ecommerce design

  1. MK47x

    Hiring Shopify Theme Expert (Streamline Theme)

    Hi BHW, Need someone to disable automatic variant selection on my Shopify theme (Streamline by Archetype). May also need some other tweaks down the line so a good opportunity for repeat work. Telegram: xMK47 Thanks in advance, - MK.
  2. shags38

    Does HTML5 Have Ranking Advantage Over HTML4 ??

    My eCommerce website uses HTML4 and I struggle to get it past #4 in SERP's - given that all SEO factors are equal - (linking structure, page speed, site age, on page content etc etc), is HTML4 holding my site back?? Does Google give preference to HTML5?
  3. Shubhankar Paranjape

    Ten Tips To Build a Six Figure eCommerce Funnel

    Ten Tips To Build a Six Figure eCommerce Funnel Tip 1:- Only build funnels for winning products! If you run a Dropshipping Business or any other similar model where you're testing a ton of products etc. - don't use funnels to test them. Use Shopify to test products directly and then use...
  4. Reyone

    ★★ Custom Built Pro Online Stores ★ From $17/month ★ 24h Delivery Available ★ Resell & Make Money ★★

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee If you're not satisfied within 14 days from delivery, you can request a full refund. Want to see samples? Go to then click on Get Started and enter your name & email. You will then be able to preview all of the samples as well as being able to...