Drupal Travel Website Manager Wanted

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by Travel Websites, Dec 24, 2011.

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    I have a Drupal Developer for the custom theming and templates though he wants a real manager that can help with all the small things like getting all the small stuff from WCT Travelocity into the right places on my Drupal site.

    So you have to be a developer for this not just a designer. And a plus if you understand travel websites.

    Submit your portfolio of Drupal, 2 references and what you will charge me. The site is already 75% completed and need it finished by Feb 1st. You are then a consultatnt, a developer,part designer, and the dishwasher. kidding but seriously for the lose ends to get this ready to go live I need a drupal expert to help me finish. I am next to useless in the development department though know the functionality. Let me know guys and gals.

    No more India,, only because the hours are a nightmare for me to stay up all night everynight. you need to work here in the US.:cool:

    Ask for Roman 951-704-5355 call me tonight or as soon as possible. thanks. I am new here first day on this site, I hope I am posting this post corretly. Is there a charge for this ad?