1. killzonefury619

    Nothing to see here

    . . . . . . . this is an undercover post and im sure u cannot see it . . . .
  2. Ricostrong

    Hidden Websites (Learn More)

    Sup, Back again with some more Hidden Wesites y didnt know anyway 2. https://www.mailinator.com/ (mailinator lets y create unique disposable inboxes which deletes themselves after a few days 3. https://www.gutenberg.org/ (over 49k e-books for free with more being added regularly most...
  3. alurosu

    Have you heard of ZEC? A privacy focused alternative

    There's a lot of hype around Bitcoin and people are starting to understand cryptocurrencies. But keep in mind that BTC is not private. Every transaction is public and anyone on the internet can track you or your company down. A good alternative, from my recent research, is Zcash (ZEC)...
  4. AuraMarketing

    Anyway to find hidden pages of a website?

    Hello BHW I'm trying to find some hidden pages on a WordPress site. The pages are in this format... https://wordpresssite.com/hiddenlink.php What I've tried so far... 1. Checking Google, Yandex, Bing Index for that site using site:wordpresssite.com 2. Checking the above search engines using...
  5. D

    [NEW] Google Chrome Material Design

    Hey, guys, I am so happy to anonymous to you that Google is introducing a new design for chrome and I want to know your opinion about it. Do you think it is a good feature or it il just create a big mess? What problem are they solving with the new design? What's the reason for the new design?
  6. samrox

    Need a Help to put a hidden link on word press website and custom html website.

    Hi I have 2 websites of my clients, I need to put a link inside them in to my main site, one site is built from word press and other one is custom html site, the thing is customer don’t want to see my link on his websites, and he have admin access too, but he haven’t clear idea of cording. So...
  7. Ossama.Friday


    I have an Fb IDs i have extracted by my program but the problem the ids don't working with custom audience . how can i convert this ids to relly emails like yahoo gmail hotmail etc i want the heddin emails only thanks
  8. L

    Looking for a stealth/hidden/silent/... Litecoin miner

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum so i hope i've put this thread at the right location! I'm looking for a stealth/hidden/silent/... Litecoin miner, can anyone suggest me a good one that will cost me around $20 or less? The ones I found already were scams or didn't work properly. Thx in...
  9. clickwhale

    [WTF] How can a 301 redirected website "rank" in the serps!!??

    Hey guys, Was just checking some top CB products, and saw that tao of badass thingy at the top, so was checking out what people are doing to promote it... G search Keyword = the tao of badass Result no. 4-5 = badasstao[dot]info This is a pure 301 redirect to the main CB vendor's site! So how...
  10. ebenezer1997

    How To View Hidden Links In TBN, BestBlackhatForum And Others!!!

    Hey Guys, Today I'm Going To Provide A Tutorial For Absolute Newbies On How To View Hidden Links On Other Forums Without Wasting Your Thanks. Most Other Forums Like TBN, BestBlackhatForum And Others Require That You Thank The Post Before Viewing The Hidden Links. It's Not A Big Deal To Give...
  11. S

    Secure Hidden Iframe

    I'm was thinking of selling Hidden iframes on my site but I know that people can cheat and also try to hack my site.So is their a way I can prevent this ?If I can only stop the basics that will also help a lot.Thanks.
  12. gergo2007

    Any way to see hidden phone numbers?

    So is there any way to see hidden phone numbers? I seen somebody is selling a service, if i reject a call from a hidden number, he will be able to tell me the number. Can it be real?
  13. gettinthere

    hidden link?

    Hi Guys, quick question; What's the best way to hide a link whilst retaining the link juice? thanks
  14. L

    Interesting observation on keywords, densities, auto-sites, and linkwheels. Help requested

    ***Note: please remove all STARS from the sites to make them functional as url's. Not interested in tipping anyone off. Sorry for the inconvenience.*** Hi all, I am posting an interesting observation to not only get some help on a few focused questions specifically concerning this...
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