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    Apr 26, 2016
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    Hi !
    I am new here and I have to say that my main goal is to make 500$ a week, it would be like a dream for me, because I am not from rich country. I have account on AdWork Media, and I have few ideas how could I make this amount of money, please let me know what do you think and if that could get me closer to that goal,

    So my first idea is just to invest some money in email marketing on fiverr , send some emails with message that I will create, and with my reflink at the end of message to encourage people to click on it and do action (like submit email or something like that -> depends on campaign).

    Another idea is to invest some money to buy Instagram account with real followers (from some legit seller here) and organize a contest, where you can buy a shoes, or whatever and condition to take part in this contest is do some action, just like go to my reflink and submit email and then write comment below (on instagram) and after like 3 days -> choose winner of the contest. (I hope that it doesn't violates the rules of affiliate marketing website, but I ll ask for sure before any action)

    What do you think about this ? it may work ?