instagram manager

  1. Angelo_brotto

    I need a instagram account manager!!!

    Hi guys, I need an instagram account manager for 200 IG accounts. The work consist in: gain followers, edit bios and usernames and make the accs stay alive. I'm also open to buy rent accounts with many followers directly from you... For other info please contact me with a private message.
  2. Angelo_brotto

    Searching for an instagram account manager!

    Hi guys, I need someone who will run for me 200 IG accounts. I have just created many accounts with a bot and I can give them to you. The job consists in making them safe (to do not get banned by IG), make them grow to 200+ followers, edit bios, usernames, prof. pics and also other features...
  3. norkodeo

    [WTH] Looking for VA for managing IG accounts

    Hello, I'm looking for VA to manage(follow, unfollow, like, comment, upload content) on clients IG accounts manually on phones or other devices. I have many clients, its possible to hire all TEAM. Looking for people with knowledge of what they do and why they do also with previous similar...
  4. hokuspokus

    [Journey] Instagram Management, goal $5000/Month

    Hello Friends! :) I must admit, I have already started this journey in secret and know that it works :) I use follow/unfollow method (as likes don't work good atm) Method: 1. Offer 1 free week as a bait to get customers to signup, 75% is happy and will stay. (I guarantee 100-200 new followers...
  5. goodgoofsxd

    Critique my email PT2

    Hello again I took what everyone said in the last post into consideration and was very thankful Here is a heavily improved version but I'm sure some of you still will have critiques for it which I appreciate! Below is my cold email to business's who have a shitty IG page and I am offering a...
  6. A

    [Get PAID] Looking To Hire Someone Who Can Run/Mange 500+ IG Accounts

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who's skilled even to run/manage 500+ IG accounts. Be able to: Account creation (I'll pay for emails or accounts "Accounts have to be fully custom ill provide info) Keep accounts running daily Reporting on accounts (How many followers gain, photos liked...
  7. N

    (Long Term) Need an very experienced Instagram Bot Developer / Manager

    I am looking for a very very experienced Instagram Bot Developer / Manager to provide the Comment & Mention Service Skype: niccc4001 Need Instagram Comment with mention service ( 1 - 2 Million) (Long Term) ->Like this: " We just open a new page, hope you support us @myaccount" (using...