1. malikmajmudar

    Looking for backlink and seo ranking service for a adult niche porn tube newly started

    Hello, i recently have launched a niche based full length porn movie site. I am looking for someone good at backlinks and seo optimization to rank my tube 1st in search result for that certain category. If anyone interested please pm me asap to discuss business thanks
  2. HatSwitcher

    [FREE REVIEW COPY] Premium WordPress Speedup Plugin - FREE During the Launch Phase

    Hello guys, I’ve developed a plugin that helps WordPress Websites’ performance. It’s not an all-in-one optimization tool. Instead, it tweaks one segment of the speedup optimization equation. That way you can combine it with other plugins (free or premium) that omit this feature. The purpose of...
  3. B

    Wordpress blog optimisation

    Hello, How do you think which WordPress plugins must have every site for SEO/SPEED optimization? In my case, I am using 1- Yoast SEO 2- WordPress Related Posts Thumbnails 3- Site Kit by Google 4- Semrush SEO Writing Assistant 5- LiteSpeed Cache 6- Lazy Load - Optimize Images 7- EWWW Image...
  4. gentishady

    Best Wordpress Plugins for Speed and Optimisation?

    Hi BHW Fam how are you all? Lately I've been deleting some of the plugins on my blog for better speed and optimisation. I use WPRocket along with Autoptimise and Perfmatters. My question is what are the best combination of plugins for speed/optimise? Which ones do you guys use ? Also suggestion...
  5. L

    How to fix these issues

    Remove duplicate or additional meta description tags Try to reduce the number of used JavaScript files. website url : shorturl.at/fhwxP
  6. A

    What's the best way to monetize my website's ads for arbitrage - Journey

    Hello guys/gals I've now set up my arbitrage site (adult) which I'm buying traffic from some legit/good referral websites/sources. The plan is like any other arbitrage site, run traffic to the site and earns money from the ads. Traffic amount is not an issue as currently, I'm getting around...
  7. L

    gtmetrix help

    Can some one please help me how to fix this issue to increase my website speed Thank You
  8. L

    wp rocket help

    How to fix .ttf file is taking alot of time in gmatrix how to fix these files in wprocket can some one please help me thank you
  9. A

    What Are the disadvantages of not having a site title?

    i have a travel site and and my site is about 30-40 pages and all the pages has meta title, description & keywords with a good amount of content. My site title is "your site" (i am not revealing my domain). Should i optimized the site title or not? please give your suggestion.
  10. Ammar Johar

    How to create multiple GMB listings all over the world without getting blacklisted by Google?

    CALLING ALL EXPERTS IN GMB OPTIMIZATION! I have a industrial distribution business and like to tinker with GMB. The industry that i am is heavily funded and for medium/ big players the business is usually done in millions of dollars, however most companies GMB presence sucks so bad its...
  11. Animation_Videos

    Question regarding seo

    so i have site, let's say regarding fruits. And i have multiple pages on this site and one page is regarding apple and on this page, i have an article of more than 3000 words and in between comes word 'orange' more than 5-10 times. And i have another page for orange as well. So is it a good...
  12. sali samir

    How to optimize a web page?

    Five points to optimize on your web page in order to be better appreciated by google, it is important to know that, whether you are on Wordpress, on Blogger, a homemade site or another CMS these points, are always the same, it is always important to optimize them. the Title tag, so it's the...
  13. sali samir

    Optimize an SEO web page

    How to optimize a web page? Five points to optimize on your web page in order to be better appreciated by google, it is important to know that, whether you are on Wordpress, on Blogger, a homemade site or another CMS these points, are always the same, it is always important to optimize...
  14. E

    Fiverr Review Exchange

    I need review on my Fiverr. Willing to pay $4 for each, totalling $32
  15. E

    Need Fiverr Page Optimisation

    I need to get my fiverr gig to the front page of Fiverr. It currently gets ~1 click per day. PM me to discuss.
  16. G

    Instant GMB Verification Service Without Postcard

  17. IM Dude

    Difference between website optimization and ranking on the first page of G

    I have fiverr gig where I offer website development. To get clients I have worded it as "website development and optimization". All I get is clients asking for website that they want to rank on first page of G. How should I deal with this situation?. If I explain them optimization is not same as...
  18. road2freedom

    Instant Drop Off in Ad Set Performance

    Hi guys - just wondering if anyone has experienced an instant drop-off in Ad Set performance? What's happened to me: Tested 3 ad sets, 2 were performing poorly, 1 performing really well (good cost per purchase) Increased the ad-set budget by 20% The next day, instant drop off in click...
  19. Tishina

    WooCommerce SEO/UE Optimisation

    Hello, Not quite sure how to go about it so I have to ask: Would it hurt conversations if you set up the main category to show only subcategories so that you have better SEO instead of showing both subcategories and products making it have the same product in more than 1 category...
  20. nkl

    How to optimize a post for multiple keywords?

    Hi, this is my first post here, but I've been reading this forum for about 2-3 months now. You guys are awesome, posting amazingly helpful stuff, journeys, guides, etc. However, I would like to ask you how to optimize a post or page for multiple keywords. As far as I already know, It's always...
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