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  1. G

    In my experience, these are some of the KEY SEO steps to getting on the first page of Google!

    Hello Black Hat World, I am new here, but not to building websites. I am very happy I found this corner of the web - I feel I could be a home here. I built my first site at 10 yrs old (1999), and I build sites and help with SEO for myself and others. Here are a few of the best SEO tips I give...
  2. L

    Google My Business Listing (GMB) Ranking

    Hi guys, I have some GMBs I am trying to rank but it seems nothing is improving the rankings.. I am missing some key factors probably. I have added all info on GMB, added related sub categories, added Q&A, Added some reviews, added a website, geo tagged images.. I also post every week but the...
  3. techbeastzz

    GSA Ser Help

    Can someone please give me me article submission list or anything you have to create high quality backlinks from GSA, i actually used option article submission but it actually not scraping and submitting and shows error.
  4. ad2007

    Top Trends to Follow for Affiliate Marketing in 2023

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share my two cents of top affiliate marketing trends. Hope this gives you some ideas of what you want to go for. Here are some of the top trends for affiliate marketing in 2023 that I found: Voice and virtual search: With the increasing popularity of voice assistants...
  5. zeelool

    Hi, all

    I want to talk about more white hat SEO, welcome to together
  6. T

    Can I use the same theme on 3-4 sites in the same Niche?

    Hello everyone, Should I use the same theme for 3-4 sites in the same niche? Obviously, the design, colours, and logo will be different. Also, the content structure will differ from each other. Is it advisable to do so, or should I go with other themes?
  7. T

    I have two sites in the same nice, should I get a backlink for my bigger site from the smaller one?

    Hello, I have two websites in the same niche, Can I get a backlink from my bigger site from the smaller one?
  8. Golden web SE@

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  9. uhq

    [METHOD] ⬤ 6 QUICK Tricks that will IMPROVE your SEO ranking right away ⬤

    Not getting the results you were hoping for in Google? With these quick and easy tricks you will get it in record time. Often when we talk about SEO, we tend to talk about deadlines that are too long in time to obtain results, and it is true. In organic SEO, that is to say, in SEO, the...
  10. sgsgsg2323

    Real Backlink Outreach Specialist Needed for Marketing Agency

    We're a marketing agency seeking an experienced Backlink Outreach Specialist to help us obtain real, high-quality backlinks for our website. We're looking for someone who understands the importance of ethical link-building practices and has a proven track record of success. Research and...
  11. Jabbz18

    Where Can I Find Images To Use In Blog?

    I have used free sites like Unsplash and Pixabay but they have extremely limited images. I've also looked at sites such as istock however they only allow a small number of downloads or credits per month which isn't convenient if im pumping outa few blogs per day. It will be interesting to see...
  12. MustUSEO

    SEO Link Building Expert new to BHW

    Hello Everyone. I am MustUSEO, a SEO Link Building, SEO Backlinking Specialist and outreach expert for guest posting. I joined BHW a few days ago. but could not introduce myself due to some reasons. I am here now to Explore this wonderful forum.
  13. D

    How do you use ChatGPT as white hat SEO?

    Hey everyone, I'm interested in using ChatGPT as a white hat SEO technique for my website. I've heard that chatbots can improve the user experience and potentially boost search engine rankings, but I'm not quite sure how to effectively implement it. Can anyone share their experience or tips on...
  14. TJ_Ana

    Web Design Agency: Portfolios vs Pre-made Demo Sites

    Hi Guys, I'm starting my web design agency and I keep building as many as possible websites (manually from a scratch and also just copy paste using pre-made templates) to show them to my potential clients, and I now got a little 'unsure' design/location to where I put all of my sample demo...
  15. kurosaki4d

    Question about "Google Search Console"

    Hello BlackHat members :) I'm in the process of creating a 3rd affiliate site, and I would like to know if it is safe to add it to the same google account (GSC) with the other two affiliate sites? Suppose one of these sites get penalized somehow by google, will the other two sites get affected...
  16. Didou

    Can I use AI writing tools this way?

    Hello everyone; I hope you guys are doing great. So, I use AI writing tools to improve the quality of my articles. Basically, what I do is I write a blog post, then I run it through an AI writing tool to rephrase certain sentences. I do so because I found that sometimes the tool rewrites the...
  17. afyie

    Need a few Advice for Real State website from someone who has experience in the same Niche

    I am about close a 3 months SEO for a real-estate website which is pretty old but no form of SEO was done on it and has negligible ranks. They are planning to re build the website and i have to take care of the SEO Part. i have had experience in working on ecommerce , Finance, legal and other...
  18. kurosaki4d

    Can I use the same backlinks for my other site?

    Hello everybody, I currently run an affiliate website, and it currently has over +100 backlinks. So, working on a new site right now (older than 1 year), I'm wondering if I can start the link building campaign using 50% of the backlinks used in the previous site? Can I do that? Is it safe to...
  19. ensky

    Do the EDU profile links help the DR or ranking?

    Edu profile links are working for SEO? For example, https://www.nes.edu.vn/profile/93dayssup33/profile, Does it flow much "link juice" to my site? Maybe there are significantly fewer internal links targeted to "profile/93dayssup33/profile", so this link can only get significantly less link...
  20. V

    Im looking for SEO analyst and consultant to guide me

    looking for the right guy as the headline stated, thank you. Cheers mate!
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