1. Webrekas

    How to: Create a Python Web Scraper

    How to: Create a Python Web Scraper Python is a popular programming language for web scraping. In this guide, you will learn how to create a web scraper using Python. A web scraper is a program used to extract data from websites. In this guide, we will create a web scraper using Python's...
  2. fedo1

    A small guide to create killer clickbait in under 10mins!

    Hello, Yes, yes, you read the title correctly. I am going to teach you some simple and advanced formulas to create killer clickbait. No need to thank me. Actually, there is. If you find this post helpful, please give me a like and comment on how awesome I am. I really hate being called a...
  3. Guntater

    [Guide] Building Authority with PPP, the Peak Performance Plan

    Looking for authoritative sites in your niche to link to your website but lacking a Fortune 500 marketing budget or connections with influential bloggers? Meet the Peak Performance Plan (PPP) It's a strategy that can help you build high-quality backlinks to your website, regardless of your...
  4. uhq


  5. Ekooo

    Keyword Research methods?

    Hello guys, I wanted to ask if you use certain methods you could share with me in terms of "how to do a proper keyword research". I use SEMrush Guru... Would really appreciate your help :) Thanks in advance!
  6. asmxor

    [Method] Google News Approved in 4 Days, Technical, Setup, Many more...

    Hello Blackhaters, (wait what? haters? no...) This is my first thread on this forum, according to Google update more and more, i still thinking how can get my Google News Website ? Im reading many threads on this forum, and then gotcha i take my first Gnews website. idk how to correctly write...
  7. HyperLesso

    ChatGPT registering tutorials for countries are not supported yet

    This might not be helpful for most of you since, in some countries, this is free and easy to get. But still, for those who can't register and want to have early access, you will have to pay 1usd (actually less than that, but the minimum deposit is 1usd) first, you must have a valid phone number...
  8. wildcarduser

    How to post my own TrustPilot reviews?

    Hello, I have been buying TrustPilot reviews from various vendors here for years and over time, 95% of those reviews are deleted, usually within days. I'm now looking to start doing it on my own. I would highly appreciate if you could give me some pointers or a link to a tutorial or something...
  9. Guntater

    My Rough Guide to Google Knowledge Panel

    Hey guys. I've had some luck with Google Knowledge Panels (it did a lot for some of my projects) and decided to write a summary of what I think works best. Hope you enjoy! What is it? A Knowledge Panel is a super cool feature on search engines that shows off info about a person, brand, or...
  10. Z

    Create fake positive GMB reviews

    Hi Guys I have a problem with Google reviews. I tried to create new Google profiles using: proxy, VPN, temporary phone numbers, to verify the profile. I also tried to switch browsers and always clear all cache. So I always manage to create new profiles but when it's time to put the review it...
  11. tommy.k

    Why no one answered my threads :(

    Well to be fair they're all a non thought engaging question And now that I got your attention from the clickbait tittle can someone point out to me where to learn : 1. Wordpress web building 2. Basic SEO 101 3. Web developing especially the server and hosting part 4. what programing language...
  12. (°?°)

    Backlinks for Free High DR / UR (How To)

    I just came across this Youtube video and it shows how to get free backlinks with good DR/UR. Here is the Free Backlinks page: https://h-supertools.com/seo/backlinks-list Simply register and then under Settings you can enter the website and other social media profiles. What helped me a lot...
  13. A

    Need a tutorial video for a golang program ($100)

    Need a tutorial video be made of the program Neurax https://github.com/redcode-labs/Neurax it needs to contain: Full explanation of how it works demonstrate how to install demonstrate how to configure demonstrate how to infect demonstration of spreading demonstration of the commands (ie...
  14. cubbj

    MAILSHAKE ALTERNATIVE: Utilize M365 to your advantage and skyrocket your outreach results!

    This tutorial is a guide for those unable to afford Mailshake, or are tired of the deliverability issues affecting your outreach results. Requirements: Microsoft 365 Professional - that's it! Open word and paste in your pitch and signature At the top tool bar, click mailings and select start...
  15. Lukmat

    [TUTORIAL] RDPs are crap - make your own local "RDP" on Virtualbox

    I want to contribute something I have found to the community. I don't know where to put it exactly, I don't want to close it for Jr.VIP so I am publishing here ;) As you can know, RDP like AWS are crap because it's nothing else like vmware/kvm virtualized machine with same files, fingerprint...
  16. Conjecting

    [TUTORIAL] How to bypass Facebook + CPA bans

    I saw this brought up on here awhile ago, but I'm not sure who mentioned it and I haven't seen anything similar since. For that reason, I wanted to share a little trick I've been using. Basically, it is damn near impossible to post affiliate links on Facebook anymore. Doesn't matter if their...
  17. L

    Hello Guys! My name is Alexandru

    Hello Guys! My name is Alexandru! I'm from Romania I'm not new in CPA . i started to work with CPA 3 years ago .I don t make a lot of money in this time .I need help for making money .I don t want your money ,i need ur tutorial .I know how to make video on youtube , i have worked with Youtube...
  18. acamso

    Python Craps Simulator Part #1 - Rolling The Dice

    This is a demonstration on how to build a Craps simulator with Python. This is a multi-part series. In this video, we create the foundation of the script, write the classes for `Player` and `Die`, and test rolling the dice. Source Code Enjoy!
  19. imccafey


    Has anyone here used Domestika? How are their courses as compared to Skillshare?
  20. imccafey

    YouTube Tutorials

    I was thinking of starting a channel in youtube, mainly for tutorials re: scientific writing. As a beginner, what are the equipments I need to give my videos a professional finish?