1. Alis_

    What Client Outreach Method Works Best For You?

    Looking for your experience when selling products online, like services, websites, etc... What worked for you the best? I'm talking about, but not limited to: cold emails cold calls direct messages on LinkedIn, FB, IG mass DMs commenting on Reddit, Quora, etc. advertising (Google, FB, IG, ...)...
  2. Blachatt

    How to advertise adult site, where to buy the hosting and domain. Kindly help

    Hey guys am a newbie and I've been researching and reading here a lot about adult sites. I just don't understand how people are advertising these kind of websites. Please educate me in simple terms like you'd do to a baby lol. Also where to get the anonymous domains or hosting. At a cheaper...
  3. Thunderproxy

    Suggestions on where to advertise residential proxies?

    Hey everyone, I feel like I've hit a wall for a prolonged period of time, where I can't really think of more advertising channels where I could promote our service (free or paid). I already do in several places like Google Ads, Reddit, BHW and several smaller forums but most of the significant...
  4. RighteousMan

    Is promotion allowed on BlackHatWorld?

    Hello, I am new here And I am wondering whether the promotion is allowed here I see some people promoting their services and adnetworks Just wondering what are the rules (don't wanna get banned) Thank you and stay tuned
  5. J

    I need help advertizing a sanitaryware company

    Hello everyone My friend owns a company that sells sanitary ware and all bathroom essentials/accesories.I am helping him to grow his presence in the online market in my country,marketing his products.Till now I have opened social media like instagram,facebook and also posting on Pinterest. I...
  6. Tse

    Facebook Replica Advertising

    Hello guys I want to run ads for replica clothes and AirPods but I have no idea how to warm and all of this :( Is there someone I can hire to setup all the stuff? To buy fb acc, Business manager and set it up ready to run ads? Thank You!

    Lead generation for nutra buyers.

    I need help with lead generation for male enhancement nutra products. Someone please help or point me in right direction. i need following details: FULL NAME PHONE NUMBER EMAIL ADDRESS PRODUCT THEY ARE INTERESTED IN. I am uploading a sample file as well please check. i used to buy the same data...
  8. Lczq

    I Need Free Ads offers

    HI, as in the topic I'm in need od offers like free ad credits or first free ads. Do you know any? It can be push, social media or SEM.
  9. travisjonathan1

    Looking for a web developer to help create mass posting bot using BAS

    I have a list with websites which I'm able to post. here is my own websites that I have ready to automate it: - 80 twitter account - 10 reddit accounts - 10 Instagram accounts - 10 Facebook accounts (600 groups joined in those 10 accounts) - 10 Pinterest accounts - 700 Forums accounts - 300...
  10. Mitch_Connor

    Selling Software and digital goods - Still working in 2023?

    i feel like this Niche is getting harder and harder every year, especially software reselling. What kind of digital products would you offer in 2023 and which plattform would you recommend? My feeling is, that right now only Etsy or advertising your own Webshop is worth it? I made a lot of...
  11. berhas

    Heey! I decided to create personal blog..

    Today I decided to start my own blog. I will write articles on different topics. How can I advertise myself?
  12. tregoal

    Create my Own Ad Network - Software Suggestion?

    Hi, I'm looking to create my own ad network platform. The service will be the same as many out there, Advertisers and Publishers. Should have the latest ad solutions, etc.. Could you suggest me any good script that i can use, or someone who have more info regarding this who can help? Thanks
  13. Luca Marketing Agency

    How to advertise my service on Advert?

    Hi everyone, I'm learning AdvertCN but it is a Chinese website, I have used google translate but still do not understand it clearly. Can anyone help me how to use Advert and advertise my service there? Thank you so much
  14. jaroule

    Looking for ways to drive traffic for NFT Project

    hi BHW team could you please share some advices on how to drive traffic to a NFT project (Free traffic sources or paid one). regard
  15. Draconem

    Marketing/Promoting a game

    Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time. First of all this is my first thread, I haven’t used this wonderful place but I will for sure. And hopefully I will meet the amazing people in here and make some friends. I am in a situation where i need any advice or insights from anyone...
  16. rahulthepcl

    Any Google Ads expert on BlackhatWorld ?

    I'm running a Video ads campaign on YouTube only. The CPV is 2 Rs ($0.02). I have used custom segments in the audience section with around 400-500 relevant keywords. Weekly impressions when I hover on my audience: - 500M - 1B But account is not spending enough money. It only spends 500-1000...
  17. 4

    Multiple Freelancers for a big Crypto Project with real use cases (10K budget this week)

    Looking for multiple freelancers who can do the following for a client of mine. Jr VIPS only with a good reputation. Send me a DM with details like your website (if you have one) your skype/ Whatsapp. I will give those details to the CEO of this crypto project and he will be talking to you. If...
  18. Jake662

    How would you suggest marketing this business (FUCK PAYPAL)

    Hey guys! Thanks in advance to anyone who dedicates there time to read and respond to this post. I have been running a fairly successful IPeeteevee business as a reseller for a while now (past 8 months) And i have hit a brick wall twice so far. I have been accepting payments via GAYPAL and...
  19. L

    Any ad networks accept visa gift card as payment?

    I'm looking to be an advertiser for a streaming site. Are there any good ad networks that accept visa gift card as payment? Thanks
  20. natourious

    Discord server about crypto advertising

    I need someone whose really good at advertising a crypto server on discord
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