Looking for a web developer to help create mass posting bot using BAS


Banned - Selling via PM
Jan 10, 2016
I have a list with websites which I'm able to post. here is my own websites that I have ready to automate it:
- 80 twitter account
- 10 reddit accounts
- 10 Instagram accounts
- 10 Facebook accounts (600 groups joined in those 10 accounts)
- 10 Pinterest accounts
- 700 Forums accounts
- 300 blogs/bookmarking communities sites like (Fark, Dab, Folkd, Tumblr, etc)
- 300 ads websites
- 10 listings websites
- 10 press releases sites
- 8 Image sharing websites
- 7 document sharing websites(like slideshare)

Looking for someone that could automate my posts in all of this websites in order to make 1 post in each one and switching automatically along my whole list, And repeting the process everyday?
Make post, close window, switch to another site then post, close window, switch again and so on.
my goal is save money in paid ads using this kind of automated strategy and control what I want to post and when I want to post.
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