How To View Hidden Links In TBN, BestBlackhatForum And Others!!!

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    Hey Guys,

    Today I'm Going To Provide A Tutorial For Absolute Newbies On How To View Hidden Links On Other Forums Without Wasting Your Thanks.

    Most Other Forums Like TBN, BestBlackhatForum And Others Require That You Thank The Post Before Viewing The Hidden Links. It's Not A Big Deal To Give Thanks But Ultimately After Giving The Thanks You Finally Get A Link That No Longer Works.(Luckily There's No Such Problem In BHW)

    This Tutorial I Here To Change That.

    All You Have To Do Is Ask Google To Give You A Cached Copy Of The Thread. You Will Find The Link In Such Format :

     hide (link) /hide 
    This Might Seem Very Simple To Guys Who Have Been Around For A Long Time But This Would Be Very Helpful For Newbies.
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