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    Google suspended my Adwords accounts a few month ago and I've prepared everything to open a new Adwords account:

    1. Brand new dedicated server, including new IP address.

    2. New domains, new websites, new content.

    3. New credit card.

    I guess that should do the job, but I have two questions left before I start and it would be very nice if someone could help me out:

    1. I've ordered a new credit card on the same name I've used for my old Adwords account. Is it enough to use a new card (new card number, different currency), even though the card is registered on the name I've used for my old accounts? Or will I have to get a new card on a new name?

    2. I live in Germany, but my bank account is located in Switzerland. Should I use Switzerland for the billing and payment details, even though I'm living in Germany, or should I use Germany for the billing address and Switzerland for the payment details?

    I'm asking this question because the last time I've tried to open a new Adwords account, I've used wire transfer as a payment option and the money arrived successfully to my account, but Google deactivated it, because it couldn't verify my payment details (I've used my German address for the billing information and the address of my account in Switzerland for the payment details). Did this happen because the billing address has to match (be equal) with the payment details?

    Please advise. I'm sorry for my bad English. Thanks!
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    So did it work out for you?