1. Outc@st

    Question About Cickbank Low Sale Volume...

    I'm currently promoting two similar Clickbank products. Here are my current stats for the offers: Offer 1: 74 hops, 17 order form impressions, and one sale. Offer 2: 63 hops, 8 order form impressions, and one sale. Do you think I should be getting more sales with these stats? I think the...
  2. SocialManager

    A Concerning Trend? BHW Trading Feedback Percentage Statistics

    Accidentally clicked the wrong tab, and ended up on this page: All-Time Feedback - 97.3% Positive Last 12 Months Feedback - 80.9% Positive Last 6 Months Feedback - 77.5% Positive Last Month's Feedback - 63.8% Positive Thoughts? Theories...
  3. shindou90

    Are my competitor's stats legit? (Youtube)

    His first video: 6k views Second video: 250k views But here's the kicker, he has only 102 comments and 2.4k upvotes. That conversion makes me think that something fishy is going on. Could it be generated through ads? Would suggested views bring in so much traffic without much interaction?
  4. Nana Dada

    Fiverr does not show my gigs' statistics - What do I do?

    Hi guys, for as long as I remember (more than a year now, unless I am mistaken) Fiverr shows no stats for my gigs whatsoever, and there's a huge message on the top of the page which reads "We’re working on getting your Gigs’ impressions, clicks, and views back online." :( Do someone of you...
  5. Sebastian Velandia

    How to measure your results, how to know if they are good or below average

    Hello, I have been trying to research where can I see the average results you can expect when you follow White Hat practices regarding SEO. I started my first website about 6 months ago, well, I have some results I would like to share with you, and I would like to know if they are good or below...
  6. J

    With this stats what I'm doing bad with my whitelabel site?

    Hi, Recently I made a whitelabel webcams site from AWEmpire. I was investing in ads providers as Traffic Junky (I left it when I discover the overspend and the inutility of the daily budget and the bad support experience), after (and now) I'm trying with PlugRush, I'm getting traffic and I got...
  7. Bigcookies

    Key word research

    How often do statistics on a key word change? I used ubersuggest and google key word planner but both show different CPC search volume difficulty etc. do the stats change? Is there a wrong or right?
  8. Heiko

    PornHub's Year In Review [2019 Edition]

    Hi, For 7 Years Pornhub always releases stats, searches, traffic etc. to the public once the year ends and this year they did it again. Funny to see how much traffic this site gets! 115 Million visits per day. Just imagine the revenue they are generating each day! o_Oo_O:smirk...
  9. Heresiarch

    What ClickBank's "Avg Rebill Total" stat really represent?

    According to ClickBank: Avg $/Sale "...represents the average dollar value of a sale, including both initial and rebill payments, to the affiliate who drives the sale." Initial $/Sale "...represents the average dollar value of an initial sale, not including rebills, to the affiliate who drives...
  10. Richard Batsbak

    How many followers you gain on average?

    If you take all your active accounts, how many followers do you gain on average per day per account. I only mean niche accounts no cpa.
  11. J

    Some Help Please Re Visitors Online & Then Actual Online Being So Different at the End Of The Day

    74 visitors online now 50 guests, 23 bots, 1 members These stats range from 30 -150 guests throughout the day, i have a news curation website and it gets fairly busy.... or so the stats say. When i go to wordpress stats at the end of the day i average 50 for the whole day... could someone...
  12. nwide

    Instagram stats software ?

    Hi! Exist, or does anyone know a software for detailed instagram statistics? similar Sproud/SocialBakers/SocialBlade? I need a software desktop, without browser.... exist ? Like the app on the phone. Thanks
  13. wishme

    Is these my pinterest Stats are decent?

    I am quite a noob on Pinterest I just like to pin stuff, and I wonder if this is any good? I have like 2.4k followers atm.
  14. chad2320

    Hey guys don't forget luck is involved!

    Hey guys I'm making this post for those of you who may get down when a post doesn't do well or for some reason you just cant figure out why your not getting as many followers as everyone else here on the forums. I think with Instagram luck comes into play a lot, and I thought some of you might...
  15. Textsurfer

    How to see domain redirect traffic ?

    Can you please tell me, how can I see from where my traffic is coming from without having a hosting ? Basically I redirect one domain from Godaddy to a CPA offer via direct linking using different websites. Is there a way I can see from exactly which website the visitors are coming from ? To...
  16. longdouble

    Instagram limits TAG exposure!

    Ok, I wanted to post a photo the other day and see if "imGrej" method is working. I've carefully chosen 15 not saturated tags (less than 1mil posts) that relate to the picture. Also I added two 4mil, one 6mil and one 25mil tags. Posted a pic and a comment with tags a second later. And what? The...
  17. M

    Instagram Analytics with Multiple Accounts

    Hi everyone ! I'm planning to start my Instagram Journey and everything is ready to start : FollowLiker, Proxy, Vps... But I have a question about Analytics. How do you Analyze your Multiple Instagram Accounts (5 for example). Are you using a Paid service or a Free Service, an App ? If you have...
  18. ChanzGrande

    CrakRevenue Stats Not Updated Since 2:00am EST Daylight Savings Time?

    Hey CrakRevenue, My stats haven't updated on your site since about 2:00am. It seems a cronjob is likely not running on your site. I'd like to have an accurate record of my results. Can you please check into why stats are not updating on your site today? I imagine it's related to daylight...
  19. roxblade

    How to know whether this niche will be profitable or not?

    I'm thinking of making a new website around a niche I love talking about. It's Japanese popular culture like anime, Japanese lifestyle, manga, cosplay, otaku life, etc. Given I've prepared a lot of content under several categories, how much can I earn after about 6-8 months? My traffic would be...
  20. V

    Are these stats wrong?

    I know it's not much of a traffic but yesterday it blew up because of a reddit post and still 0$ on PPL? I have two ads on the main page, if you click anything on my site the first time it sends you to them, and all 404 redirects are sent to them... and still 0$.
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