1. A

    Looking for a link builder for puzzle games websites

    Hi, I'm currently searching for a skilled linkbuilder for our puzzle games websites. The websites will be multilingual, one game - one site. The following qualifications would be a significant advantage: Experience in the igaming industry Experience in building a PBN network If you have...
  2. L

    Need some help from android developers

    I need to find the tools designers are using for mobile game wireframes and assett generation for unity Can some one please help me in this
  3. L

    Ideas to increase your traffic - 10 ways to generate traffic (make more money)

    I would like to show you how you can easily increase your traffic and earn (more) money. In most methods only 1 - 3 traffic methods are used, but there is another way. As an example, let's take the "Deals" niche. Target groups are all people who want to save money and students. You can promote...
  4. neverpooragain

    Wrath of the lich king? Again?

    This was lots of fun back in the days. Some of my best friends I met in that game. Anyone here will try it again? I probably won't coz everything else would go down the shitter :D What is your experience with this game?
  5. Yolonigga

    New YouTube account! Need help

    So, I started my own gaming channel where I upload short funny edits from a game and I would like to know what are the best way to gain subscribers fast. I'm sharing videos on Reddit for now, but I'm only getting views. I upload 3-4 short videos per week, and I'll keep that schedule. Do you...
  6. M

    Blockchain Games(Looking For Knowledge)

    Hey everyone, I’m looking for some insight on blockchain/NFT games. One thing I’m really curious about is if you can build a game in unreal engine, and upload the game/Game file to the blockchain to convert it over to the blockchain Or do you actually have to build the game on the blockchain...
  7. M

    Blockchain Games(Looking for knowledge)

    Hey everyone, I’m looking for some insight on blockchain/NFT games. One thing I’m really curious about is if you can build a game in unreal engine, and upload the game/Game file to the blockchain to convert it over to the blockchain Or do you actually have to build the game on the blockchain...
  8. Y

    Games Marketing, android games

    Hi, Hope you are all fine. So I have been making games for some time, but I am really bad at marketing, and actually afraid that after my games being uploaded at google play store, wont catch any attention, even though they are high quality, and I watched some videos where some one did 30bucks...
  9. bestspinner

    Do you play crypto game?

    So yesterday I tried to play this game account upgrade and all that, I think this game is fun. And then i tried the market to buy and then sell it again for profit and it really works i just sell the card i bought for profit this is crazy Just look at it guys, also...
  10. DylanMarshall

    Where to sell a fortnite account?

    I know there's people selling on Ebay but the refund shenanigans there scare me away. I looked at acckings but they seem a bit sketchy. What's a good place to sell game accounts quick with some seller protection?
  11. A

    Beat your bookmakers with Abdulsamad**

    Marseille vs Stade Rennes Double chance Draw Or Stade Rennes1.40 Hai Phong vs Ha Noi Double chance Draw Or Ha Noi1.34 Troyes vs Auxerre Double chance Troyes Or Draw1.22 Total odds:2.29 odds
  12. F

    Why there aren't anymore GooglePlay Android Games/Apps journeys still?

    I haven't seen a journey related to Making android games or applications 'Reskinning' in a while. what happened?
  13. Samuel Wilson

    [Giveaway] Smart Game Booster Pro - Free license until February 23, 2021

    Get a free license for Smart Game Booster Pro. The app is designed to improve the performance of the system by increasing the frame rate of computer games. Smart Game Booster Pro automatically defines the graphics card and optimally accelerates the increasing frequencies, this helps to raise...
  14. thebotmaker

    What games do you play

    PC / mobile gamer.. :D Hopefully one day I'll get a proper console :) The Wii has got to go. I play a game called Tanki Online on browser sometimes, and Dead Trigger 2, Real racing, Tacticool and others for my phone. What about you?
  15. Heiko

    Video Games: A Waste of Time?!

    Lately i've been playing some Video Games again, i tried Rocket League, some World Of Tanks but i just always have this thought in the back of my head "What am i doing here, all of this is virtual and it's providing me with no significant value IRL, its a waste of time" - And to be honest, i do...
  16. dwad

    Making Money from MMOs

    Hello there, I've wanting to get into making profit from mmos for a long time. I know there are alot of ways to do this, botting economy manipulation and more. If anyone would be kind enough to share his strategies or any interesting detail that would be awesome. Also if a discord group in this...
  17. michiosha1

    Has anyone worked with Yodo1 Games?

    I've got an offer from this publisher to work with them for one of my games that has 300k downloads on ios and 3mln on android (over 3+ years). Did anyone worked with them? Do I need them? I've seen games in their profile where some performed bad and some good. I don't know if it's worth the...
  18. CreativeDaddy

    My little sucess

    Howdy! So I've created this Youtube Channel for gaming highlights with Twitch Clips, I've focus in a game and been uploading videos for a month. The thing is I've manage to have +250 consistent views a day, one of my videos got 1000+ views and the other one 2000+ views and all the rest 300+...
  19. P

    League of Legends account botting

    Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone knew about this way of making money or if you are aware or similiar thing that can be done through botting. Another question is what kind of programs are used to bot or if the majority of botters make their own code. Thanks for you help!
  20. L

    Cracked Game Tutorials YouTube/Website

    I have a youtube channel with almost 8,000 subscribers and get 80k+ views a month, youtube pays me next to nothing since most of my videos have limited or no ads. I'm wondering how I can monetize my traffic, I'm currently using ****** and have created a website, what is the best CPM/PPV/CPV way...
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