1. N

    Need Advise From Senior & Experienced Entrepreneurs!

    Hello everyone! hope you are fine. I need some serious advise from you all. Actually, I am a student I am in 12th class about to end my college. Now, It's my time whether to continue in this online field or to go with MBBS degree. I want to tell you that I have 60K$ investment with me which I...
  2. seasidehat

    How to start to make money from proxies?

    Hi, i'm newbie and dont know about proxy stuff at here. Have look at prices, types, read about species, but i think that market is overloaded with any types of proxies, that people already have their good provider. What do you think? Should I still trying learning about this, or reasonable to...
  3. O

    I’m newbie but I want to learn

    Hello people! I'm new to this but, I recently finished my psychology degree and I really don't see myself serving people, so I'm trying to enter the human resources area months ago and I can't, I guess it's lack of knowledge. Any advice? Thank you very much
  4. A

    How to make money?

    Hi, i want to make money (dont we all?) But the thing for me is that i dont know how. I know how most online side hustles or stuff works. I just cant figure out what to learn, how to do it ect. Any tips for me? I have the time to put in and can probably invest too. Thanks for your time.
  5. Dark Hat 007

    International Targeting on GSC - Ye or Na?

    Straight to the question, should I target my site to USA? Thing is, the site will likely get more leads from USA than others. But I could still make sales in Canada, UK, Germany etc. So should I target a country here. P.s it isn't a local site, I'll just love more USA traffic. Thoughts please.
  6. Dark Hat 007

    I Need Your Advise And Suggestions For My New Company

    Hello BHW, I've gained so much from here, and I'm appreciative. I recall posting this "I'm Tired Of Being Broke, Help Out!" on 14th Feb 2020. Not like anything huge has happened, but God has done a lot, and resources/advises under that post (BHW in general) has helped too. Well, to cut to...
  7. X

    Help!! I need advise please

    Hello Bhw,. I had a domain in 2015, (domain1 .com) this domain was not ranking because I did not optimize it for seo, just for fb group shit. I had to switch the domain because of AdSense and did a 301 redirect to a new domain (domain2 .com). The new domain ranked well for period of 2 years...
  8. H

    Quick seo advise needed

    I have been working on meta description and keywords recently on my HTML site, I decided to edit my home.blade.php and add all related keywords(207)to my main keyword which is INVEST on the keywords section just to boost seo. Do you think that works? Your vote will be appreciated
  9. Kevinpro

    How to deal with new seller using BTC Payment option

    Is there any option to deal someone with BTC payment option ? ... after get service and pay to them with btc using Escrow ? Need expert advises :)
  10. R

    Opinion/Advise please: Micro niche site or Viral site with Fb page

    hello guys! Im new here in bhw and have a lot to learn with IM. Right now im trying ogads+ig but i have a very low conversion. Wanted to try also yt+ogads. I’d like to ask your opinion / Advise for a newbie like me who wants some extra income. What would you recommend a micro niche site...
  11. AlexEvsy

    Traffic from FaceBook

    Hi guys, I'm creating this thread with a hope that some of you will help me out with my ongoing issue on Facebook. I own and operate a financial website. And, of course, I have accounts on all most famous social networks. The issue is that there is almost no traffic from social networks to my...
  12. B

    Blog or article submission site suggestions?

    Not like the title of my post suggest i am not looking for quick fix websites to randomly submit my blogs to but instead id like suggestions of directories or news portals/ review sites of some kind where i can submit my posts from my blog which is also an amazon affiliate site selling tech...
  13. rudrapada

    Building a new Ebook review site,Any advices ?

    This is my first ever website guys. I am building an ebook review site.I already bought domain+hosting on 1&1. I have few theme ideas.I want to complete it today. I am thinking to spin reviews from other sites and have them as my own,How will it be ? Also I am currently an affiliate of a...
  14. N


  15. X

    Your post has been rejected?

    I have just posted a review in a thread, where I reviewed the services bought, and my post was rejected? The above mentioned post was the one in question, I got an alert stating this as well. So was this a mod who rejected or the owner, why was my review post rejected rather than the other...
  16. lazareski

    [Need Advise] On selling invoice software

    Hello BHW, I need some help on selling an invoice software. I have experience with amazon affiliate i have websites making a steady income, and a little selling health products. I recently launched a desktop invoice software of my own making on clickbank, but i don't really know how to sell it...
  17. shadow quest

    Can anyone point me in the right direction please

    I am starting over and I am new to this getting traffic to my website. Technology wise lets just say I used punch cards and dial-up modems. My family owned a Betamax. Anyway, I just don't know the terminology and so I am getting overwhemled when trying to read these pointers. Is there a...
  18. D

    Looking for an Instagram Expert

    Haay guys, I am looking for someone who is a real instagram Expert. I am a Fashion Model and currently have 27k instagram followers. I have good quality pictures and would love to promote brands in the future but I simply need someone who can give me tips on how to grow my followers very...
  19. thelmick

    Tube sites + Stopped as the money comes in.

    To the Great and Powerful oz(s) of the forum. I have moved to making adult tube sites using WP-Script, 7 are in process. These sites are on shared hosting accounts and now they are out of inodes. Until yesterday i didn't even know what an inode was! I live I learn. My sites are not seo yep but...
  20. M

    A "few" newbie questions from a newbie

    Hi. I am a new member here in BHW and I am very interested in doing IM, since I am currently unemployed. I've read around 5 forum posts and or articles already. I have a 'few' questions though, this is to make sure I have a 'safer' start since I don't have a lot of money to invest in. I can...
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