minecraft server

  1. RidarTV

    Farming script for Minecraft Hypixel

    Hello is here somebody who can programm me a script that farms my netherwart farm 24/7 and also have an autoreconnect- function? It also should solve a "mapcha" (same as capcha but in minecraft) I am going to pay you, dm me with ur price and what u can do:)
  2. ber_92

    ETHVerse - newest game in crypto making good money

    Gamers and crypto lovers will love this. Just discovered launch of ETHVerse - It's crypto meets Minecraft. A new game in crypto built on the Minecraft server and ETH blockchain. You're playing a new version of Minecraft and you're making money by owning land, assets etc. and basically building...
  3. Sandie2018

    Is it possible to suspend an account in Minecraft?

    Hi, Is it possible to suspend an account in Minecraft? And is it possible to remove the history of nicks used by an account? Thanks
  4. Couch Monkey Media

    Anyone doing anything with mine craft servers now days

    I picked this domain up a good while back in an auction http://minecraftserversolutions.com Plan at that time was to setup a gaming server with it. never got around to it. Wanted to see is this even popular any more? Now that I have some time was thinking about setting something up or...
  5. T

    How to promote a Minecraft server? Ideas please!

    Hello peeps, I dont really know where i need to post this thread but here is my story: About 1 and a half year ago i started making a public Minecraft server. I learned java in order to make plugins so my server would be unique. I have a team that helps me with builds and development. the...
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