Interesting observation on keywords, densities, auto-sites, and linkwheels. Help requested

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    ***Note: please remove all STARS from the sites to make them functional as url's. Not interested in tipping anyone off. Sorry for the inconvenience.***

    Hi all,

    I am posting an interesting observation to not only get some help on a few focused questions specifically concerning this observation, but also to foster some conversation and help the newbies. Please do your best to post creative responses/critiques to those joining, and help push the dialogue, learning, and ideas along.


    In general, I've been searching for a, simple, clean, easy-to-maintain, and repeatable method of creating "hidden" pages on a website (not blog). Hidden to me means, pages that are not intended for human users, but are followed through by search engine crawlers. The purpose of these pages would be to hold a lot of organic keywords (in my idea they would be interspersed within spun articles to not just be loaded pages) to help serp for the money sites, and to have backlinks to those money sites. The key aspect here is to create these pages without penalizing both the intended money site(s) they are linking to, nor the current site they are placed onto with the big G, and lastly to not harm the human-user experience on the actual functional "top" site.

    There are the obvious older-style keyword stuffing.
    There are the obvious bloated pages of links.
    There are the not so easy article pages.
    There are the content driven (CMS) sites (joomla, WP, etc)
    Seems to need a few different hosting solutions for different c-class ip's (not cheap)
    Dashboards, or cron jobs to push and pull keywords, new pages, into these sites etc

    I chanced across these small series of fresh sites literally created in the last 24 hours. There are more of these clones, many more.

    As you can see the site pages are all php generated, with loads of keywords interspersed with links on "hidden" pages. While the main, functional, page seems to be for something generic (in this case it's mostly for hosting stuff.)

    It also seems the sites are not on the same c-level ip classes.

    Furthermore, there is one site the h**ttp://www.****web-2********m/ that is still a Joomla template page. They made the site active with the "hidden" pages, but haven't changed the main page yet (at the time of this post.)

    These are some of the sites I found recently.





    My Questions:
    Are these sites automated from within Joomla with keyword generators? or are they all hand made?
    How are they not getting penalized for keyword stuffing (not even a goofy grammer article to be found! just pages and pages of junk)
    Are they using these as linkfarms? There are only a few handful of links per page.
    Are they able to utilize this for organic searches?
    With 4 sites, and countless of pages on each site are they getting any real SEO benefits?
    Are these sites actually giving juice to the main sites?
    Is there any benefit to some having www and others not?
    Are there keyword density issues or have they utilized some method of evening out the playing field with so many crammed into one page?


    Please feel free to elaborate if these are types of sites that are typical and just something I have never heard of?
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    1. Use the ' link ' option in your message control when posting, instead of the star-stuffing technique you have going there.

    2. Stay clear of those links, they look to be nothing more than a standard crap page with a few links now and again, which is probably set to hit you with a virus injector if clicked.

    I'm surely not going to be the one to risk it and find out. They are junk sites, I suggest you steer clear of them yourself. It is a waste of time.
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    Found the checkbox for Parsing afterward :( Not sure why I didn't notice it before.

    I guess these sites are crap, But why would someone put so much effort into something like this? different c-class level ip's = obviously different hosts = costs. The time to generate the folders and pages, keywords, and the top level site, backlinks, , etc, etc, etc...

    Regardless, I am still on a quest to find a way to tackle my idea. I'll just cross this off as a bunk option.