1. C

    Need Payment Service Provider for EU citizen with US-registered LLC

    Howdy. I'm looking for a new Payment Service Provider, especially for card payments. I run multiple subscription-based SaaS projects some of which might be considered medium-risk (GDPR laws). As a EU citizen and resident I have difficulties to find a PSP that accepts this with my US-registered...
  2. raindropsmarketing

    Best way to add funds to SMM Panels

    Im based in US all of them don't accept US payment and I'm not super inept with crypto etc. Long story short easiest way to set up something to add funds to JustAnotherPanel, DripFeedPanel, SMM Tribe, IG Mass Dm . pro, etc? Also anyone have any reviews on any of these sites? ^ Looking for...
  3. Orozuz

    Paypal business or another alternative

    Hi. So, I need a payment processor for a website, to collect payments. I think I'd need paypal business as it allows payments with credit cards and recurring payments. The issue is, according to like 10 yt videos I've seen, it's really easy to create one, but I'm suspicious that eventually I'll...

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    Any forum member with 100+ reaction score can get a review copy of a virtual card by following these simple steps: 1. Reply to this thread with "I want a review copy" message 2. Send us a private message on BHW forum with your e-mail from PST.NET and we will add a virtual card for review to your...
  5. RatSeaExclusive

    Best platform to accept payments?

    I'm an Europe resident. I'm looking for a platform to accept US popular payment methods like Venmo, CashApp, Zelle.. and others. I like the way streamelements works, but it's only accepting PayPal I believe. I can easily get US mobile phone number if it's a requirement, I'm open to all options.
  6. T

    Payment gateways for a dating site

    Been trying to get a cc checkout for a dating site for a while now, and maybe a paysafecard processor. Got denied by Adyen, myPOS, Stripe, Revolut, Wise, Airwallex, DaoPay demanded an exorbitant amount of crap like implementing an AI to detect illegal material on the platform. So far I...
  7. neverpooragain

    Payment gateway for SMM products

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a credit card gateway that will have no issues with me selling social media growth related services. Unfortunately, Stripe said no no to me. A bonus would be if that gateway was available on something like Sellix, Selly, or a similar service. Does anybody know what...
  8. Nw_Work

    Which payment gateway you use without BR/LLC and no monthly fee?

    Looking for non us/non eu client serving gateways since they would most likely accept no BR/LLC terms and no monthly fee. Please recommend ones you have used and have had no random account closures and stuck withdrawals and hopefully with low to no charge backs.
  9. hercai

    How to Receive International Online Payments?

    Hello, I want to sell my digital products internationally. When visitors visit my website, I want them to purchase the relevant product by redirecting the products on my site to a different purchase page. Users from all countries should be able to shop comfortably and securely. It would be...
  10. ZaoMelodic

    Friends, please help me with the search for a Stripe account

    For quite some time I can't find the threads of people who sell Stripe accounts, please help with this task, thank you!
  11. Nw_Work

    Anyone knows online escrow services that support minute transactions such as below $10 or $5?

    Please list any that you know of, thanks. Best Regards, NW
  12. Slabs

    Accepting payments for services? What am I doing wrong?

    So I do digital "art", specifically smudging. Started my Insta/Twitter page in May when I had free time because of the lockdown. Didn't gain much traction, but of late I'm getting a lot of followers. Now I'm from South Africa and charge a relatively low fee (about $20) for my demography and the...
  13. Shropdog

    Rank and rent pricing

    A client has asked me how much I would charge for a rank and rent service . I've not answered yet as I dont know nor dobi know which way to charge the service. There could be 2 ways to do it and so 2 price structures 1 I sell him space on a site I've ranked ( for his niche I'll have to...
  14. ThisDream

    ✔ STEALTH STRIPE ACCOUNTS with Banking Solution Attached ✔

    Skype live:.cid.f3a45fff668085d5 Telegram @thisdreamstripe Jabber(OTR) [email protected]
  15. sweeside

    Do I need to fill Tax form in order to be paid by FAN?

    My friend has last months payment delayed He has been previously paid before many times
  16. R698

    Crypto in India

    Hello, everyone, many customers from India says that they are not able to pay via bitcoin as in is not legit in India, is it the truth? If yes, please advise some services that will allow them to pay via BTC. Thanks!
  17. R698

    Online Excnager - Is it still actual in 2020?

    Hello, During the last months, I've seen a lot of Online Exchangers. Guys are selling Crypto and buying money from other wallets and vice versa. Buy PP and sell BTC, etc. What do you think about it? It's a good way to earn some money online, I guess. What's your opinion? Thank you!
  18. Blacklover

    Avoid Scam?

    Hi guys, I got a guy how will help me to verify an IG acc. I couldn't verify his last works. I tried to contact with the clients that he told me he verified, but I received 0 answers from them. So as a payment method, he told me I can use PayPal. I know PayPal has a good customer service when...
  19. R

    Payment system from ClickBank!

    Hi, I set up a CB account but do not want to link my main bank account. I see ClickBank do not accept PayPal, only cheque and direct deposit. What are the ways to receive payments anonymously?
  20. John4467

    PayPal: How do people get caught?

    So i've heard of a lot of users getting caught using PayPal when their account was reported to the IRS. Two examples: 1) 2)...
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