1. MedinaPrime

    Good Video/Audio Hosting for 100 Daily Uploads

    Can someone suggest a good video/audio hosting site for ClickFunnels? As of the moment we're all over the place. We have videos in youtube, vimeo, etc. And we're using youtube as an audio host. I want to consolidate in one website that is reliable and doesn't go down frequently. I also want to...
  2. choppa2choppa

    Best Funnel Set Up For Wordpress

    Hey guys, I have been playing around with Builderall which is good but wanted to ask does anyone have the same setup on WordPress such as landing pages then an email flow with tracking etc. If so what plugins or software are you using to get a builderall/clickfunnel type set up using Wordpress?
  3. D

    How to learn about Clickfunnels?

    Hi guys, I am new to money making online. I got fascinated by the idea of earning money from clickfunnels. I am confused as how money can be made through CF. I am keen to learn CF tutorials. Guys please share any free links for downloads of CF courses , events and PDFs and also advice on how...
  4. znipe

    $500 - Clickfunnels PHP cloaking expert

    Need someone to guide me through clickfunnels php cloaking setup. Currently have leadcloak ready to go, just don't know how to integrate it with clickfunnels. Will pay $500 for the full setup help. DM me or leave a comment with your experience.
  5. kurosaki4d

    Can i join Clickfunnels affiliate program with a free account ?

    Hello, I'm trying to register for the Clickfunnels affiliate program. But it seems like they request that i go through a free trial period which might ask for payment later on. My question basically is, when the trial period expires, will i have to purchase a plan in order for me to keep using...
  6. T

    ClickFunnels Copy

    Hey Guys New to this Forum so I would like to begin here. I've been on this forum for a while but never really got into. I am trying to design a website but I want to use a base for someone else. I want to clone someone's website EXACTLY. Is there a way I can duplicate someone's websites to...
  7. IM Dude

    Clickfunnels trial

    Hi fellows , I want to get clickfunnels 14 day trial. The problem is I have already used mine. Can I get a second trial with a different cc ? Has any one got second trial? Any suggestion will be appreciated.
  8. R

    Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge?

    Anybody ever go through the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge by Russell Brunson? If so, is it useful? Is the clickfunnels product good? Have a potential product I am thinking of launching and thinking of doing the One Funnel Away challenge and hopefully at the end of 30 days have a...
  9. Matt707

    [METHOD] How I Made $4,293.49 Selling MAGA Hats on Facebook With ClickFunnels (And Free Traffic)

    First off let’s get this out of the way right now... I don’t give a damn what your political opinions are and they have no place in this thread regardless of how politically charged the niche may be. I’m sure this method works just as well with left-leaning politicians. I chose Trump related...
  10. Shubhankar Paranjape

    How to Sell Your Ebook if You Actually Want to Make Decent Money from It

    How to Sell Your Ebook if You Actually Want to Make Decent Money from It Source: Unknown Books/ebooks are how you get started as an infopreneur. Earlier, I used to think there were 3 main ways to get your words out there: land a book deal, self-publish a physical book, or self-publish an ebook...
  11. Shubhankar Paranjape

    Ten Tips To Build a Six Figure eCommerce Funnel

    Ten Tips To Build a Six Figure eCommerce Funnel Tip 1:- Only build funnels for winning products! If you run a Dropshipping Business or any other similar model where you're testing a ton of products etc. - don't use funnels to test them. Use Shopify to test products directly and then use...
  12. G

    Journey To $2000 Per Month

    Some Background Info About Me; (Skip If You Don't Care) Been on BHW for some time roughly 5 or 6 years mostly lurking but learning, I have started projects in the past and used them as learning experiences not really making much from them more or less just for experience, (Grew Instagram...
  13. slickbrick

    Click Funnels Vs OptimizePress? (Not In A Tight Budget)

    Looked online but I've only found affiliates promoting and framing one of the 2. I currently use Click Funnels for my agency main website. I don't do a lot of Seo. I have a quiz funnel to qualify prospects for a free strategy session and in the website I mainly upload ebooks to download in...
  14. B

    Etsy and Clickfunnels

    Hi guys, I'm Newbie here. I'm building an Etsy SHop. Is Clickfunnels with Etsy worth it?
  15. TheBlackMamba55

    Where to get Free PDFs?

    When I want to send a free pdf offer for say money making, health, or romance where would I find these free pdfs? Maybe this is most peoples secret and they won't want to give it away, but if someone could guide me to perhaps a database full of PDFs that I could edit up to send to people...
  16. slickbrick

    [Sales and Landing Pages] Persuasive Comparison Table of Before&After State?

    In your landing pages and/or sales pages have you ever successfully added a direct comparison of how life would be before and after having/using a product/service? My clients run a Saas that helps Network Marketers automate their lead generation and at some point in the page (maybe towards the...
  17. Vinrox

    Best Landing Page Software Of 2018?

    "What do you think is the best landing page software?" I'm using Leadpages to build my Landing Pages for my clients Why? I've been using Clickfunnels but they are overpriced compared to Leadpages. Link: Instead have a warning from staff ;)
  18. B

    Is ClickFunnels Affiliate program real?

    Hi. I wonder if ClickFunnels Affiliate program is real? Maybe someone is try that out. Link - Link to the Affiliate - They say if i get 100 active Funnels members they will buy me my dream car, i know it sound like scam but who news. And if i get 200...
  19. mattfinely

    Clickfunnels Discount

    Anyone who's been around the software knows it's heavily pushed by Affiliates. The reason is that they pay out 40% lifetime commissions on the $97/month product. So, is there a way to get a discount? If they're willing to essentially sell the software for $57/month after paying out $40, has...
  20. John4life2017


    Hello all, I wanted to know if there are any alternatives to clickfunnels?