1. monsterslo

    Looking for crypto marketing

    Looking for a crypto marketing team, specifically would love to have a full TikTok campaign, but any other offers we're open for too. It's a BSC Token. No budget, willing to pay as much as needed and start ASAP. Also if anyone has a network of TikTok "influencers" we're open for that too.
  2. sweetkabu2

    [JV] Your marketing strategies + my youtube videos = $$$

    Hello BHW members, I have ayoutube channel which I started a couple of years ago. I want to start again and this time I will be uploading contents regularly. Compared to previous videos, the videos I upload now are getting a good amount of engagement. I need someone with experience to help me...
  3. travisjonathan1

    Looking for a web developer to help create mass posting bot using BAS

    I have a list with websites which I'm able to post. here is my own websites that I have ready to automate it: - 80 twitter account - 10 reddit accounts - 10 Instagram accounts - 10 Facebook accounts (600 groups joined in those 10 accounts) - 10 Pinterest accounts - 700 Forums accounts - 300...
  4. T

    can someone help how adult posting on reddit works?

    can anyone give me tips on how to promote my adult wordpress blog on reddit? I've been banned twice without knowing why. I posted an adult picture via a subreddit together with a short description hashtags and a link to my wp post. what did I do wrong? other people don't do anything else, do...
  5. T

    Music studio page, promotion?

    Hi, So I have a instagram account with 29.000 followers. It’s 100% hand made. On the page I post pictures of music studio setups. The pictures can be from a celebrities studio or even my followers setups. Insights is giving me an temporary error so I can’t give you exact numbers. The posts...
  6. Z

    Best online marketing methods ?

    I currently use facebook and instagram ads, ebay-like website but for my region only and I tried using google ads but they seem like a waste of money at the moment.. Best would be some ecomm website or classifieds platform like shpock(but with ads).. I'd use ebay but they're super competitive...
  7. W

    Questions about movie website promotion

    Hello everyone, I am a full-time programmer. I created a new movie website and developed cms by myself. It automatically searches for the latest movies and TV series, automatically downloads and suppresses it, and then updates it to the website for release. Autocomplete subtitle information for...
  8. BimTop

    ⚡BimTop⚡Exclusive Targeted MANUAL TWITTER COMMENTING, Promotion, and Marketing Services⭐NFT Marketing⭐

    One of the marketing strategies that is unknown to many and often underrated methods of marketing on Twitter is Targeted Commenting. The complex nature of Twitter promotion requires strategic marketing planning and we are here to help you achieve that. Often, the use of bots to perform several...
  9. A

    How to do YouTube Promotion for videos

    Hi, I am looking for YouTube promotion anyone have idea how can I promote videos so they get ranked? Working on clients channel for creating cash cow videos but now I was assigned to promote there videos so they rank well. I do not think SMM Panels are the way to promote. Channel Niche are...
  10. L

    bot for chaturbate

    we need a bot chaturbate to raise the model to the first page! be sure to test and demonstrate before buying, I'm waiting in PM or telegram @izobilie_sl
  11. Y

    Looking for a Twitter RT's likes, follows. comments NFT niche HQ ONLY

    Account requirements: more than 50 subscribers NFT NICHE ONLY Please no Arabic/Turkish/Indian accounts Accurate fulfillment of the requirement: I give files with comments and a list of those who need to be tagged Will ny thankful for any links/responds please PM me or hit my TG @yablch
  12. Freedom$

    Music Promotion

    Please am looking for a good and reliable distributor that will help send my music to varies platform and award me my royalty without stories, using paypal as payment gateway.
  13. InstaSwift

    Promote our Instagram SMM services and receive 30% lifetime commissions! - Quality and proven service that keeps customers engaged.

    I won't use a pretty sales graphic because my pretty sales graphic won't make you money, it's the offer! Here is your chance to promote our services and to receive 30% lifetime commissions in return. We have a "regular" website anybody can understand, not this typical "panel" layout. You will...
  14. M

    Promoting OnlyFans? F24

    Is there anyway of promoting OnlyFans that isn't overly saturated? I already do Reddit, Instagram, Tinder, Cam Rooms.
  15. M

    How to promote something which google ads doesn't qualify as per its ad policies ?

    Hi, I have been getting few clients from fitness industry and they wish me to promote their videos using google ads . Unfortunately google initially disapproved all my ads and now has suspended the campaign. I have to create multiple campaigns. And basically i also want to know is there any...
  16. FastWyoming

    I am looking for someone who can promote my ebook and my website. Where can I find them?

    Hello, I don't know is a good place and I want to warn you because I am not an English native speaker. :) I would like to ask you guys how can I find people which can promote my ebooks or my website but I would like to pay for action or better pay by sale.
  17. Windnfire

    Fiver Gigs Optimization

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can help us to grow our business on Fiver: optimize and help with the promotion of our gigs. Looking for an expert with showcases. The budget starts from 1000$ If you have solutions, we would love to discuss it. Friendly, WNF!
  18. L

    Making money with a own NFT Marketplace like opensea?

    Hi! I want to develope a NFT marketplace and looking for investors to fund this project. I have the skills and I found a way to easily deploy such a marketplace similiar to opensea. Do you have any tips for me that will help me find investors more easy and how to promote the marketplace...
  19. Derick_

    How to promote Instagram account

    Hello, Now Instagram reached their best position on Social Media. So made an account last year, uploading photos daily but not improving. Need full promotion. Please help me how can i do this...
  20. Johnik

    Looking for someone who can promote crypto related product. Paying 200$ per sale!

    I am looking for people interested in promoting cryptocurrency related software tool. I'll pay you 200$ for every sale you bring in. Contact me for more details. My telegram