bot developer

  1. S

    Need a bot for form signup and automatic link clicks from various email accounts

    Hi there, I am looking for someone to build a bot that can automatically sign up in online competitions. Requirements are: - Use of VPN (Oxylabs would be best) for every signup - can extract data from a CSV for the different fields - input via "typing" - must be able to read birthdates from...
  2. LadyDiana

    Need a YOUTUBE BOT to Automate ALL YT Tasks

    Hi there !! In need of someone who can develop a Custom Youtube bot for me , Incase if I miss a point, then the developer should have the knowledge to guide me about what else is needed in a bot for it to work in a much better way. The points i have in mind are , I need a Bot which has the...
  3. arcbot


    Hello! We are ArcBot and we’re looking for all social media bot developers from all over the world! Why us? ArcBot is an international collaboration of the largest SMM-panels which you’ve definitely heard of. - ArcBot is the opportunity for you to raise $$$ using your software. - The highest...
  4. P

    Youtube View Bot

    Can Anybody Make (Or Knows Of) A Youtube View Bot Maybe One That Can Do More But Just Views Are Fine ....
  5. A

    bot developer for Youtube views

    hello, I want a developer for a custom youtube views bot I have a Good Budget share your skype, telegram or WhatsApp
  6. Ninjatiktok


    Hello, i am in search of bot developer to run on virtual machine and be functional for me to use without issues of having to contact for support. willing to pay ETH or Dogecoin for your time $100-250 Very simple bot nothing complicated
  7. E

    Disqus Vote Bot

    Looking for someone to create or atleast help me create myself a simple disqus upvote bot. Some specs for a simple disqus bot: Allow you to manually enter your disqus accounts (username/pw) Load proxy IPS from a txt file Use proxy for each action (ie upvote, downvote, flag) Enter a comment id...
  8. V


    Hello, we need a bot developer who also know how to link the bot with our website of smmpanel, would be linked using API and should process orders in a automated way, please any good developer who can take this job, tell us! ^^ Note: Regarding to any payments we are paying after the work is...
  9. stuna

    Now I Make $Xxxx Per Month Selling Bots..... This Is My Story..

    I thought I would write my story on how I got started with selling bots and where I am today.. I hope this would inspire beginners selling bots, or others who are considering giving up like I have initially before.. This should not be a long journey but I will try and make it as short and...
  10. stuna

    Bot Ideas For BlackHat..

    Hi.. I create BlackHat Bots.. What would you like to see available in the market that would make your work easier and faster.. "Auto-Pilot" Post your ideas and we will see what we can do for the BH community.. Thanks
  11. Glennnnnnn

    Bot that crawls multiple websites and platforms

    Best of the best "botter" wanted! I'm looking for a bot developer that can develop a bot that crawls multiple websites in 29 languages (Language keywords will be provided by me). AI integration would be a big plus. I fully understand that this will take many months/years to develop. Budget will...
  12. N

    Need Programmer to make share bot for postmark

    Looking for a programmer to make a share bot for poshmark similar to poshsharebot. I would need it to share my listings, share others' listings, and return shares and likes. Let me know if you are interested
  13. LearnerBoy

    FB BOT

    Need a fb Bot Requirment is : Auto 1. Signup and verified by mail. 2. Profile pic upload by auto folder serial, Work,City,Home,School,College all is same at usa. 3. usa today's post like and send friend request. 4. friend request accept one by one. email pass load manually. 5. Information out...
  14. A

    Tinder bot

    Looking for a working Tinder bot..i need only which is working u with ur offer.. Thanks
  15. M


    Hiii i need a youtube Bot that can generate atleast 100k youtube views per day on a link also the retention should be high on that system also if its successfull then will give alot more system orders and system development orders
  16. Kingjones1994

    Need a bot developed

    I need a bot developed for an app called funimate. PM me on skype for details ASAP!!!! No time wasters please skype : SwaggDaddyTV
  17. N

    (Long Term) Need an very experienced Instagram Bot Developer / Manager

    I am looking for a very very experienced Instagram Bot Developer / Manager to provide the Comment & Mention Service Skype: niccc4001 Need Instagram Comment with mention service ( 1 - 2 Million) (Long Term) ->Like this: " We just open a new page, hope you support us @myaccount" (using...
  18. J

    Need Web Posting Bot.

    Hello All, Need a Bot, that can : 1. Create and Post on Blogspot 2. Create and Post on variety of Web 2.0 3. Create and Post the links of #1 & #2 on variety of Social Bookmarking sites. Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated. Thank You.
  19. trevell

    [WANTED] Data Entry Bot

    I am looking for someone to create software to automate event entries for my mobile app. I am currently using the Shoutem platform and have the following options for adding events: Manual, iCal, Eventbrite, and Songkick. The website I am trying to pull the event info from is...
  20. tbran117

    Need a skilled professional to develop a periscope bot

    Looking for an honest, accredited, and skilled programmer to assist in the software development of a periscope bot. Msg me on Skype for further details. Look fwd to negotiating. :) Skype: Timothy.Branyan
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