case study

  1. sudhrana

    How I made $23k+ from a single Parasite.

    So before I start I just want to tell you that I am not gonna share which parasite I use and of course keyword too. What I will share? 1.Broad Niche 2. How did I start? 3. My Income 4. Strategy . Niche Education-related software . Strategy - if you will ask, Parasite still works? then I will...
  2. T

    How eos skincare rode a TikTok trend to sales increases

    An interesting case study of how a skincare brand used TikTok to go viral and saw a 35x increase in website traffic. Source:
  3. diamondhands

    [CASE STUDY] I'm making more than $3k/day with dropshipping, and here's how

    How would you like to get a proven dropshipping framework I’m using to launch & scale my eCommerce stores to $100K+ consistently? To prove this (very) bold claim, I’m giving you a case study with which I made $140K+ in 39 days (proof below) ❓"Ok, that’s awesome. You made $140K. But how much...
  4. C

    [Journey] My AdSense Site Results

    Hello Blackhat world, longtime lurker. I wanted to start to give back to the community that has helped me thus far. Bellow is some stats, ideas, and take always from my website I built over the course of a year then sold. Because of a NDA I cannot disclose the name of the website. I was...
  5. PROJECT21

    GMB listing still at the bottom after 6 Months. NOTHING WORKS. I might know why... [Case Study]

    Hey, im really getting tired of this bs with GMB let me explain why. So I have 2 GMB listings. Main lisitng: My main listing on my main account that i have since 6 Months already. Everything is just perfect i upload regularly pictures (with geo tags) and postings (Im not spamming). I have 19...
  6. T

    Link Building Case Study: How I Built 33 Links In 6 Hours

    Jonathan Gorham shared the step-by-step process for how he garnered 33 backlinks in 6 hours, and he provides some great tips for using HARO efficiently. Source:
  7. C

    CASE STUDY - Ridiculous 301 Misunderstanding - Lost Link Juice Forever

    This is an SEO case study inspired by @splishsplash thread about 301. I hope to investigate a question that I had in mind for a long time. The question is this - what happens after you remove a 301 redirect? How quickly does it regain its link juice after the update?
  8. ATuringtest

    [Case Study] Medium Post + Ripped (UnSpun) Content + 50k-Plus Trash Backlinks|Med Comp LTKW SERP #1

    [Forward] After a busy July, I had some spare capacity on one of my servers and decided to run a new case study. Now I have had over 12 months experience of working with Parasite Backlink’s, my methodology/strategy is starting to become more simplified and for the most part, I believe...
  9. Roger Marquez

    Some SEO Case Studies..

    This is nothing fancy, groundbreaking or out of this world, I just feel like sharing here a few SEO case studies I had bookmarked that have taught me a couple of things about certain aspects of SEO... 6 Eye-Opening SEO Case Studies and What Made Them Successful [2019] by Nick Schäferhoff 2020...
  10. vedeus

    [Case Study] One viral video = Endless oppurtunities

    Hey, so I prepared this case study for you all as I'm spending some time in quarantine in Slovakia. I got this one idea and It came out as a small success for me so I'm sharing. This is an example of exactly what happened to me in my area of life, but I believe with a few twists you're able to...
  11. Sebastian Velandia

    Case Study: Niche Site after 4 months applying only Whitehat technique

    Hi everyone, I'm very noob and new to this SEO stuff, this is my first blog. As you expect I have quite low knowledge about SEO and all other things about really matters at the beginning. But in some months I significantly increased my knowledge on this subject and started a new project on 11th...
  12. T

    [Case Study] A complete process to go from $7k to $28k in 28 days

    Just came across this case study by Aistis Matulaitis which I thought would be useful to BHW peeps who are mostly into fb ads He shared his whole process to scale an e-commerce business from $7k to $28k in just 28 days. It’s a long and detailed read, but the main parts as below: + Creative...
  13. alexseo12

    SEO-Driven Results: My Affiliate Journey to ~£25k / Year Income

    Hello BHW people, In this post I would like to share the success story of my SEO-driven niche website in competitive health-related niche. First of all, I would like to thank you, BHW members, for all the helpful information shared that was definitely a huge part of my success. I hope this...
  14. T

    Step-by-step process for creating content that ranks in Google

    Gone are the days when you could just choose a low-competition keyword, toss up a 500-word article, sit back and watch the traffic roll in. It takes a bit more work nowadays, and Karl from SaaS Growth Hacks Group shared 2 approaches for this. The first is more efficient but requires premium...
  15. T

    $69k revenue from a $6k spend with Pinterest Ads

    Found this off an fb group and thought sharing some quick stats on this campaign before I jump right in (scroll down for the screenshot): CPM = $1.23 CPA = $11.86 ROAS = 10.0 Impressions = 5.7m Customer average order value (AOV) = $107.36 If you’re running an e-commerce business selling...
  16. T

    How I Achieved 10,000 Keywords rankings under 2 months!

    Found this off an FB group wherein a guy started recently (almost 3 months back) and kept on working on it actively since the beginning of January as it took 1 month for the developer to build the website. About the Website: Age: 3 Months +- Niche: Gaming Total Posts: 130+ Average Daily...
  17. dontfarm

    [Case Study] Crypto Offers with Facebook Ads

    Hey guys! We have prepared this case study with one of our clients. Want to share this experience with you and give you some motivation for that everyone can make a lot of money, just don't give up and always test, test, test and you will find your profitable campaign. All the next steps...
  18. cyberjix

    PBN — Ranking Case Study!

    I am not gonna be sharing any personal stuff, but I will show you guys the power of a good PBN. PBNs are still one of the most powerful and quick ranking strategies for any keyword you're after, but the problem many people have is that they buy shitty PBN links. The best way to operate with...
  19. ninjabacklinks

    Live Case Study - Using Amazon Site + Giveaway ⏱️✔️

    Hey all, As you probably know, I am giving away keywords on the Giveaway section. Now, I wanted to show you something live case study of one of our amazon sites and going to giveaway to deserve person on here. Niche: Personally, I am a fan of Cocktail. So, I pick a cocktail related product...
  20. nichexposure

    Ranking KGR Keywords – Case Study

    Hey Guys, I have been here for the last six years but never write up anything. This time I thought to share which might be helpful. Please ignore my English. I know it sucks. So I was reading about KGR keywords. Thought to try if it's working or not. TL: DN - Find a keyword using the KGR...