1. S

    Snapchat Shares New Insights into Emerging Consumer Trends, Including AR, Digital Discovery and More

    A new article on Social Media Today reports that Snapchat has just published a new report on emerging consumer shopping trends and how newer technologies, like social connectivity and AR, are increasingly influencing shopping behaviours. This is a new 26-page report, conducted in partnership...
  2. M

    [ HIRING ] HQ Leads Generation For Adult Dating CPA

    Hello reader... hope you are doing great! As you can see in the title, I need someone to generate HQ leads for the adult dating niche. Recently my account on the network was closed because of low-quality traffic (the users were not paying on the site, and the only one who was profiting was...
  3. D

    Best Cpa Offer for snapchat ?

    can i run any CPA offer with snapchat? i wanna run campaign because I have 50 + snap chat ads account
  4. A

    Tinder to snapchat adds guideline solution #2

    HQ FRESH SNAP CHAT ADDS THE OPPOSITE OF TINDER Guide line Solution Skout , Pof, Meetme Snapchat Guaranteed number of adds! guideline solution if you don't get any tinder adds on your snap then this is for you I hope this is help you on your cpa and money making non-stop Premade or Preloaded...
  5. Mr.John Max

    I have Traffic Snapchat How can i monetize its money..

    Hey is there any one who can help me about snap chat adult Traffic to make money. Suggest me tricks about your methood.
  6. Mr.John Max

    Hey I am dating Traffiq expert If anyone want help

    I have many traffic snap chat what can i do now . or how to monetize it
  7. TomV

    Lets talk about Snapchat SPOTLIGHT | Dont miss out on this! | 1M USD per day

    Hey BHW, as short-form videos are insanely popular and all social platforms are trying to hop-on on this trend. Tiktok, Instagram - Reels, Youtube - Shorts, Likee, and now Snapchat with Snapchat spotlight. The important part is that you can grow faster than on TikTok and make $$$$ really fast...
  8. T

    What Snapchatters want

    It’s the holiday season. Easter, and many other international festivals are coming up. So, Snap put together some interesting stats that marketers can find useful. The top three things people are looking for are specialty food and drinks, new outfits and gifts for friends and family. Many...
  9. dillywilly

    Snapchat ads increases its screen sensitivity and response ?

    does anyone else on here feel like every-time you get hit with a snapchat ad it somehow ends up on the advertisers landing page ? but when you're swiping thru your friends stories it doesn't seem to be responding as sensitive , is snapchat advertisers getting duped by snapchat? i know a handful...
  10. Chuchitas_009

    How can I get really hot girl photos for my adult CPA method?

    Hello friends, I have been looking for some pictures of hot girls for many hours and I only find porn actresses, and that is not what I want, they must be unknown girls for my profile to look real, I am starting a CPA business combining Snapchat + Twitter. I would like to know some place where...
  11. Rinito

    How to Avoid Snapchat Bans?

    jak w tytule, ilu znajomych mogę dodać dziennie, aby uniknąć zablokowania? po ilu blokadach zostaniesz zbanowany na zawsze?
  12. L

    Google is adding ig videos

    What’s y’all’s take on it? Will backlinks be used for greater use regarding ig? Article showing google is testing tik tok/ig videos I have noticed a lot of copying lately! Tik tok long videos—-> YouTube YouTube shorts —-> tik tok Instagram reels—-> tik tok Instagram guides ——> pinterest...
  13. A

    Tinder to snapchat adds guideline solution #1

    HQ best geo location tinder traffic problem all around . We tell you some secrete tinder snap adds , Many Snap Adds Re-seller, provider provide bad geo location traffic Many Fake lead/adds then you can not profited properly . But if you found a good snap adds provider guy then you can make...
  14. A

    HQ Tinder to snap chat adds convert it $

    You can make good money from Tinder to snap chat adds . Now a day tinder is very difficult to make a new account . if you buy 3rd party account provider tinder to snap adds then its better work . but now another's problem face snap account locked :weep: many seller replace it and that's the...
  15. B

    Now a day i can't control my lots off snap adds!

    Hello everyone , Any one can help me how to i control My daily HQ Usa Snapchat Adds more then 10k+. my clint model capacity control out. A few days ago i get only 3k adds but now a day i gotted 10k+ All adds come to e-where perpas. what can i do?

    Snapchat score botting?

    Hey im woundering if anyone knows a fast and effective way to boost a snapscore for an account. i have 3 android phones and 2 iphone 7 that i could potentially use for this.
  17. Kingking12a

    Put my locations on maps ?

    Can someone tell me how to put my business in facebook map , google map , snapchat map? please
  18. ArianaL

    [Journey] First steps to cam/ adult industry

    Hello guys, I'm starting my journey here on BHW after I've read some threads and learned a little bit. I'm totaly new in this industry, with zero experience but I'm coming with some motivation and few goals in head, like everyone. So far: - I made a Reddit account with 3k karma; - I got...
  19. AussieEarner

    [Journey] My trek to earn $100 USD a day stable

    Hello everyone, I am AussieEarner. My goal is to reach $100 USD a day net revenue (profit from any expenses), stable for at least 30 days (i.e. $3000 USD in a month). I have had days where I've made over $100 USD, most was about $160-180 USD in a day (which most was made in the space of a few...
  20. hazzi

    Snapchat experiment — From 200 daily views to 2k

    Hey guys I’m here with a experiment to see if I can grow my meme Snapchat account. As of now it gets around 200 views on a daily basis. But I want to get it to 2k daily views to start monetising. Since with Snapchat the monetisation methods are endless. what I will be doing Upload 10 - 20...