How many followers you gain on average?

Richard Batsbak

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Jun 18, 2018
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If you take all your active accounts, how many followers do you gain on average per day per account. I only mean niche accounts no cpa.
I see , i note also that those who are ("Little followers base ) DM me after i follow them and thank me, ask questions, generaly try to engage :)
I get around a 100, but when a post goes viral it can be up to 500
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150-300 followers per day on my main influencer acc.
Trying to get my second account to these numbers, its barely getting 100 a day.
Idk how one could have over 10% followback unless you are doing a reposting acc, not creating your own media.
I only like though so nevermind follow/unfollow usually yeilded me 25% back when I did it. Now I get the same results with likes.
Do you guys get more followbacks when following users that have less than 999 followings, 799 followings, 499 followings, 199 followings?
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