(Long Term) Need an very experienced Instagram Bot Developer / Manager


Apr 6, 2016
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I am looking for a very very experienced Instagram Bot Developer / Manager to provide the Comment & Mention Service

Skype: niccc4001

Need Instagram Comment with mention service ( 1 - 2 Million) (Long Term)

->Like this: " We just open a new page, hope you support us @myaccount"
(using spintax create more combinations) (Given To You)

->Leaving this kind of comments under 1-2 million users' updatest photo
(Just comment 1 photo for each scraped users)

What i need is:

1. Those Instagram accounts which used to leave comment need to be uploaded with the bio and profile and photos in their accounts
(All the Bio, Profile Pic and the inside photos will be given to you)
(Account name is relavance with the Bio name)

2. Those comments are permanent

(The accounts cannot be banned) (Using Spin-tax)

3. The Instagram accounts which to leave comment need few hundreds of followers and their photos need to be at least XX Likes

4. Long Term Cooperation
(May need this service every month)

5. Not Leaving Comments under my photo, is leaving comments under the scraped users' photo

(the List of scraped users will be given to you)

6. Fast Delivery, Need Prove

But before all of that, you need to discuss with me how you deliver it as improper commenting might harm the main accounts getting ban

Skype: niccc4001