missed just give me a heads up and I'll help you through it.

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damn thats brilliant. well executed! thanks for sharing


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Good share! iam interested in you mails :)

Maybe we can learn something from that too!


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Update us on your journey if you try it.
i am thinking about it... but i dont have much experience in Facebook marketing and selling. I only do work with instagram.... If you can help with some issues then i can think about it...


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Jan 17, 2014
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i am thinking about it... but i dont have much experience in Facebook marketing and selling. I only do work with instagram.... If you can help with some issues then i can think about it...

All you need to now to start with this is in my post. Trust me, it probably sounds more intimidating than it really is.


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I've been meaning to learn more about clickfunnels and funnels in general, Great guide thanks so much


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is this can work for me? I'm a student with a 0$ in his fucking wallet.