keyword analysis

  1. iamtheepxert

    How to identify Parent topic in Keyword Research with FREE Tools?

    Hi Guys, I have been reading about LT kw's. Recently when I read an article (abt LT keywords) on ahref where it was mentioned some of LTKW's will be grouped under Parent topic by the google instead of ranking them as a separate LTKW (Topical kw as per ahref). In such case, how to find the Parent...
  2. Grand Next

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  3. R

    Check Which of my sites are ranking for a keyword or topic

    LEt's say I have a big list of sites and I want to know which of these ones is ranking for a given keyword(s). Is there any tool doing that? I'm talking bulk check here. I was thinking maybe I can do something like this on Scrapebox (but ?ve never used it so I'm not sure): 1. Scrape the...
  4. brenten_ilija

    Please Suggest me some SEO or Keyword Strategy

    I started a blog but i don't know any keyword or SEO strategies . Can anyone plaese suggest me some?
  5. W


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  6. digi robot

    Help Me Find This Thread

    Hey guys. I remember reading a full detailed guide about how to do competitor analysis using free tools. Or keyword competition analysis. I did find the one that use Ahrefs. But I remeber another full guide that use free tools and how can you do it manually. But I can't find the thread. If...
  7. Biz Idea Lab

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  8. ClickNinja

    Youtube Competiton Analysis / Keyword Analysis???

    On Google it can be pretty easy to see if a keyword that you want to rank for is competitive or not: You simply look at what domains are ranking, are they big sites or forum posts? Are most of the results targeting the exact keyword? Are they long several thousand word posts? etc... But with...
  9. MisterF

    Keyword Difficulties.

    Seen a few threads recently where people are asking which keyword tool to use, to choose and which is best or most accurate. This is a very quick demo as to why these tools are not the be all and end all. KW in question; ball joint separator Ahrefs ; KD 1 So, 2 links from good websites...
  10. R

    Porn site SEO - Keywords

    Greetings, I have kinda new tube site around fetish niche and when I do keyword research (KWFinder) by domain I dont see any keywords, its all blank. When I use some keyword view tools I have really shitty keywords there. Problem is I have around 300+ videos and alot of them have keywords in...
  11. alishakapoor

    [Curious] Anyone targeted Grammatically incorrect keyword (longtail)

    with 50K search volume approx. When I check with intitle:"keyword" only 174 results. What was your experience? Should I go for this keyword? What's your take? Thanks for opinion!
  12. udayantha11

    Keyword research now 4 days-Still

    I am using Keyword Planner , Google trends and MOZ to kw Research. But still, no topic find. continuously searching for 4 days. I am getting Goodsearch volume keywords but the problem is HIGH DA ,PA Sites there already. please explain how to do..
  13. vimal85

    Best Free Keyword research Tool | Alternative to Google Keyword Planner

    Hi Guys, I have used tools such as google keyword planner, Ubersuggest. But for more clarity is there any free tool that can provide us approximate search volume for the keywords terms and competitor keyword analysis. Thanks is advance.
  14. new_don

    Keyword Research For Personal Finance Blog

    Hi Guys, I am creating a personal finance blog which will be dedicated for my country only. I want a help in finding good low competition keywords. I am using ubersuggest for doing my keyword research and so far i have found more than 100s of keywords which have good volume around 4-5k and low...
  15. RealDaddy

    [FREE] Ahrefs Report - Low Competition Keywords

    Hi BHW, Anyone of you guys who need Ahrefs report, just reply below. You will get the Ahrefs keyword research report containing low-competition keywords. Please don't send me PM, just reply below that you are interested. Thanks & Best Regards, Aman aka @Dwivedi 98
  16. R

    KDP Keywords - trying to rank my book

    I think my book might be invisible on amazon! I am using the wrong 7 internal - meta keywords. Can someone help?
  17. Bajanman

    Whats the best free/cheap competitor keyword tool????

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a good free or cheap competitor keyword analysis tool (Aside from google) that would functions something like spyfu?
  18. Icey Dan

    Free Ahrefs Keyword Reports

    I am giving away one free keyword report to the first 15 members who reply "interested" below. If you are one of the first 15, I will send you a PM to get your list of keywords. Enjoy!
  19. Intexam

    Is Ubersuggest accurate for keyword research?

    Hi, I wanted to know if Ubersuggest is accurate for keyword research or not. I have doubt because it's free while others have have $100+/month fees with limitations.
  20. SearchEngine

    Cheap Paid Search volume Keyword tool that you recommend?

    The only one that came accross the line was its super straight forward the think is that dunno how trustworthy could be or if there is another option for it around that I'm missing out. and google KW planner its too crafted the process of checking it out that its not worth the time.