Journey: 2nd MNS started yesterday, already ranking...


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Apr 3, 2012
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Micro Niche Sites

Site #1: MNS

Exact Local Searches
Keyword #1: 1600 ($1.09)
Keyword #2: 2900 ($1.39)
Keyword #3: 880 ($1.16)
(Several other LSI keywords)

Current Keyword Rankings
Keyword #1: #18
Keyword #2: #45
Keyword #3: n/a

Monetization Plan
Google Adsense Only (At this time)

Day 1: 17 page views / $0.00 (so far)

My Story
Just a few months ago I decided to take action and do something with all the knowledge that floats around here. I kept seeing people advise to stop reading and take action on something before reading more.

So I did. I have a few websites that I have put a ton of time into. I have two blogs with over 350 posts between them. None of them are ranking well for the keywords that I want them to rank for. I found that I had a hard time focusing on a single keyword on these larger authority blogs.

While I love my blogs, they're in my passion niches even though they aren't making much on adsense alone. So I decided I wanted to learn how to make a micro-niche website that was focused on one thing, so I could market the heck out of it and try to rank it. But, I didn't know where to start, really.

So I bought a MNS service from BHW. I received my site, and even though the EMD is there, the keyword is, surprisingly, very difficult to rank into the top 5. So, it's been a month and that MNS hasn't ranked for it's keyword yet, at all. I've even built some backlinks to it but I still haven't seen any movement on it.

But, I knew a few tricks so I took the layout and onsite SEO system of the MNS I had bought, and put it into my own MNS.

I found three really good keywords that are all very closely associated with each other. So I grabbed the domain, last night around midnight, and put the design together.

I went to bed last night with no content on the site. Today, I have added pages and a few posts to give my sitemap 9 urls. I submitted the sitemap to google, and then went to something else.

I was just messing around and checked my keyword ranks and was amazed to see the main keyword already ranked up to #18, that's page 2! The second, and more profitable keyword, is ranked already as well, although back at #45. I haven't done any backlinking yet, but I do have the All-in-One link Building service that is going to be launched in the next 10 days. I would post the link but I can't yet.

So I figured I would come to BHW, and document it.

Here is my plan right now:

  • Add content to give my MNS a thickness.
  • Wait for the All-in-one linking service to be completed.
  • Keep watching SERPS.

It's only day 1, and I'm not real sure how to handle this momentum. Even if it's part of the dance this is a better response than I've ever had before. So, if you're interested follow along. If I drop out of SERPS and crash and burn again, I'll just try something else. :cool:
Yup, you'll mostly likely stay there for a week or two then drop back to nowhere. But keep at it and when you comeback it should be more solid in it's rankings. It also depends on how passive or aggressive you are with your links obviously.
Gud luck with your journey..will follow your update
Its a dance ;like one of my MNS it ranked on page 1 within a week and boom its gone of the serp
Micro Update

Day 3:

Keyword 1: #17
Keyword 2: #45

I haven't done anything to site since submitting the sitemap to Webmaster Tools. I plan on adding a little more content today and interlinking for thickness.

I started another MNS with a 2900 local search EMD that has tons of supporting keywords with high search volumes. The competition is a little harder than the one ranking. I designed it last night and added the content but Google hasn't indexed it yet. I have no link building strategies worked out for this one yet but, when I decide what to do I will post it along with site #1 here.
These two blogs are ones I have been working on for a very long time. I was blogging in my passion niches and basically just writing posts I wanted to. You know, like those guys who never heard of "black hat." I didn't even really start to think about monetizing until I found this site a few months ago.

The problem with those blogs is they aren't really focused. I wanted to focus them on a niche but in hindsight, my keywords are everywhere on everything with no congruency. I like them and hope I can bring them around eventually to being profitable but I'm focusing on other areas to generate income.

Right now my adsense is sitting at about $35 a month from all my sites. I am hoping these MNS sites can jump that up a bit. The next site I start is going to be focusing on a clickbank launch. I'm sure that will be quite a mess my first time.
Day 3 update:

The first site is ranking at #9 for it's main keyword and the second keyword dropped to nothing. I added a couple blog posts today with videos. I'm starting to get a few views but no clicks yet. I'm still waiting for the backlinks project to complete to see if anything changes.

Second site is ranking as well, it's been hovering around 40 for the last two days. I changed the site to look better and added some adsense ads to it. I've gotten a few views but nothing to be excited about yet. I added a couple articles and a fiverr backlinking gig to it today. I would link to the gig but I can't yet.

Planning to add 3 articles a week for the next few weeks and see if I can grab some supporting keywords. I may buy a BHW backlink service for the second site in a couple weeks if the first one responds well.

I'm kind of addicted to finding keywords now... when I get a little more money I will start building MNS sites every time I find a good keyword. Those that I want to keep I'll keep, the others I'll flip and use the money to start new ones.

Nothing exciting to report yet except for being on page 1 for my keyword. Never experienced that before. :)
Best of luck with your journey. Also start link building within a month. Or else they will drop to nowhere.
Keep building links and keep adding content. Keep that velocity up!
Hey, how was your mns site..waiting for your update..currently run my mns campaign too..but still has no luck..has problem with vps..
I was waiting for something exciting to report before updating. Currently, everything is staying the same.

Both sites are ranked on the first page of google. Site 2 still dances a bit but has about 4 long-tail keywords bringing in traffic.

Right now, I've only received 2 clicks from site 2, none from site 1. I don't think Site 1 is ever going to convert well, bad niche. I will eventually flip it or delete it.

Site 2 has a lot of potential and I'm adding 2-3 articles every few days. It's getting a lot of traffic but my CTR is way too low. I'm experimenting with ad placements right now.

I started out with Udesign theme and got 2 clicks. Then, I switched to a different theme and the CTR went to zero. I just switched back to UDesign and edited the adds to blend with the design.

I'll report back in a week and see if the ads get more clicks.

Earnings so far: $1.58
Enjoy the ride mate! Ive recently got into doing MNS and learning alot! I've got a couple of sites at the #1 spot and finally starting to see some sales coming in (im doing dating sites, not adsense), which is exciting :)

Im going to keep building sites and hopefully see the money increase each month :)
Are you monetizing your micro site with adsense, amazon or affiliates?

Site 1: Still ranking high but receiving little traffic. The niche was an experiment and I'm pretty much giving up on it. I don't think it's going to go anywhere, even with the traffic that's coming.

I'll explain a little about this site so someone may have a genius idea for it:
I found a 1000+ exact/month/search EMD for "movies city state" Replacing of course the city and state with the real name. It's a city not far from me so I thought, what the heck? There was also an associated keyword with 2900 local searches for a theatre name and the city/state it was in. So I used that keyword a few times in my content.

Currently, I'm ranking high in both keywords and have been getting traffic but the bounce rate is high and there are no ad clicks.

My thought is that people searching for those terms are looking for specific things. When they reach my site, they realize they aren't getting any tickets or reservations so they leave quickly.

Is this the wrong kind of thinking? Should I shove ads to the top and just try to capitalize on the little traffic that comes through? Or should I scrap the site and get something in a better niche targeting buyers?

Site 2:

Still very excited about this site as traffic is growing daily and the serps are rising constantly. I'm also ranking for a lot of long tails as well.

The only problem with this site is I'm not getting any clicks for all the traffic that is coming through.

I just changed the ad placement tonight to push them into the hot zones. I was concentrating on making the site look like a real blog than sticking with the MSN plan. We'll see how the new ad placement pays off in the next few days.

Currently have only made about $3 from both of these sites.

The good news is, including my legit blogs, I'm averaging over $1 a day on adsense. The plan is to scale that with MSN sites once I find a formula that works.

(Side Note: I love BHW. This site gives me inspiration and challenges me like nothing else. Thanks to everyone. Soon as I am financially able I'm gonna have a big "donor" by my name. :)
Best of luck on your journey bro. I have subscriber to see how you go on.
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