1. yesmenotyou

    Making a snapchat users BOT

    Would anyone or agencies be interested in snapchat users that are paying for adult content regularly? I think this would help the growth for alot of onlyfans girl or agencies. Should I make this?
  2. N

    Want to buy SNAPCHAT BOT or someone who can make one.

    All i need is it to add users from a list i provide, and wait certain amount of seconds after each add.
  3. E

    Snapchat something went wrong adding

    after I added 15 friends, it gives an error, the old accounts are warmed up, I use high-quality white proxies, I cleaned the cache, updated it does not help. help solve the problem.
  4. Kimetsu


    For premade/boosting DM me on discord PetaBytes#7919 or DM me on telegram WARNING !! MY SERVICES ARE NOT FOR EWHORING OR ANY ILLEGAL / NSFW / PORN BUSINESS AND DON'T USE IT FOR SUCH Refund Policy No refunds Sales are final, once you buy it it's yours and you are...
  5. T

    Snapchat account getting ban everytime

    Hey I'm a affiliate marketer and I'm doing marketing with Reddit traffic and I use Snapchat for promote cam or adult dating offer...but now days it's very hard to run Snapchat account.. because Snapchat everytime ban my account for permanently... anyone have any solution for this issu? Please...
  6. StrawberryBoba

    Regarding Snapchat botting

    Y'all wouldn't know of a script/bot to auto-accept Snapchat friends and send them a message, would you? I've been crawling the Internet searching for one but haven't been able to come up with much. I can already schedule my story posts & spoof live pictures from my gallery, it's just accepting...
  7. fishbelly86onions

    Snapchat + CPA links not works

    Hey guys, looks like CPA smartlinks and offer links stopped working in Snapchat inbuilt browser. Do you have same problems? I tried multiple smartlinks and they not loads offers, then I tried CPA direct links, they loads but trying to fill information and continue - FAILS. Google and other...
  8. AlbinKurti

    [GUIDE] Get traffic in Snapchat using Tinder (How to avoid shadowban)

    First, I want to say that this method is not made by me, I found this one in another forum and I think it's well explained. What this method is gonna explain is how to drive traffic from Tinder to your Snapchat, Instagram or anywhere you want and convert CPA or other adult offers. You will have...
  9. sonpink2003

    [WTB] Snapchat bot

    Hi guys, I am looking for a snapchat bot which can accept friend requests and send welcome messages. Preferably send followup messages too (optional). Can anyone recommand good bot out there? Cheers
  10. sonpink2003

    [WTB] Snapchat bot

    Hi guys, I am looking for a snapchat bot which can accept friend requests and send welcome messages. Preferably send followup messages too (optional). Can anyone recommand good bot out there? Cheers
  11. Starblazer

    ⚡⚡[Guide]▶️ 5 Methods to Make Money Online ❇️SEO ❤️CPA ⭐Affiliate Marketing ✅Reddit ❤️Youtube ⭐Facebook ⏩Snapchat ✅Quora

  12. savobaby

    (JV) My Monetization Techniques + Your Adult Snapchat Traffic

    I'm currently working with one person on here doing this, but I'd like to see if there's anybody else who can drive a lot of adult traffic to Snapchat? I can monetize it for us on autopilot and split the profits 50/50 down the middle. Only looking for LARGE amounts of traffic to make this...
  13. rajaoui49

    Snapchat ads !

    Hey please ! How to Get 100$ Snapchat Ads Credit For FREE ! :D
  14. RaymondReddington

    [COURSE] Snapchat CPA Mastermind - Earn Up To $500/daily With Adult Traffic & CPA Offers

    Any Questions? Contact me here: Send me a PM here on BlackHatWorld or Skype: penguinbin Refund Policy: I do NOT accept refunds, all sales are final. Don't purchase if you aren't ready to put in the work that is required. Price: $119.99

    why snapchat ads wont run

    I tried jewelry ad few times. but they wont approve it they don't tell what is the reason either. so confused. I'm from a country that they wont support for ads. is that a reason/ thanks
  16. A

    Snapchat clone IOS

    How do you get a second snapchat app on ios to do CPA ?
  17. blackcommoner

    How was your experience on cpa with snapchat story?

    Hi friends, Can you please share your journey of cpa with snapchat story? -) What was your Obstacle ? -) What was your average earning per story view? Please share your experience, so we will have more knowledge. Thanks :)
  18. M

    $$$ Big Project - Snapchat Signing Reverse

    Hello fellas, I made a new account on BHW as I want to keep this highly low-key. Looking for some smart-ass dev to reverse Snapchat's API on IOS or Android. I will need most endpoints to be functional such as Dm, posting stories, add friends etc. Reversing requests is not that hard but the...
  19. savobaby

    Your Real Adult Models + My Targeted Adult Traffic

    It has been over six years since I began playing the adult game. I just launched a new website within the "dating" niche. Only a few months old, the site gets 150-200 steady targetted visitors a day. My own Snapchat accounts are currently being built through advertising on the site itself, and I...
  20. F

    [JV] My OnlyFans / Premium setup your traffic

    Converting traffic is our thing, if you are looking for someone to maximize profits together let me know! Are you affiliated in the adult niche for a while like me? We have a decent variety of models at disposal and a team of inside chatters to handle the clients. What are we looking for? -...