developer wanted

  1. Z

    Custom wordpress plugin developer wanted

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to modify an existing custom plugin and add some small functionalities. The modifications needed are small (change some colors, add mobile respnsivness, fix twitter and telegram sharing,...). Send me a PM.
  2. mohamedabdo

    i looking for coder expert My budget:200 USD

    Hello Good day to you I have multi Facebook page profile links or page id and what I want as below When I will give the script the Facebook page profile links I want the script to extract All followers and all checking and page admin with Extract Facebook posts likes...
  3. mohamedabdo

    looking for facebook python expert again expert not just developer

    HI I have multi Facebook page profile links or page id and what I want as below When I will give the script the Facebook page profile links I want the script to extract All followers and all checking and page admin with Extract Facebook posts likes /comments/shares/reactions (user-id) and...
  4. mohamedabdo

    loooking for programming expert

    I looking to programming expert and honest to create some automation ideas with Facebook and Linkedin and google maps please if any person can guide and help me to the website have good developers and honests no upwork not good or fiver not good also IF any programmer here is an expert no...
  5. latoster

    Looking for WP-developer (PBNs / Satellites)

    Hi, Looking for experienced WP-developer for long term partnership. I need to scale my position in TOP of Google (currently main website have #1 ranking in many of keywords). For that required to create website-satellites with same product but different concept. Looking for: Direct freelancer...
  6. S


    I'm looking for a dev to be apart of my team to make a supreme taskbot like in the video of this link . I already have an site ready and instagram page ready . All I need is a developer.
  7. Glennnnnnn

    Bot that crawls multiple websites and platforms

    Best of the best "botter" wanted! I'm looking for a bot developer that can develop a bot that crawls multiple websites in 29 languages (Language keywords will be provided by me). AI integration would be a big plus. I fully understand that this will take many months/years to develop. Budget will...
  8. M


    Hiii i need a youtube Bot that can generate atleast 100k youtube views per day on a link also the retention should be high on that system also if its successfull then will give alot more system orders and system development orders
  9. BusinessSmack

    Content Locker Developer Needed

    I am looking for someone or a team who has experience within the affiliate marketing content locker space. A few projects in the pipline we need developer and design help with. PM me with your credentials!
  10. seosid

    looking for pro PHP/html and mobile apps developer

    I am looking for professional developer or a team who can handle the projects on regular basis with on time work delivery. only serious professional PM me there skype for talk.
  11. R

    Kickass Snapchat Bot

    Hey BH Amigos :) Looking for a developer to write a bot for Snapchat. Having done some research, I am conscious that there are reports that Snapchat are constantly changing their API (is this true??) and any bot would be either short lived or required regular support or be completely re-written...
  12. B

    Looking for Wordpress Developer - Experience with Sitemile

    Hi Im looking for a Wordpress Developer who is happy working on sitemile themes and integrating to plugins - specifically membership and directories? This is (hopefully) going to be a big site so there will be more work available for a strong developer! Im available on skype all the time so...
  13. B

    How Does Facebook Sell Advertising Space? - How can I replicate it?

    Hi Everyone, Quick Question - does anyone know the coding behind Facebook's placing your timeline picture in the right sidebar as if it was an advert? - basically selling you the option of advertising across the site? I tried to add an image to show you but I havent been a member long enough? I...
  14. D

    Looking for a boss coder/developer for some projects

    So, I didn't know if this should go in the JV section or here...since it could be a one off hire. Regardless, I've got some projects that I have been trying to get developed, but have had a horrible time trying to find a developer (sites like Freelancer is of no help). Ideally looking for a...
  15. S

    One Page HTML Desing Need Done

    Hi I want to design a HTML page to post as a Post. I can provide you visual examples to understand this task. Basically it is an eCommerce site and I want to list my products in a different format then i have it already.
  16. B

    Need Youtube View Increaser Bot Creator

    Hi BHW, I am in a need of Youtube Bot. There are some instruction to do this. 1. The bot should generate as many views as possible in a minute 2. The views should be emulated as coming from Facebook, twitter or similar web resources. 3. The ips from where the facebook, twitter or similar web...
  17. T

    Drupal Travel Website Manager Wanted

    I have a Drupal Developer for the custom theming and templates though he wants a real manager that can help with all the small things like getting all the small stuff from WCT Travelocity into the right places on my Drupal site. So you have to be a developer for this not just a designer. And a...
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