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How to research money making keywords - The PLAN

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by vishal2890, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. vishal2890

    vishal2890 Power Member

    Sep 14, 2012
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    Build a List of Keywords

    When doing keyword research, single keywords such will nearly always return tons of results on Google and can be extremely hard to rank for. A better approach is to target keyword phrases that are about 2-3 words which have less competition and so are easier to rank for in the search engines.

    Find Popular Keywords

    You can find out what keywords get decent search volume by using Google?s free keyword tool. Click the link to open the tool in a new window or just go to Google and search for ?keyword tool?. One you have the keyword tool open you should have a screen that looks something like this.


    Type in some of your keywords in the word or phrase box at the top and make sure you check the box on the left for [exact] match type. Click on Search and Google will then give you some information.


    In this example I used the phrases ?keyword research tips?, and ?keyword research tools?. The exact match data tells us that [keyword research tips] has 170 local monthly searches and low competition than [keyword research tools] which has 590 local monthly searches and high competition. Knowing this it?s pretty safe to say I?d have a better chance for this page ranking in Google for a search on ?keyword research tips?.

    Use Your Keywords in Your Website Copy

    Basically this means to use the information you got from the Google keyword tool to determine what keywords should go on your web page. Try to use your keywords in the web page title, headings, subheadings, and body paragraphs whenever it makes sense but don?t overdo it. Also make sure that your keywords are in the URL for your web page if possible too as Google and other search engines tend to put more emphasis on what?s contained in the title and URL.

    SEO is not as hard as it seems you just have to make sure the copy on your website is nice and organized for your readers and contains your keyword phrases in the right places.

    Build Links to Your Web Pages Using Your Keyword Phrases in the Anchor Text

    Once you have published your web page it is important to get some links to help it rank better. You can link to your page from other pages on your website but the best links are the ones coming from other websites. When you link to your web page the anchor text should contain your keyword phrase if at all possible. This will help Google determine how your page is relevant by what the link says about it.

    A few good places to start getting links from are directory submission sites, article directories where you can submit your own articles with links, and leaving blog comments on relevant blogs.

    I hope that makes sense, just shared what's there in my mind :)
  2. politico

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    Aug 5, 2012
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    Agency SEO Director + Music Producer
    Good intro to KW research for newbies, I'd add a couple things though.

    The competition value in the Adwords Keyword Tool is competition for adwords, not for SEO. To determine the SEO competitiveness you'd need to do some further analysis.

    And when you're building links, don't make everyone an exact match of the keyword you're going after. Mix it up with broad matches of the target keyword and generic/brand anchors (your URL, "click here", etc.)

    Just my .02