How to promote a Minecraft server? Ideas please!


Feb 13, 2018
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Hello peeps,

I dont really know where i need to post this thread but here is my story: About 1 and a half year ago i started making a public Minecraft server. I learned java in order to make plugins so my server would be unique. I have a team that helps me with builds and development. the server released last week.

I am having hard times promoting the server and i am looking for creative ideas in order to get my server more populated.

The players that are playing in my servers mostly found the server IP on server list websites. On those websites people can vote for a server and the server will be higher in the list. The problem is that i need players to vote for my server, in order to promote it. I feel like i need a boost it a for a bit. Those list websites offer payed promotion but this is mostly over 1/2k per month and right now this is way out of my budget.

Anyone having ideas? It could be anything

You can vote on these sites it will really help, just enter a random name:
Youtube - there are thousands of people who just watch Minecraft videos. Upload videos with a CTA to your server. You could also reach out to some channels to see if they will do a shoutout for your server.
True, i think would be more simple to reach out other channels instead of starting my own. Problem: I never saw a youtuber playing in a empty server, i dont know how i would make them to join and post a video about it. unless money would be involved.
Can you create bots that make it look like your server is busy?
yes, i can fake the amount of players playing on it. However, i can't manipulate it so it only shows up on the server list websites. It will look like its faked and i think that would be bad for the server's reputation.
Is it possible to manipulate it at all?

The other option will be to use social media and try to promote yourself that way. I would see if you can offer something to a YT channel owner, in return for them promoting your server.
I can also add bots that are actually ingame and act like players. but if they dont communicate with the players than new players wont stay at all. the game is basicly a bit about socializing and communication between players. I have a instagram account that i created in order to promote this server. I post funny photo's about Minecraft but for some reason my followers play the PE edition of minecraft. Makes kinda sense since instagram is a mobile app.
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Thanks for the youtube trade tip. i will do a good thinking about something i can do for them in return
Youtube influencer outreach - start with small channels!
I came up with something and i can offer them music in exchange. I did a study for music production and i still have unreleased electronic dance music that i could give to them. I agree that it might be a good idea to start with smaller channels. Any tips on what is the right way of contacting those channels? Like what do i say, is good to say my server just released? Or do i need more balls and just say something like "I am the owner of the HyperGen Network and i have an offer". besides that, is contacting them through the youtube mail good enough? I personally i never ever read mails there. Maybe contacting on facebook better? let me know
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