1. SkanderMehmet

    [JV] My developer skills + Your marketing skills

    Hi everyone!, I am looking for business partners who are able to promote my software development business, I'm a software developer with more than 5 years of experience working as a freelancer I'm also doing a bachelor's in computer science in my final year, unfortunately, I have always worked...
  2. L

    This is Leye Ayanlola here!

    I have always wanted to be a part of this platform am finally here Although I noticed that the rules here are so so much ....I pray I don't violate any of the rule here, WHY AM I HERE? Am here to network, make friends and definitely make money SKILLS? Well am a Frontend...
  3. L

    Website developer please check this Please check i made this website if some experts tell me some improvements on home page design so it will look more professional please look it in laptop i did not mobile optimise it yet Thank You
  4. G

    WTB: News Aggregate site RSS Feed | Need Developer

    Price, TAT time etc. Need full site developed.
  5. A

    [WTH] Cam-Site Developer

    PM me for more details, Thank you!
  6. G

    Wanted: Web Developer | Clone a site similar to

    Looking for someone to make a site similar to compete against this. - logo design - ideal CMS - clone and ai/spin - other similar sites: | - Your TAT and cost before I talk to you on other apps
  7. Akinyande ayo

    I need a developer to fix database and WP files issues

    Hi mates, My web host moved sites to another server, and my site database and WordPress files got corrupted. I need a developer to help fix this and hook it up, I'm having a budget of $10 for this.
  8. purplehaze.69

    Looking for developers/programmers who knows about subdomain takeover

    I am looking for developers who knows about subdomain takeover or subdomain security. i'd need for security purpose on my company website. Got knowledge about CNAME and DNS in advanced level. Please PM If you can do this.
  9. B

    HIRING -> Python Developer

    Hiring Python Developer! I have a project(idea) that I do not wish to discuss in public, of course it does require you to be very skilled in Python. That's basically it. You can contact me on skype: Or telegram:
  10. thebotmaker

    [JV] Need a Developer? Boost Your Profits with My Automation Skills

    I can automate anything. In return for my expertise, I am seeking a profitable method that is already earning income or a solid idea that we can implement together. I am confident that with our joint efforts, we can take it to the next level and achieve greater success. So if you are ready to...
  11. L

    Need some suggestions in domain

    I want to buy domain for a mobile gaming company with the word "dock" at the end.... but the front part should be short, an available company name and have a .com and or .io address available. Can some one suggest me some names Thank You
  12. L

    I need some help in wordpress

    Hello Wordpress Experts do you know how to solve this problem please any suggestions guidance will be helpful
  13. pankajjangir

    [Hiring] Looking for Python Developer for Quiz Bot

    Hello, I am looking for a Python Developer who can build bot for a Quiz Website.
  14. pankajjangir

    [Hiring] Looking for Python Developer for Quiz Bot

    Hello, I am looking for a Python Developer who can build bot for a Quiz Website.
  15. two2sec

    How do you look for customers?

    I'm constantly looking for clients and I can't figure out how to find high-paying web development projects Some cheap orders are constantly coming in, although it takes a lot of time Does anyone know the formula for a successful client ? I'm constantly looking for clients and I can't figure out...
  16. L

    Elementor Gallery

    Hello i need elementor gallery plugins from which i can do just image gallery that displays over 100+ images i like famous gallery plugin because it doesn't show all the images full until, you hover over it so is there any other plugin Thank You
  17. montague

    Hiring a wordpress developer

    Hello BHW, We are hiring a skilled and experienced WordPress developer to design a consultancy-themed website from scratch. You must be experienced in optimizing the website for SEO and maximum speed. You will be paid through cryptocurrency; we pay well for skilled developers. Telegram is...
  18. L

    Web Site Audit Reports

    Is it possible I can get the data and build My own reports or something we can auto-extract data from as well API's or something else
  19. purplehaze.69

    Looking for Backend Full Stack Developer

    I'm looking for backend full stack developer to help with my LPs. short-term project. pm for more details.
  20. L

    Website uptime/downtime

    I am looking for Website uptime/downtime, screen shot, page content change, and maybe even a status page we can embed somewhere if any one knows any tool or website like this please tell me Thank You
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