1. samkalt

    Free Unlimited Blog or Text Posting Sites on the web

    I need free unlimited blog or text posting sites on the web as list, also something like guest posting where i can post unlimited contact something like that. (It's be great if it has API) the reason why i need because i want to setup 100% blogging automation with no limits. [[[It be okay if...

    What would with these skills?

    Hello guys, long time no see. I've managed to get a DevOps job in one company. So, right now i know a little bit about infrastructure, networking, bash, golang, scraping, python and selenium. Before that I used to work as sort of seo/cpa manager. So, what would you do if you understand how...
  3. S

    Share YouTube Links or Website Posts to Social Networks with GPT Plugin/Javascript/Software

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a way to automate sharing of YouTube links or website posts to multiple social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. I am hoping to achieve this using a GPT Plugin, Javascript or Software. I have tried various tools and plugins, but I am yet to...
  4. N

    Need a Facebook Bot

    Hello guys! I am looking for someone who can build or sell me a custom bot for Facebook. We'll discuss the features I want in private If you have or know how to build it, please, contact me here: skype:
  5. wild vegetable

    [AUTOBLOGGING] yeah it works

    Hi, I am having some very mild success with autblogging (only visits, no money yet) What are the best ways to monetize besides adsense? I am thinking promoting affiliate products, POD, amazon affiliates. any ideas? Anyone wants to discuss? Best ways to increase user's time spent in the blog...
  6. sinner82

    Let's make a list of automatic backlinks online services list.

    Hello. , nofollow and process can be stopped anytime. Anyone can suggest SEO audit or video share services in bulk online, saw it before just can't find it now ?
  7. CreativeDaddy

    IG Auto-Post

    Greetings, Is there a tool that can auto-post from a specific windows folder to a IG account? The idea is to create a folder for each of my accounts, 1000 pics per folder, then a auto-post script for example would pick a random photo and post it with the same text desciption for all uploads...
  8. jeffz

    [HELP] Any recommendations for best Instagram Bot software

    Hello everyone, please I need recommendation for Instagram Bot software that has all features to manage five accounts, auto every Instagram features. Someone recommended me followliker but it too expensive for me now...Any suggestion will be appreciated. Cheers.
  9. Rosalíaa

    Instagram Unfollow/Like Bot

    Hey guys, I have a question. :oops: Do any of you know a cheap instagram bot which automatically unfollow, follow or like pics? I found some, but they don't work. I hope you guys can help me. Thanks :*
  10. B

    Twitter auto (follower & likes) keyword based

    This started out as something for a friend, but decided I will share with BHW. Using the twitter api, I made an auto like button that will take in a keyword and like the top (if there is 50) tweets of the keyword. Using the twitter api, I made an auto follower button that will take in a...
  11. B

    Looking for Twitter tool

    Hello, By having several Twitter account. I'm looking for a tool (paid or free) that can: -Use all accounts to retweet / fav a post with an interval of a few minutes / second between each account -Use all account to follow a person -Use all accounts to post an answer (different answer for each...
  12. dronxvv

    instagram auto boot follow/followback

    hello guys i hope you get i great day i just want to know i saw yesterday many influenceurs people stories in instagram making a software in his phone that they grow her instagram automatiqualy i just want to know if any one know the name of those app or software You can help me :D
  13. JakLei

    How to create these legitimate looking bot travel accounts?

    These accounts are obviously bot accounts, but does anyone have an idea on how to create these? These accounts have a decent following, with a couple of posts, and are much more well put together than your average bot account.
  14. methproj

    Looking for Facebook content scraping tools

    Sup moneymakers! I'm looking for an automation tool that scraps facebook post and detect if there's a certain word in it. For example, I want to target people who're interested in fitness, I'd set up a condition for the tool to send me a notification whenever it finds "get fit" or "lose weight"...
  15. O

    Any wordpress plugin that locates content based on keywords and then spins it ?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a Wordpress plugin where you maybe enter in a keyword/s for it to search on the web for and then it scrapes article/s and spins them for you ? Does this exist out there ? Especially a free plugin that does this ?
  16. sohom

    [Script] Turn your Linux VPS/Server into Windows Server automatically using Shell script

    Open Source Github Project/Repository URL : A Shell Script for Auto installation of Windows Server into a Linux Server. A Shell Script to Auto install Windows Server on your Linux System. [Right now, it supports 2012 R2 < evaluation/180...
  17. seomaggic

    100% Auto Pilot Adsense Big Profit money making method

    Method is Removed or edited, Because peoples not like it!
  18. A

    How to autopost on Twitter?

    Hey! So I kind know how to use bot and proxy on twitter. Bot allows me to follow/unfollow, RT. But how do I put it on auto post?
  19. Ilovephp

    what mean "streaming site"

    hi, i have a question website streaming site is what website? what is content in them? thanks all
  20. New Way Pay

    Automatic Growth Gain (Daily) Direct Message System

    Hey, everybody, I am looking for ways to set up an automatic direct message system that will message users there total growth that they received through the day. I have seen a lot of different auto dm tools but I have not seen too many that are able to personalize not only data within the...
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