1. Hyuomnuy


    Beware there will be imposters of being me in the Skype or Telegram so I ask you please confirm my identity by asking me to send you PM on your BHW account. that way we can both be secured and avoid scams. and If you have any questions or anything in your mind, feel free to ask me. I will do my...
  2. S

    Media Manipulation for Promotional Purposes - Thoughts and Ideas?

    Hello, Forgive me if I posted this in the wrong forum. I feel like it is related, but there doesn't seem to be a specific forum for media manipulation. I came across a couple YouTube videos from a stand-up comedian based in Australia - he is regularly labeled in the press as a troll and all...
  3. P

    Looking for someone who can expand my personal brand

    So as the title says...I'm looking for someone who can come with new ideas and help me expand my brand. I'm a popular Verified Model on Pornhub, I won't say the username because I don't want to promote myself here. All that I will say is that I'm in top 50 Verified Models. I've reached that...
  4. Luca Jones

    ✅ Write Messages On REAL Boobs PROMOTION ✅ - Your Custom Message On Models | Domain On Booty & Boobs | Video Promos

    Hello BHW - Today we introduce you to ➡️ We already had a thread last year, and today again we re-launched from ground up our new website and offering the service again. Do you need someone to promote your new sex toy shop? or perhaps your own porn tube site? Or maybe you just...
  5. Paukerin

    Promoting YouTube channel with Telegram

    Hello guys, I was wondering about this since more and more people in my target country are starting to use Telegram. Is it a good idea to create a Telegram channel, somehow add users who might be interested in your content and then promote your channel there? I can see it being a good idea for...
  6. C

    Instagram Ads for Electronic Shop

    Hey Guys, i have my own Online Shop and thought it would be a good idea to promote it on Instagram since the traffic wasnt that good. So the shop has 6 Pictures, 5 follower and 140 following and is based on Pcs, Gaming, swartwatches...(electronics) My Problem: I ordered this morning a...
  7. PRExpert0826

    Hello Guys!

    My clients call me Smart Guy. I'm here to collaborate and help others grow as I elevate. I'm interested in checking out everyone's services and building trusting relationships. I also have great services to offer as well. Feel free to send me a message to connect. Thanks
  8. IronWeber

    Need help, getting my business noticed.

    Hello, I have a small business related to 3D CAD(Computer Aided Design), development of parts, 3D printing for prototyping and fabricating,making parts for performance and race cars. I need some help with getting some new clients. I am on several of the freelancing websites, but from there I...
  9. U

    SEO, Article Publication and Promotion, Google Indexing

    We are looking for talented individuals that are very familiar with google indexing and page promotion. We need to disseminate some information that needs to be promoted highly on google, baidu, and bing. We also need to create facebook and twitter pages with lots of followers, comments and...
  10. MoneyMagnet2015

    [Youtube] List of subreddits to boost views

    While looking how to promote my channel found this list of 100+ subreddits, it's pretty helpful: Make sure to read each subreddit rules before posting your content and avoid bans :D
  11. R

    Telegram Adult Promotion / Engagements Groups

    Are there any good Telegram Channels, that offer Promotions for Adult related stuff, like webcamgirls etc? No realy 18+ Picture stuff or so. I just wanna push my own Channel and let it promote. Anyone knows there something or offering a reliable service?!
  12. Xtreme19

    Looking for Entertainment related Telegram groups and channels

    Hi, I am looking for entertainment related telegram groups or channels to advertise some apps and websites.
  13. Bahama Blue

    How can I promote my independent porno?

    hi! I am hoping to make my independent porno with a well endowed person at the Bahamas & have 4K capability & a video editor but I don’t know how to market this. Please help! I need help marketing/promoting.
  14. YanCendra

    [JV] My blog + AdSense Account plus your article & Promotion

    Hello guys.. sorry to waste your time. This is my first jv offer in this community. I hope we can collaborate each other with open mind and hand. I have new site in english, AdSense active on it. I need u to add more article and promote it. I guess 100-300 article original will up this site...
  15. A

    It Became Impossible To Promote On Reddit?!

    Hello my friends! I have been trying some methods to promote some affiliate products. On Reddit, this is impossible! Every single sub-Reddit is under moderation and does not allow any type of affiliates or self-promotion. So, did it become impossible to promote on Reddit?
  16. mayadd

    (JV) My Method + Your YouTube, Facebook Or Instagram Account

    Hello. This is a great opportunity to earn some money for both me and the partner who is alright with all the conditions. What I will do : I will provide a genius method that requires some traffic. I have no idea how or where to get traffic, so.. What you will do : You must have a YouTube...
  17. mayadd

    Promoting A Product Online (On Social Media)

    Hello guys! I am desperately in need to promote my friend's product online. It is an E-book that he wrote, but he can't publish it on Amazon because it is blocked in his country. Any suggestions?
  18. U

    Monetizing YT channel by promoting play store apps

    Hello! I know there was an app called Du recorder and with this app by promoting them ( adding watermark on your video) you could earn some money. On this link is how it should look . But that app was removed from play store. So my question is, are there any apps that do some similar ways of...
  19. D

    Snapchat accounts promotion

    Hello BHW, I promote a network of 20 Snapchat profiles. My main focus is entertainment. I’m looking for a people who works in the same corner for experience exchange. Feel free to PM me
  20. Rajan Rajbhandari

    How would you convince someone if they think your offer to be a scam?

    I often convince people providing them more info about the product and reviews. What do you do?
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