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    Aug 12, 2015
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    Hey BH Amigos :)
    Looking for a developer to write a bot for Snapchat. Having done some research, I am conscious that there are reports that Snapchat are constantly changing their API (is this true??) and any bot would be either short lived or required regular support or be completely re-written.

    I am looking for a bot developer with a quote of the work to allow me to

    1) Scrape snapchat names (if there are any suggestions to how you can be more specific about users profiles e.g. male or female, age? interests? etc. It would be useful to attempt to search with specific keywords e.g. motorsports or fitness etc etc.

    2) Follow from a list of usernames either generated from scraping or from preloaded lists etc.

    3) Unfollow accounts that don't follow back

    4) Interested in developer/user opinions on how much analysis can be done based on what you can get from the Snapchat API

    Thx RG

    PS - If I am wildly off with this one - please let me know :)