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Nov 4, 2021
Hello everyone, I am a full-time programmer. I created a new movie website and developed cms by myself. It automatically searches for the latest movies and TV series, automatically downloads and suppresses it, and then updates it to the website for release. Autocomplete subtitle information for movies.

I don't know how to promote this website now, I hope some friends can help me and share some experiences.
I currently use a 500tb server for storage. If there are more users, I will consider building a CDN to share the pressure.

My English is not good, this sentence is google translate.
Why not write a blog about the upcoming movies and T.V series. You can try and make it unique somehow from the other blogs that write about them. Maybe go in depth about the production of it, actors and actresses, or folks behind the scenes who created it and somehow make the content unique. Usually when you begin to research the shows and movies you will come up with a unique concept even though you're using already written sources. Your site should develop after a while and most likely users will flock to your site through the search engines, for free, and then find the search function you created which will be added bonus since they were interested in your insightful content. They might even favorite your site and share it with others. Then you can also promote it through paid advertising adding to the traffic you developed over time for free.
  1. - Create Fanpage on social media platforms
  2. - engage with people, follow comments, like, etc
  3. - use google to find popular movies, what movies people are looking for
  4. - Find blogs related to Movies, TV shows, etc and comment there (do not spam, offer a better service, higher quality on your videos, etc..)
  5. - Find tons of forums about movies and Tv shows, create accounts there, engage with people, recommend a movie site (don't tell them it's yours) create something... think out of the box.
  6. - warez forums are good too, you can find warez forums, and share 1 or 2 movies WinRAR files, just make sure you put a TXT file in it with your website and info
  7. - This is a lot of work and you need to spend about 1-3 hours a day and eventually your social media pages will start getting subs automatically.
  8. - go out there, and look for old methods, tutorials, ideas, etc.
  9. -If you need help, let us know

Good Luck!
Hi everyone, it's been a year and a half and my site has gotten out of the initial phase and now has 100,000 ip's and 600,000 PV's per day.
Promoting a new movie site can be tricky, but here’s what worked for me:

Use social media to share updates and engage with movie fans. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can be great.

SEO is important too. Optimize your site with relevant keywords so people can find it easily on search engines.

Join movie-related forums and communities to share your site. It helps to get the word out.

Writing blog posts or reviews can attract visitors. Content marketing is powerful.

Consider running ads on social media or Google to reach more people.

Good luck!
Hi everyone, it's been a year and a half and my site has gotten out of the initial phase and now has 100,000 ip's and 600,000 PV's per day.
That's fantastic! How are you monetizing this traffic, and what does the revenue look like?
work on seo of the website to rank in google and other search engines, sometime google delist movie downloading sites so you have to follow smart moves. You can also promote it via social media like reels, facebook videos etc.
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