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  1. Hacker.

    [EYESBLAST GIVEAWAY] Instagram 1000 Likes, Power Comments & Video/Reel Views to all Blackhatworld Members ❤❤❤

    You Using Instagram ? & And wanna have Likes, Power Comment (verified) & Video Views. Then This Completely Free Giveaway for you as a Reward of Being a Member in BLACKHATWORLD To Participate : 1:- You must write '' I am interested Along with Your Instagram Post link'' to the topic. Choose...
  2. Cheapsmmseller

    ▶️✅| High Quality ★ Low Prices INSTAGRAM - YOUTUBE and Other SMM Services, Prices Starts From 0.001

    Our Service Price starts from $0.001 We Offer Youtube Views✅ ▶️Youtube Subscribers♻️ Real Organic Instagram Followers⚡ ⭐Non Drop Bot Instagram Followers ▶️High Quality Instagram Custom Comments✅✅✅...
  3. Z

    [2020] Instagram Instant Comment Bot?

    Hey I have been looking hard for a IG bot that only does commenting. I have been seeing a lot of bots self promoting and getting the first comment on a post, and been tired of doing this manually, and not always I get to comment within the first 30 seconds which then is useless because the other...
  4. Sushant Pawar

    [FREE] Instagram comment likes

    I am giving 50+ Instagram comment likes to the first 10 members. Just comment and PM me the link to the post and Your username.
  5. V

    Nitch Instagram comments

    Hello, I need daily real instagram comments at a great price. 500-2000 a day for one account. Please message me as I'm hiring asap. Thanks
  6. V

    INSTAGRAM COMMENT SERVICE needed! Long term work

    Hello, I need 300-500 or more Instagram comments per post when the notifications goes off. I need the accounts to folllow the main account. No panels or micro sites! MESSAGE me as I’m hiring ASAP. Thanks Always looking for REAL followers as well. Typically buy 100k or more at a time. Message me.
  7. gullsinn

    [WTB] Spintax for IG

    Looking for someone to write Spintax for Instagram bios, dms, and comments (Jarvee). Don't forget to send your previous work + pricing in inbox. [Don't just comment here please!]
  8. ellay

    [FREE] 10 comments to your youtube video/instagram,facebook post

    Hello. We are giving away 10 hand written comments to YouTube video, Instagram post, Facebook post, Twitter tweet or Vk post to every member of BHW. 1) Post in this thread if you are interested 2) Pm me your post link 3) We will add 10 comments (other activity is also possible) Thanks :)
  9. H

    Instagram comment automation

    Hello Guys I need a profesionnal one on IG automation to manage my GMT2 on my cloud google serveur I need each account to comment 200/400 comment per day
  10. johnhustle007

    Best Instagram real comment ios app!?

    Hey Gang! I’m looking for an app that sell custom comments. I know it’s a few of them on the iOS store... I used to use one but I forgot the name. It was one those apps where you buy points for comments or you can earn points by commenting/liking on others post. I need one where you can get...
  11. JDD

    Instagram Comments

    Can anyone provide me with automatic Instagram post comments? I'd like to be able to set the theme of the comments made. I am looking into buying 50 comments per IG post.
  12. PowerKnipser

    [URGENT] IG Comment Limit on own Posts?

    Hey, I have a question that has something to do with commenting on IG. I know there are limits on commenting on posts. But what if I want to comment as much as possible under my own IG Post, with the account I posted this post? Is there a limit, too? I'm asking this question because I've seen an...
  13. Z

    [FREE] Get Real Likes & Comments Instagram Automatic

    Hey guys, just came across with a new website that is automatic engagement platform that helps you go viral on Instagram and attract more organic followers to your account. You can up to 5 accounts (For FREE) and it contains 12 different niches. This network size is huge! there is like 166K -...
  14. Benjibenji1


  15. neverpooragain

    Instagram Commenting | flagged words?

    Yo guys.. If my bot post something like "there ya go 10% COUPON for our services" Am sure it will be flagged. Any ideas how to make this work? What about something like "10% c.oupon" "10percent V0UCHER" etc..
  16. Samtondon

    Follow Liker Comments

    I have around 200 accounts in my follow liker and I want to do custom comments from each accounts. Different comment from each account. What should I do make a project with all accounts have same settings and upload the comments and check only one comment per user. OR Should I make a project in...
  17. goodgoofsxd

    Youtube-like instagram comment system. Can you manipulate it?

    Hey everyone, today there was an update where users now can respond to comments and it shows all the replies directly below that reply. is there ways to manipulate it to gain followers or for cpa? I think your comment might get featured if it gets alot of replies now
  18. TheaBambi99

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for High Quality INSTA Comments, Likes, and Followers

    Hi Everybody, I am new to this website so not sure how it works. Basically I am looking for someone, or a website/company that would be able to do very *High Quality* Instagram comments, likes, followers... Money is not an object. I would just like it to look high quality as possible. No...
  19. K

    Telegram Women's Fashion Engagement Group 30K+

    Female model here, and will be starting an New Engagement group (comments/likes) for female Fashion/Models/Influencers/Bloggers Niche No spam accounts please! Min Requirements + Must be in Fashion, Models/Actors, Influencers/bloggers Niche--high quality posts + 30k Followers min + Group will be...
  20. N

    (Long Term) Need an very experienced Instagram Bot Developer / Manager

    I am looking for a very very experienced Instagram Bot Developer / Manager to provide the Comment & Mention Service Skype: niccc4001 Need Instagram Comment with mention service ( 1 - 2 Million) (Long Term) ->Like this: " We just open a new page, hope you support us @myaccount" (using...