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  1. shags38

    Does HTML5 Have Ranking Advantage Over HTML4 ??

    My eCommerce website uses HTML4 and I struggle to get it past #4 in SERP's - given that all SEO factors are equal - (linking structure, page speed, site age, on page content etc etc), is HTML4 holding my site back?? Does Google give preference to HTML5?
  2. Shubhankar Paranjape

    Ten Tips To Build a Six Figure eCommerce Funnel

    Ten Tips To Build a Six Figure eCommerce Funnel Tip 1:- Only build funnels for winning products! If you run a Dropshipping Business or any other similar model where you're testing a ton of products etc. - don't use funnels to test them. Use Shopify to test products directly and then use...
  3. Reyone

    ★★ Custom Built Pro Online Stores ★ From $17/month ★ 24h Delivery Available ★ Resell & Make Money ★★

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee If you're not satisfied within 14 days from delivery, you can request a full refund. Want to see samples? Go to then click on Get Started and enter your name & email. You will then be able to preview all of the samples as well as being able to...