Let me introduce myself and my plans

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Feb 18, 2018
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Hi!, I'll introduce myself as Bellox.
I've been reading some posts on this forum before. But never actually made an account. Finally decided to make one to share my journey! as I decided to get into action and actually get some real shit done!
My goal is to make some real passive income, build traffic, beat the shit out of SEO.

So projects i'm currently working on:

1) Selling first software I actually made in C#, and building some others.

2) Building a streaming website. Had to build a website scraper for it too.

3) Making videos for Youtube.

4) Planning to go into the T-shirt on-demand business.

I will write about how things are going. And how you can actually go through these steps yourself.
Welcome to BlackHatWorld and good luck with your plan. What sort of software are you planning to sell ?
Thank you for the warm welcome guys!!! :)

-------coding as journey thread?

Yep, actually i'd love to, because I actually noticed that it isn't that hard to do it. I had some knowledge of basic python, and so based on that apply it on c# using stackoverflow.

-------what kind of software?
Well, what I can say is that it's a new way to actually visualize stocks and cryptocurrencies. I wanted to like use like a provider that is already visualizing their charts online. Implement it. and then sell the software to them. That would be something. But I still need to add some extra feautures to the software so that it has more uses.

Then I also plan on making small tools like floating timer as I see there are others also making tools like that, and I think I can actually make them way better in not such a long time.
Welcome to BHW, I really love to work with python and actually i did few years ago.
Now i have moved myself from coding to learn other few.
Good luck for you journey.
Nice intro @Bellox and welcome to BHW am looking forward to using some of your services :)
Not open for further replies.
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