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Jan 9, 2019
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Ten Tips To Build a Six Figure eCommerce Funnel

Tip 1:- Only build funnels for winning products!

If you run a Dropshipping Business or any other similar model where you're testing a ton of products etc. - don't use funnels to test them.
Use Shopify to test products directly and then use Funnels to bump up the conversion numbers and scale hard.

Tip 2:- Emphasise Conversions over Aesthetic Look!

You do not have to have an ultra sleek and nice looking funnel put together by a very high end designer.
You need a funnel that converts extremely well - if it looks good at the same time, that's a bonus!
Make Your Funnel look trustable too - if it looks like its shipping cheap broken products - it'll not convert at all.

Tip 3:- Keep it Extremely Simple!

Follow the K.I.S.S. Principle - keep it simple, stupid.

If you have way too much going on in the funnels - too many animations etc. it'll probably not convert.

You want your audience to perform certain actions.

Landing Page : - Fill out their Name and Email.

Sales Page: - Click on the ATC button.

Check Out page :- Enter their CC Info and Buy Your Product.

These are your goals.

You don't want to build a landing page with the goal of "I need to build a page that looks great!"

You don't want to build a sales page with the goal of "I need to make them understand the product" - your focus should be on getting them to buy and if they have to understand your product to buy, that's the secondary goal.

Tip 4: -Have a Call To Action Above the Fold.

Above the Fold is what a person sees as soon as he pulls it up.

Have a straight offer and direct call to action right here so people click on it and buy!

If you put your Call to Actions too much under the page - you're going to lose out on a lot of potential sales.

Tip:- Don't use oversized logos, they take up too much space on the top.

Which brings us to the next point...

Tip 5: - Use a Strong Call to Action.

People like to be told what to do sometimes when it comes to selling.

Don't use vague Call to Actions like "Are you ready to buy?".

Be very specific and tell them exactly what to do!

"Buy Now" is a much better CTA.
Even better one - "Click Here To Buy Now!"

Even better is if you include a scarcity button right under it "only 10 of these products available" kinda thing - it bumps up the conversion because it gives authority to the original CTA.

Tip 6: - Orange/Green Call to Action Buttons.

The Buttons that convert the best are Bright Green/Orange colored buttons.

This is because of the "Isolation" Effect.

You want your Call To Action Button to stand out and NOT Blend in.

This way you'll grab the audiences attention and persuade them to take the action step you want them to take.

Tip 7:- Test as many elements on the Page as you can!

Test the colors of the buttons, sizes of the buttons, the background colors etc.

Testing is something that you should master.

However, testing is a very minor part of a much larger picture which is getting the perfect offer together.

Until you have the core offer dialed in - you don't even need to worry about testing the colors on your page.

This is merely a "Conversion Maximiser" - if your campaign is broken, this won't fix it.

Tip 8:- Know your market.

The most important part of building a solid funnel that converts is to know your market inside and out.

Understand what they want to buy - what offers they love to take advantage of, etc. and you will have no trouble building a super high converting sales funnel.

If you don't however understand your market - your funnel won't save you as it is merely a means of communicating your message.

Tip 9:- Use Mini Videos.

This is something that did boost up our conversions significantly.

Host a 2-3 min product demonstration video above the fold and include a CTA right under it.

Watch how your conversions go up!

Tip 10 : - Test Different Upsells!

When it comes to funnels - you're not just relying on the front end offer to make the big money.

You're relying on the backend.

Make sure you test as many upsells and cross-sells until you find the perfect combo!

Once you find it, you can now run unlimited amounts of traffic to it and continue to bank again and again!

Source- Unknown

My team and I have built and managed a few five-six figure eCom/dropshipping stores and we've always used funnels for growth at this point since it is the easiest way to scale your eCom/dropshipping Business to the next level and this step by step system briefly describes how to build one.

I might write another post on this topic down the line if you want help with it.

Hope this post helped, let me know if you have any questions, I'd love to answer your doubts related to shopify+CF based dropshipping/eCom.
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